Prusa Maintenance Stand

by murathanaraz Apr 14, 2017
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Printed them in half witdth and with 10% infill and with 2mm brim I think. Came out really nice.

Note to self - if you lower infill the top layer needs to be more thick or else it will fall in and be not so nice ;)

I made the stands this past weekend. I posted a picture. Came out better than expected. Hatchbox PLA, .2mm, 30%infill.

Yes I saw them, looks really awesome. well done.

Thank you. Of course I printed them after I had an issue. I'll be ready for the next problem.

Mine came out great too. Plenty strong, and plenty of width to do the job. Will post pics later in the "I made one".

Great! share it when you are available...:)

They came out great! Surprised at Props' comment on print time thou. Mine took exactly 14 hours and 20 minutes to print, and I did not change their dimensions at all, and printed them at 0.35mm layer & 25% infill in PETG.

Would like to see the results in PETG also...

On my sliced in half print,(makes them 25cm thick, instead of 50) It took right at 14hrs at .20mm 20%infill. As soon as the bed is cooled down, I will be testing this out.

Update... sliced in half, these stands are more than adequate. I used them just yesterday and they are plenty strong at half width .

Comments deleted.

I'm printing a set right now. After 9 hours and 25 minutes of printing (0.35mm layer & 25% infill in PETG), it's still at only 67% completion. These are going to be a sturdy pair of stands indeed! Thanks!

%10 infill will do the job I guess but more is better of course

Curious why so wide? I took one and cut it in half in my slicer after the first set was going to take over 15 hours to print. Will report back how this worked out.

width is for sturdiness. of course you can try narrower

That's quite a bit of print time there. In that time I go and build in from wood :)

You have a point! Lol.