Planter Mold

by jmicgavin Apr 12, 2017
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What is the your method for taking the mold off after it's cured? The link provided in the "details" section no longer works. After printing all the pieces and putting them together, it's not clear to me how I'll accomplish this.
Thank you!

The mold making process is pretty straight forward. Using tape to hold everything together temporally. Applying a release agent is beyond important to make sure it can be dismantled I used Pam for this. Once cured just do the opposite of what you did when assembling. Hope that helps! Remix looks fun!

Thank you for your help. I attempted casting my remix of the planter today. I used a horizontal bungee cord around the outside, but failed to use anything to keep the top three pieces fastened to the bottom two pieces. After the concrete was in, I tapped the board it was sitting on, and the two "halves" separated, spilling concrete out the seams. I poured everything back into my mixing bucket and rinsed off the five pieces. I'll try again tomorrow.

Good luck! Even after temporarily attaching everything you may get a little leakage. But it should prevent the concrete from still curing and the molds function as needed. Also you may need to wait 12+ hours depending on the concrete used.

Great design, I will download this and try it out, question, I'm pretty new to this and want to know how hard would be to add (I don't know if it's the right word) embossed to the mold in order to have let's say a logo embedded onto the planter, I hope you get my idea lol

Thank you. Originally yes that was in the plans to make a part that could easily be modified to add branding to each planter. Had difficulty in consistently getting the concrete to fill in those details though. That's not to say it still wouldn't be possible. Others have used plaster to fill in the mold so that may be worth experimenting with.

I'd just make sure your embossed logo is as simple as possible and make sure to use drafts on each extruded face. Can't wait to see it!

I love this. Big fan of concrete, and this is the best multi-part reusable mold I've seen so far! Thanks also for your generosity in publishing the F360 file. If any interest have a look at my "planters" :D http://instagram.com/greenbrielglass and another nice concrete mold model found here on Thingiverse (can't find original link, but probably searchable) https://www.instagram.com/p/BZD9PJ9ntd7/

Also, your shoe designs are out of control. You got some serious modelling chops mate!

You're welcome. Honestly I'm a little surprised it was so well received on here. Hope the file helps. Yes if I were to redesign it, I'd go the single sided mold or at least only 2 parts. Choose the multi sided mold design because I was limited by the build platform, but now that I have a cr10 I made need to try a new design.

Love your air planters they look so scifi and cool.

Glad you like the shoes!

Great mold. Thanks for publishing this!

Printing this uses a lot of filament. Did you try making the walls thinner? Or did you end up with that thickness because tests with thinner walls didn't work out?

Thank you for downloading and trying my planter.

The reasoning for the thick walls was to print a sturdy mother mold. Meant to be reused for multiple castings. I'll no doubt take filament use into account for the next design.

Some of the early designs had an extremely thin wall single use mold. May go back to that approach next time.

Thanks. It wasn't really "please change that!!". You provided the Fusion360 files so I can try my self. Just wanted to get an idea if you tried thinner walls or if you just started with the thickness.

Just uploaded the Fusion file. So anyone can make edits as they see fit.

Thanks for sharing. Love the design.
Any option for a drain hole?

Drill bit? Lol otherwise yes, that may be a worthy addition to make. Glad you like it.