Arena Walls

by WastelandScenics Apr 15, 2017
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There are a few issues with the models. The pillars on MEnt_L/R are not properly manifold and print mostly detached. The tops of the arches on outside of the walls print in midair. MEnt_R has the bottom of the pillar slightly lower than the rest of it, so it doesn't sit on the bed properly. I haven't printed the gate pieces, but it appears others are having issues. This is a nice design, but the flaws are really problematic.

ok, so I am trying to print the entrance upside down as suggested. however i noticed that the top is not flat. there is a square for the spire and then the rest does not start for a couple layers.

any help on this? or can someone flatten the top and repost???

So im currently trying to print this plus all the other terrain pieces. For some reason the left hand gate and left hand entrance section wont print properly, everything else has been fine. I also designed and printed resin fatigue tokens. But any advise would be great had a PLA printer 8 months and resin about a week. doing a blender course. Just got into the game.

great job!! .. would you add another floor? a stage for the spectators :) thank you for all!

Love it, thank you!!

I'm gathering things to adapt for a bespoke Blood Bowl stadium, and this looks very promising. An alt version of the wall sections allowing straight rather than curved walls would be a bonus.

Currently adding some to this, so I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.

What were the walls modeled in?

I'm having trouble trying to add magnet holes to the sides.

Comments deleted.

Blender. What size magnets are you trying to fit to these?

I initially printed one of the Three part walls and printed great. Stands approximately 4" tall so I have decided to reduce this to 75% ( 3 inch high walls) to save Filament and print times:)

I have inverted and blended the two entrance using tinkercad and that is the next print so will post updates when done

The prints are good detail and nice finish so credit to Scudjuice on the files. Waiting for the benches with anticipation

Thanks Andrew

I'm having troubles printing out the gates. Should I keep them standing up when printing or is laying them down ok?

Laying down is good.

I know this is an old print but I am also having a devil of a time trying to print these gates out. I've laid them flat on their side and still getting failed prints out of them.

2 things of note:

  1. The divets on the gate if you lay them down cause this to be the first layer, nothing sticks to the plate and bridging across them is an effort in futility

  2. print them on the side without divets and the gate has a 2mm gap from the bed to the first layer to print to

  3. Print them on their side. Again there is a small piece on the corner that prevents the part from printing flat.

My only solution so far is to print the part BELOW the plane on it's side, S3D hates this method and doesn't print out all the parts nice and clean. Cura is very confused when I try to do this but at least it shows all the layers as OK to print.

Any ideas? Can you alter this gate so that it is one solid piece top to bottom flat except the curved hooks which will print fine flat as the angles are not that intense.

Printed out 2 of the 3 piece walls and they turned out great. Also got the wings printed. Going to work on the gates soon. Can't wait for the bleachers! I've wanted something like this for a long time. Such good work. Thanks!

I think this is great. I have printed 2 parts already. Any plans to add some longer pieces for those of use with bigger printers? Not a huge issue but would be nice for stability. also any news on gate house. Would love to see one. will post some pics when done. each piece is about 5-6 hours to print at decent quality.

Not sure on diameter will update when I have a full arena printed.

Very nice! I had gotten a very early start, but this is great!

How many to have a complete arena, and what does the diameter end up being?

Thanks guys,

32 total pieces to make a full circle (outside diameter being 28.5" and the inside being 25")

I have been working on the gate but have had little time to finish it... Hopefully it will be done soon.

The gate turned out great. After printing the pieces flat after your updates the gates came out flawlessly. The group loved them and the bleachers came out great. Can't wait to use them again in our next game.

How many pieces of long 3 piece wall sections make the full circle or will I need to mix in 1 wall section pieces also? I have printed 8 so far plus the gate. Just trying to plan what the exact piece count needs to be .