Grbl Shield CNC Controller Enclosure

by brooksware2000 Jan 12, 2014
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What voltage of fan is your 60mm fan? Any advice on where to get it or how to wire it? I think some people use the 3v or maybe it was 5v pins from the arduino.

I'm using a 12V fan and connect it to the voltage input pins. I have used a 5V fan connected to the 5V out pins. It works just fine.

Isn't that a 24v power supply? I would think that a 12v motor would fry at 24v. Do you use a buck converter or something?

It is but I added a small regulator board to step down the voltage to support my fan.

what hardware is needed to mount the Arduino to the enclosure?

I used 3mm x 8mm screws to mount the Arduino to the base. You can also opt to just used the clip at the rear of the enclosure to secure the Arduino and GRBL board. It fits pretty snug.

Did you mean M3 x 8mm?

Screw holes in model are 50mm apart, which is correct for a 60mm fan, not the 50mm fan as described above. The screw holes on a 50mm fan are 41mm apart.

So if you want to make this (I did, and it's actually very nice, and a good design, and printed easily, and fits the gshield/arduino perfectly, etc.) buy a 60mm fan, not a 50mm one!

Yep, you're right. I updated the details to reflect your comment.



None of the photos show am attached fan. Is anyone using one with the enclosure? Is it keeping your gebl stepper ic chips cool that your long jobs don't hang?

I think the fan is on the wrong side, the actual heatsink is on the bottom of the Grbl board. I put my fan on the side blowing between the the Arduino and the Grbl shield. Also tied the fan via a relay board to the spindle on/off