by georgdoll Apr 14, 2017
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"As a bearing for the propeller shaft, I'm using an 8 mm brass rod that I drilled a 4 mm hole into. You'll need 2 pices one in the boat mounted one in the nozzle.
The propeller shaft is a 4 mm brass rod."

Can someone explain me this part??

Your design was featured in another RcLifeOn video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI5PZeeofO0 :-)

Cool, I'm happy to see the interest in my design :)

Hello, I don't see the cover here.


Do you still have the stl files you printed? Printing it in one part (or in two parts) doesn't fit in my printer, and I really like how yours looks.

Any suggestions on how to waterproof? Another question, vase print seems very weak, is it normal? Is there any way to make the hull more resistant, like using epoxy?

hey did you use supports

is there a split version?

Just cut on Slic3r (see attached pics). I'm going to start printing this thing in this weekend, I cut the main piece to fit the print area of my printer that is 300mm on the Z axis.

Could you please list the electronic parts you used too please, even the controller

hey im sorry but can you put the 3 parts from the body also in? i cant print 1 big thx

Hi! I'm currently making my own jet boat but i have some issues that you might have figured out. There are some leaks coming from the turbine that i can't explain and i affraid that they could damage my electronics. How did you prevent those leaks in your model? Thanks and keep the good work :)

I used consistent grease i dont know the correct name but its the stuff used in tractor or heavy machinery you use a greae gun to do it, for th boat i took a bit and just put it on the shaft an the hole where the shaft goes

Hello and sorry to use google translation
Thank you for this super work
Can you help me choose motor, dimmer and propeller?
thanks in advance

I added a prop to the design, but it's probably better if you buy a standard boat prop that fit's into the tunnel.

on the Motor, I'm using a brush less inrunner that I had left from one of my old Helis, but it's up to you to use any type of motor you like. a 540 should do quite well.

do you have the hull split up to be able to fit the print bed?

Sorry I don't. but could add some, however it relay depends on your printer, What's the maximum height you can print?

Your remix is a great work, but it is still a remix.
And I assume you don't know it, but you may only upload parts which you designed by your own or you remixed.

Hi Michael
Yes it's a remix, and I don't claim all of it being my idea most of the work is from you.
I removed all files that I didn't create or remix.
My Idea was not to copy your or anyone's unmodified files, I just wanted to upload have a complete set of STL files so it could be rebuild.
Thanks for the hint.