Creality CR-10 tool holder

by Pyrex238 Apr 17, 2017
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I made a snap in insert to hold the rest of the tools on your design, it snaps into yours.
Enjoy. doesn't block any ports and works with original spool holder

Tool Caddy Insert CR-10

mine wouldnt print printed the ends fine , but the sides where just strings, probable was me im new to 3d printing should i have flipped it over or had supports , like i said very new to this

I just tried printing this last night and had an unusual result I have never seen happen before. When I went into my office to retrieve the item I noticed it was about half the height it should be and the middle section is gone. You can see Creality ok, but the top half of the CR-10 is gone, but there is no sign of structural damage or layer skipping, it simply didn't skipped dozens of layers and kept on trucking... Thoughts? Grate design by the way! I need something like this so I may print it on my larger printer just to try it again.

Has anyone printed one for their CR-10 Mini? I am not sure if the control box is the same across the CR-10 line.

I have a CR-10 mini too. I downloaded the stl and measured the width in blender. Seems to match the cr-10 mini (~12.55cm) so I think it should work.

A bit loose. But I fixed it with some tape. Thx for the design. :) It's a great attachment to my printer.

New to 3D printing. Just ordered my first printer. This holder looks nice. Since I have not printed it yet my comments are using what others have posted. If there is a problem with it lifting or falling off you may design a couple small pockets on the underside or the sides that hang over the control box sides and then put a couple small button magnets in the pockets. That would hold all in place but it would still be able to be easily removed.
Give that a try if you have time.

I have had this print with tools in it for a while now. it seems innocent enough but it has fallen off the control box so many times and caused so many bad prints that it needs to be reworked or discarded altogether. If it had more weight on the other end... if it had maybe a box with an attached lid on top... all of these ideas would fix the item from tipping. Its right beside the printer and its going to possibly screw up the print.

But I do like it with the text on the end.

How could something on the control box affect the print? Honest inquiry.

it fell and skipped a line! not to mention I still need the tool and it's now resting in between box and printer... my cables are not very long. I go to pull a tool out and the whole thing flips, probably due to fighting to get tool out. if I flip it around I spend my time picking everything off the floor and banging the table thus causing possible skipping. I like it, it just needs a redo to add weight on the other end. I'll make one eventually that holds my light, clippers and heat temp gun.

Are you saying you went to remove a tool and you flipped over your control box? Or are you saying you came back to your machine, saw the control box flipped to the side, and assumed it was the tool holder? Because the control box will fall over all the time on a factory machine, just how it's designed. There's prints out there to prevent that from happening, but the tool box with a few ounces of weight offset by a centimeter isn't going to do it itself.

I'm saying that when I tried to remove a tool from the snug tool holder (i may be twisting the tool a bit) the tool holder flipped over and down the right side of control box.more than once. now I obviously must have put some downward pressure on the tool while trying to free it but for it to do this means it's not weighted properly. I just noticed that the two vertical connectors that lay on top of the control box are very flimsy and a bit warped. some useful item to keep this area flat would be a box... that's what I was thinking. I'm a little busy but I'll put one up as a remix.

Great Gadget, now I need a beer holder.

This man is a genius.

Bad fit, some of the tools is loose should be tighter so they dont fall of and the toolholder is not perfect fit you have to use glue or tejp to fit it. But thx.

It's supposed to be loose so you can remove a tool without causing the holder to lift off the control box. I had a tighter version available that people had issues with. Have to design to the loosest tolerances. Since all tools feed in vertically, I don't see how any could fall out.

Yes you right about that but you have to clue or tape the holder to be straight and fit well, one side goes up and you have to hold it down without tape

You might want to check your steps per mm on your machine. It should be nearly a perfect fit. I printed it in two machines calibrated within 0.1mm and both fit great.

Thank you. Great add-on.

Maybe a little U bracket on the other side for the cutters in a future remix. :)

Not a bad idea, I think I could do that.

both for the cutter and scraper would be nice

very cool! Printing this now! :)

This is great! I now have it on my box. Just missing a space for the spatula...

I suppose I could make a holder for the scraper somewhere on the machine! ;)

I'd love this exact file with a holder for a glue stick! Thank you for this though

And the clippers, nozzle cleaner, spare bowden tube, and a place to put my coffee. ;)

Yeah. I use that every day. Or wait? I use the spatula more. More compared to the tools too. ;-)