OpenForge 2.0 Rough Stone Floor

by devonjones Apr 13, 2017
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So any possibility of getting a true F floor piece that can marry up to the dungeon stone low and or primary walls? I have tried to take the F from the curved wall set and scale up the floor piece to fit on a 2x2 curved base but when I do so the size of the "square" gets to be way too big.

See the attached pic

At the top is the 2x2 curved floor from the curved wall set it measures 39.06 and 39.06 in the X and Y dimensions respectively

The middle piece is the 2x2 broken stone floor it measures 50.8mm in the X and Y dimensions,

The bottom is what happens when I attempted to scale the 2x2 curved floor to 50.8mm in the X and Y dimensions. It measures 50.8 in both the X and Y dimension.

Notice the square pattern in the bottom tile should match up to the square pattern in the middle tile however due to having to scale the tile from 39mm to 50.8mm it distorts the tile's pattern.

I'm in the process of slowly reworking all the sets to make sure they have the same tiles - OpenForge 2 (e.g. with bases) and OpenLOCK. It's going to be a bit before I'm ready to do re-releases of this set, so I banged this one out for you

I just printed some and really like this design. One suggestion would be to release a 1/4" height version so they can match up well with other tile systems.

Clarification: for those of us who mount them to the magnetic bases and pair them with Hirst and other systems.

Hrm, wait, so are you saying they are too short?

Cause if so, fixing this may be easier then the other direction - normally when I get requests about the height it's to make them smaller. There's a number of different systems that each have their own dimensions to be compatible with them. Easiest way to get these the right size for hirst is to scale the Z by 158% (4mm up to 6.35mm ~= 1/2 inch). Most slicers can scale the axes individually.

Does this work for you?

The forthcoming OpenLOCK version will match up. This style matches up with dwarven forge

Yeah, was totally wrong here, posted this before the clarification. OpenLOCK is shorter, not taller.