Filament Spool Roller

by mistertech Apr 15, 2017
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This is great but a bit too unnecessarily wide to fit five into a lack enclosure. Could there be one 26mm shorter? I tried to make it myself, but seeing as you only have STL files posted which don't work great with any of my cad software it came out very rough and the base is bent inward.

Hi, the larger spool rollers work fine. Could you add locking clips for them too? Just in case.

That's great. I did add the other size locking clips. I realized after that I had forgotten them but they are there now.

Hi, I am using your Filament Roller extensively. What is need is a wider version for the bigger Spools. I use 2.6 kg spools a lot and they can hop off if things go bad. And fr smaller Spools a narrower one would be fine to save space.

I just added 3 new sizes. 96mm (original), 106mm, 126mm, and 170mm spool widths. Let me know if you need anything else.

Any my printer is already printing ... Thank you so much!

I just added the corresponding spool roller locks. You'll need to print the same length lock to keep the roller together over time.

Awesome! Please post a make if you can. I'd love to see the wider rollers printed and set up with a wide spool. I haven't tried it yet.

thanks again!

Thank you. Finally, a nice design that works on small printers.

I'm glad you like it! It would be great if you can post a make. It's fun to see how they look in action. Thanks!

UPDATE 9JUL2017: I have added locking clips to prevent the roller sides from coming apart. This works great even if the bearings have a loose fit. Print 2 and attach per the photos

Oh man, you saved me hours. All the other rollers didn't quite meet what i was looking for, but THIS is what i had envisioned :)

I'm glad it's what you're looking for. It makes things much easier if the spools roll freely.

Consider the spool weight I designed to hold the spools down. It's handy as the spools get towards the end of the roll and become lighter. A strong extruder has pulled my spool right off the rollers. The weight keeps the spools in position without adding friction to the system.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Are the posts that fit into the center of the bearings supposed to be tight? Mine are very loose, I can pull them out with no effort. I might try rescaling that piece to make it a bit bigger.

The bearings fit nice and tight into the rollers as is.

No. I made a mistake. I'm uploading corrected sides. Try this instead.

I rescaled the old one to 102% and it seems to be working ok. Thanks for fixing the files though, I might be making a second one so I'll use that.

I have added clips that will prevent the rollers from coming apart even if they are loose. This should permanently solve the problem regardless of differences in printers.