Pong Krell's Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 Apr 12, 2017
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Hey, I see you have done both this and the Temple Guard lightsabers, but could you possibly update the guard one to be the newer cannon version?

It's on my to do list

I'm having troubles printing the upper chamber, it doesn't fit on my printer upright so I'm trying it sideways hopefully that will work. other than that it's been a fun print so far.

This are pretty big pieces, you could try just rotating them slightly until they for on your printer as well and and print supports for it

thanks,I rotated it just a little and that helped a lot I'm printing the second one. I was also thinking of modifying the male and female rotators to have a locking mechanism, but I'm not sure how to do that yet without changing the overall shape of it. ill mess around with it and maybe figure it out.

That'd be awesome, feel free to post that modification as a remix if you get around to it!

How about making the other inquisitors lightsabers, like the seventh sister.

there are 4 inquisitors in total (at the moment ;)

When will you post your next design? Your lightsaber designs are my favorite :)

Also, what is the next lightsaber you're making?

Thanks! Was considering doing Palpatine's walking stick next actually. The only other major saber I haven't done is Ezra's first saber and there is another great model here on thingiverse of it (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1429142). Any other ideas?

Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber

Could we see a Lord Starkiller's Lightsaber by any chance? That'd be super cool

Right now, I only plan on doing canon sabers, Revan being the exception

darth bane is also technically cannon. so that would be a good one

sifo dyas seems to be the only missing one from canon. and then reys when she makes her own in ep 9
Ben solos light saber would be a nice touch assuming someone could figure out what it looked like from the 2 seconds we saw it in ep8 and assuming it wasn't anakins saber from before.

I haven't done Ezra's first saber either, there's some others that are further down the to do list like the fifth brother and seventh sister. Ben Solo's will come soon because it turns out it's the same saber he uses as Kylo Ren but without the side emitters and cut in the front of it.

Really? that's awesome to hear! I'm gonna have to read up on how ppl found that. Do you know how that was pieced together? Visual guide from the new movie perhaps?

There's some screenshots from the movie and some insight here: https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=285071

No, not at the moment but thank you so much for replying, I'm a big fan!

Awesome design, love the folding parts! Do you know how much to scale the parts up if we wanted to make it full scale?

I'm not sure exactly, probably no more than 25%, you'd need to look at Pong Krell's size vs an average human from clone wars. There may be an animation turn around of him that would help

he is 2.36 meters/7.7 feet. i know im late but i was just trying to figure out the same thing and still had the search open

Thank you very much this looks amazing. I remembered the time I said i wish there was a foldable template. Thank you very much. Are you also planing to make a temple guardian version of foldable lightsaber?

I'm going to get to it eventually, I recently accepted a new job out of state and am in the process of moving and all that good stuff

Congratulations best wishes

love the design of the folding temple guard saber. is there any way you could design a second print that would hold a saber blade.

I haven't done much research into putting blades into my hilts, I know others have modified them and posted them as makes

Man 3 in one day !!!!! YOUR A LEGEND !!!!!! Thank you.I love your designs. I Have nt uploaded picsas I ve not had time to paint (and printers have had issues but all resolved now) so I plan on beasting through hopefully have them done soon so I can upload :)

Ha, thanks a lot, finally had time to paint myself so I could post 'em. Looking forward to seeing yours!