Spiral cube

by JustinSDK Apr 16, 2017
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Anyone scaled this up and printed it larger? How big did you go?

How did you make this? I'm trying to design one myself.

The starting point is you can have a square inside a square, such as:

You may linear_extrude() each square with a different height and then use a cube to difference them.

How would you prevent the downwards spirals from colliding with one another, as you would need to have it going in faster than it goes down. Did you just guess or is there any specific amount you reduce the square by each time?

I think there's an equation for it, but the code here just leaves parameters for try and error. You may try different parameter value and will find the problem you stated.

I noticed you have some unjoined triangles on this mesh. I remeshed it and uploaded a copy here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2434091

Spiral Cube (remeshed)

Actually, it was already repaired by 3D Builder. I guess that different algorithms determine unjoined triangles in different ways.

@JustinSDK Would you mind if I share your model on Prusa3D Pinterest page? Thank you

I don't mind :)

What were your print settings? Did you use supports? Thanks.

I added print settings in the description. Yes, I used supports.

I printed this both with and without supports. "Without" came out much better, as I had no problems with overhangs at all. I used PLA on an Orig. Prusa MK2S. Cool little object, BTW.

Weird, this keeps failing for me with my Prusa i3 Mk3. Did you give it a brim? How much? I’m trying to figure out if it’s a problem with using the freshly installed octoprint Slic3r profile, or just a flaw in the design or settings regardless of which slicer I use.

I wasnt able to get it to successfully print on my i3 MK3S until I tried using a brim. Then it came out perfect. No supports, 0.2mm, 20% infill, Prusa silver PLA.

You print this in PLA? Beautiful print.