Kossel 3D printer (Anycubic linear delta) bed leveling

by ricardodeazambuja Apr 16, 2017
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i think to make same of similar... but i think to make some change:

a) smaller nut (less high)

b) do not use lower samll nuts, i think di make some "sign" in the lowe side of big nuts and from bottom some plastic nail to "click" and stop position...

Did you make any new change ?


Actually I moved from UK last year and I was forced to sell my beloved delta printer. Now I have a MP mini V2 because it was on sale in Canada last xmas.
So, answering your question, I haven't made any change, but I think your ideas are very interesting and I suggest you to give them a go :)


What are the dimensions for the prints? For some reason, when I print, they're very large. Using Cura 2.7.0 Beta. If I could get a diameter for one of the nuts, I can scale as needed. Also, thanks for putting these up for everyone to use!


You can have a look at the original Fusion 360 design:

I added a new image with a measurement to the description.




HI, I'm very interested in this project. could you explain the usage of the Nut_counter? In the image I can't see it mounted.



The Nut_counter is the first nut (from bottom to top). If you look at the first photograph, you may see it. It is supposed to lock the big, tough, nut.

1) Attach the Base to your printer (you should center it in relation to each triangle vertice).
2) Add the Nut_counter and put it all the way down to free the way.
3) Add the Nut.
4) Add your printer bed.
5) Add the Nut_small_new.
6) Level the bed using the Nut and the Nut_small_new.
7) Use the Nut_counter to lock the Nut.
8) Print the AnycubicTestRing140 to verify if it's working. I also paused the printer to correct the bed level during the very first layers.

Be careful, depending on your setup for brim/skirt, your printer may hit the bed levelers when printing the AnycubicTestRing140. I've changed my Machine settings to a bed with diameter of 150mm to avoid surprises.

This bed leveler is not a very good solution because it's quite hard to get the leveling right and if you remove the bed plate you need to redo it. In the future, I will design something better that allows me to attach an extra removable bed plate or, even better, remove the one I have without destroying the leveling.

Here I'm explaining how I did it:


follwed your link and the code for level callibradtion is a very cool idea