Buko Z Coupler v2 with Flex Chamber

by deezmaker May 2, 2012
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I printed some of these, but there are some problems.

The thin parts of the flexible area are too thin, easily broken. I recommend at least doubling the thickness.
The screw holes and the clearance around the screw heads are too small, I'd recommend 10-20% increase in diameter on these.

This greatly improved my z wobbles issue! Thank you!

is this a 5mm to 5mm coupler?

You say, "As long as the variables are set right". But you didn't indicate what those variables should be.

I'm trying them at 15% density with 1mm shell thickness...

I really like how you didn't "hard code" the dimensions in so that you can easily modify the variables for the hole sizes when using the scad file.

I've tried a bunch of z couplers and this is the absolute best. Nice work!

Just a thought on these.  I like the concept and they printed ok, but I think they would print better if they weren't conical.  They look cool this way and it saves a little bit of plastic, but the printer has to build that super gradual slope which adds a lot of complexity to the print, especially since it's already sloping the sides.  Thanks.

How do you print this without support? The flex structure in the middle is completely unsupported, no bridges either.

It looks like it won't print, but it does just fine...assuming your printer is well calibrated. Try it out. It works because the design is curved enough that it will slowly build into the middle bridge without support. I've printed a bunch, comes out great.

I printed a set of four halves, they printed beautifully. Going on my next build!

BTW, I'm Cameron, met you at the MakerFaire and at Crash Space this past weekend.

Awesome!... I told you so ;)

Remember you can tweak the stuff in the SCAD file if it's too skinny or thick...

Yeah, it was great to see you again!

I actually used the OpenSCAD file since I am using 1/4" leadscrews. I love OpenSCAD, although I am definitely more of a solid modeling guy (SolidWorks and such).