Snoot with Honeycomb pattern for Yongnuo YN-560 Flash

by MasterFX Jan 12, 2014
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Does any one know if this will fit the YN600EX-RT II. Not sure if the YN600 and the YN560 have a similar barrel, wanted to check before a 6 hour print. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing. Made one ... fits perfectly :)

Thanks for posting this, I was about to design one for my YN-560iii when I thought to search for it first. I wasn't sure if it would fit so I loaded the stl file up in Sketchup and took measurements, it seemed like it would still fit and it did, perfectly! My assumption is that it would fit the YN-560ii as well.

Printed in 3hrs on a PrintrBot Simple Metal with 0.4mm layer height and 2 surface layers. I had 25% honeycomb infill set but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't matter since it's all just perimeters.

My only suggestion would be to flip the model on the y axis by 180º so that people don't accidentally print it the wrong way up, I was in a rush and almost didn't notice that the "flash receiver" end was on the bottom of my bed when I first imported it.

Anyway kudos!

Take 6hrs to print but work like you got it from the store Thanks a lot!!!!

Hey man, any chance this will fit the head of a Nikon SB-24 or SB-800?

Of cause there is a change. But I do need the exact measurements

Haha cool. I actually did some more snooping on thingiverse and found one that specifically fits the SB-800. Thanks for getting back though.

would really like to use this on my yn560 - replicatorg gives loads of z shape errors when slicing and prints a big mess(fills all the hexagons with swirls on different layers), so far makerbot seems to be working but will post the result in 8 hours(trying high quality)

ps why is the search function of this site so unbelievably bad - 1 of hundreds of examples : earch for honeycomb or yn-560 and this page doesn't appear and often repeating the serach gives different results each timec- get it corrected makerbot people! (the 90s have passed)

nope makerware just fails after 5 mins.

really like the idea but it shows over 85570 errors and won't print correctly - any chance you could upload the x3g or ideally working gcode file?

ok resliced in repg and ignored the errors, is building just now but doesn't look anywhere near as nice as yours but not as bad as the first attempt...
what settings for shells/infill etc did you use?

Mmh, I printed it yesterday without any problems. I used Makerware. Infill shouldn't have any influence, since all walls are 0.8mm thick (two shells), so infill will not be used here.
I will check the STL after work.

ok it prints fine direct from makerware via usb, only seems to fail if you try to gcode it first. thanks

Good to hear. I just sliced the model with Makerware 2.4 with Standard PLA-Profile without any problems to x3g.

sorry for wasting your time, prints perfectly using abs with MW via USB. the abs is a bit fragile as i haven't acetone treated it yet but fits the flashgun perfectly.

i think the lesson is; replicatorG and skeinforge 50 are dead (to me anyway) even it's rafts are pathetic in comparison