M4 Airsoft RAS Keymod Rail

by XDr4g0nX Apr 17, 2017
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Does anyone know if this will work for the lancer tactical m4 lt04 gen2? http://www.lancertactical.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=9667

Hey! Absolutely awesome design but do you think you that you could make a 5 inch rail? If not, thanks anyways!

I can try, I'm not sure if the holes will properly line up.

As soon as I have some free time I'll make it and upload it.

This is amazing, I was wondering if you or anyone else who'd like to comment knows if this is compatible with Krytacs receivers? I'm trying to shorten my spr length. I also wanted to ask if there's any way you could attach a separate file for a shorter suppressor? Maybe one or two inches shorter, so it isn't as lengthily protruding from the handguard? If any of this is possible that would be great, thanks!

Unfortunately I don't know if it's Krytac compatible, sorry.

I can however, when I have some more free time, make a shorter suppressor.
I will upload it as soon as I finished it.

Thank you for letting me know, I have contacted the support of their website however they think there is nothing wrong with this person selling a model that is licensed as "Non Commercial - Share alike".

Can you post the design files? I'm trying to remix it but i'm having trouble rendering the stl in fusion. Any help would be appreciated!

Would love to, but I don't have access to my files for the next 3 weeks because I'm on vacation.
When I get home I'll gladly upload them in the files here.

I have uploaded my source SketchUp file, hope this helps.
I'd love to see your modifications to the design as a remix once you're done. ^^

Thanks a lot! I will definitely post the remix once I get my printer up and running for testing. I unfortunately shorted my motherboard so I won't be printing until a new one arrives :(

That sucks to hear, I hope you get it fixed soon.

Thanks for the help! I don't mind the wait since it's for a side project to rebuild a rental from my airsoft arena that I picked up for cheap.

What is the proper scale for an ICS ? Do you know ? I tried, 106.8 but is a bit large. After some research and some math, i will try 102.27.

Please let me know if you got the right scale for it. Thanks

I do not know the scale for those replica's, sorry.

Neither I or my buddies have a ICS replica, but do let the rest of us know what the scale is that you used when you get it right.

I need to make some changes on the STL file, so the rail stay the same size but the overall be increased.

When i get it right, i will let you guys know for sure.

Comments deleted.

So I tried printing the 7in one but my printer malfunctioned after 5.5 in but I tested the fit on my gun and it’s beautiful, gonna print the full thing again when I fix my printer, thanks a bunch

  1. Is there anyway you could make a 5.5 inch rail (possibly shorten the 7”?) and an outer barrel to match the rail system?
  2. Would a 5.5 inch rail (and outer barrel) and the supressor be able to completely cover a 363 mm inner barrel?

I have a G&G CM16 Raider (Longer outer barrel version)

Ngard is right, a 5.5" rail would only cover roughly 150mm of the barrel.
To cover a 363mm inner barrel you would need roughly a 12" rail and supressor.

And making a outer barrel to go with it would be possible but not as safe for your inner barrel seeing as the plastic will always flex slightly, thus possibly bending your inner barrel rendering it useless. (unless you want to cosplay as a character from the movie Wanted)

My rifle has a front post sight so it is not removable. That’s why I was curious and wondering if that length rail was possible. In regards to the outer barrel, considering the fact that my front post sight is fixed, I wanted an inner because of my current predicament. I am restricted to about a 14.5cm build height for my printer. Multiple sections would be required for each piece, except for the supressor. Also, what is the length of the suppresseor?

A 363mm inner barrel is about 14 in, How would a 5.5in outer barrel cover that?

Mine didnt fit, the rail is the right diam but the threads doesnt fit..
I have a Armalite m15a4, what can i do?

Do the threads not fit all the way, or not at all?

If it is the first then you could try heating your upper receiver so it will make the rail threads slightly bendable and then thread it on.
If it is the latter then there might be a scaling issue with your printer, try printing only the threaded section with increased scaling to test fit the rail.

Im now trying scaling it to 101%, seems like that may help, tried 100.5 and it didnt work, if i cant get it better after this one ill try heating the treads with a airblower and install it! thanks

No problem, and if you have it installed I'd love to see some pictures of it!

Could you please make an LVOA rail? Could you make it taller than 13 inches?

I might look into that, do you have a specific reference model in mind?
And how long would that rail have to be?

as far as i know, there are only two LVOA rails. A 16.2 inch rail and a 14.7 inch rail. I own a creality cr-10, so i can not print a 16.2 inch rail.... 14.7 would be great! i don't have a "model" but i can provide you with pictures. I would design this myself, if i knew how.

I think that "mouth" of the rail on the keymod rail he designed would be already awesome.
Something like the G&G Predator Rail would also be nice to have.
Nice work on the rails XDr4g0nX, my printer is coming, and I'm sure gonna print them.

BTW, maybe add a shorty silencer aswell?
Does the current one have CW or CCW thread

Sorry for the late response, how short is short in your book?
I can make it as short as you'd like.
And the current one has 14mm CCW threading.

This is a replica of a real steel firearm, it only shoots plastic BB's and not bullets.

I have the electric modle of your gun, would this still fit? my plastic gaurd is made of 2 peices and the batteries sit in it

It has not been designed for AEG's that are front-wired, my AEG in the photo's is rear-wired and this makes it possible to install this rail.

Do we really doesn't need a support?
I'm worried about the upper rail

You would only need support from the bed as the internal nut will otherwise print in the air and fall down.

what gun did you put these on?

My personal M4 AEG by Dragon-Guns but they have been tested on multiple manufacturers like G&G, CYMA and Specna Arms and they all fit great.

can you tight it enough to hold the outer barrel in place ?

Yes you can, the suppressor is only for looks and added support.
The rail itself is free floating.

I have printed 3. But I had to modify the internal design. For my Cyma outter barrel to fit in there, I had to modify the opening hole after the thread a bit. I can give you the STL. Now it fits all my barrels

I had similar issue with my barrel, If the hole would be wider about 1mm, it would fit all barrels.

yes thats why I have redesigned it :)

So even with the current version the opening is about 1mm to narrow?

I had to use a lighter to warm the part up a bit to make it fit over the barrel. Other barrel fit better, but still very snug.
Did Your print sit well on your replica body? mine looks like the thread is under an angle or smth. Not much, just a little bit.

Also one thing that would be helpful is leave a gap for wires, so it can be used for front wired guns.

Good tip, I'll look into that.
And mine is sitting flush with the receiver.

I would love to see some photo's of your replica's with these rails attached.

And I will PM you with my email for the STL files.

Sorry quick question, does the suppressor actually fit inside the rail thanks!

Indeed it does.