D&D Dice Jail

by alloria Apr 12, 2017
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Thank you for such a cool design!! I love how cool the design came out.

Does the lid fit securely? Thanks.

Not very securely to be honest.

Could you provide what the dimensions are supposed to be?
That way we can tell if it is correctly imported, or if we have to scale it.

Really, you can scale it to any size you want, it is up to you. In Cura and Slic3r it should import to the original size.

Thank you for this nice design!

I printed this yesterday on my Prusa printer, as is, with no supports, and it's fantastic! What a fun idea. Thank you for this!

Should I use supports?

I printed mine without supports, and it worked fine. You should be ok.

Comments deleted.

Can you make a file for me with the top with no symbol on it?

I have a file for you, do you want me to email it to you?

When do you pause the print to change the filaments?

I had to make sure the scale small objects box was check in cura preferences and it automatically scaled it up 100000% to make it about 3 inches. Before that it would crash Cura 2.7 as soon as I tried to load it.

At what height do you pause to change just the logo? Unfortunately my measurement failed and i paused too early.

In Cura 3.0, I calculated the pause at 9.3mm. I wish there was a pause at layer instead of height.

I can't get this to show up when I import into cura, what slicer did you use?

I used Cura. What version of Cura are you using?

2.4.0, Its almost like it detects something there. I opened the file in TinkerCAD and it was there at .08mm I was able to scale it larger so I could see something.

I am using repetier host and had the same issue. I scaled it up 1000 times and it looks normal now. Going to try slicing and printing it now.

It works in Cura for me. Please let me know how you get on.

Very strange. It works fine when I load it into cura. I wonder what is going wrong?

import dimensions might be different