Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Beam Combiner for K40 Laser

by erpel09 Apr 11, 2017
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Do you have the file for the two nuts that is connected to the ring and main? TFS

Did you have to shim the laser tube to get the beam more centered in that hole?

I printed and installed the remixed version, and also added my own little touch. I didn't have the right magnets on hand, so I drilled small holes on the laser tube side and sunk some brass M3 inserts. I added some washers and M3 screws, tightened them down, and it fits pretty snug. I'll be dialing it in tomorrow, and can hopefully post a few pictures then. Thanks for the awesome design!!!!

Like the other poster, I'd love to know how this worked out?

There are a few things I'd worry about with this design:

  • intended location. There are two purposes for a beam combiner, as an aid for locating of the cutting spot and as an aid for aligning your mirrors. Since this design is intended to be located between the first and second mirror, I assume it is intended for the first purpose only?
  • With this configuration it is very hard to keep the pointer laser centered on the ZnSe window, essential if you wish to get two colinear beams. The thing with 4 screws is overdefined. 3 points/screw define a plane, 4 force a saddle or one of the screws is ineffective. Beams that are not exactly colinear are not a problem if the intent is only locating the cutting spot.
  • reflected laser light from the ZnSe window: a small percentage of the laser light will be reflected by the ZnSe window, meaning it will hit the inside of the printed main part opposite the red pointer laser. Do you see any softening/melting there? Professional combiners use a heatsink there to absorb the light.

If you have the time (Russ is slowpaced): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAFChFo0KE0 it shows the problem with the traditional design combiners and introduces an improved design.

Wow. Beam combiners are pricey! Can't seem to get one for under $65USD. Great design though!

Check AliExpress. I just got one for $32 US $32.90 6%OFF | Laser Beam Combiner lens Diameter 20mm 25mm for CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine to Adjust Light Path and Make Laser Visible

It's flagged as "Work In Progress". Any problems I should know of? Or plans for an updated version soon?