Dremel protection

by MKSA Apr 17, 2017
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So You're From A Simple Peasant Families Whores Jajaja
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MKSA. Well, well, well.

Ender3Guy claims your design can be proven as stolen. I'll import both meshes into Fusion and find out for myself. If that is correct, the original designer will be notified.

SKAM! You're still alive! Enjoy my new designs!

Yeah, he's still busy shooting down designs in the Engineering group. We recently dealt with a troll by the name of Vladimir_Purin. I almost died laughing when he called MKSA gay.

Useful l to smooth shitty print as found here and to make the parts with enough play to give the impression it works :)

See the "inventor" comment below.

Hex Ball & Socket Z Axis Brakcet

Tidying up depends on your grade of printer. I'm sorry you seem to be having trouble with the design. Maybe try putting those linear rods back and running a flow test?

You can certainly see why this guy needs a Dremel - his printed parts certainly need a lot of post print work....

Comments deleted.

Haha he just tried to delete his comment and repost it again so it would be at the top and it got flagged for moderation due to spam hahahaha

Must have been raging, he tried to post it 4 times!

Comments deleted.

Deleting his own comments once again, to post more lies when he is called out. He stole a design, and just keeps deleting his comments once he is proven wrong just so he can add more to it and put it at the top lol

This guy is mental....bad rep for being a bad troll on thingiverse. It is no surprise he is hated, looks like he can't take his own medicine :)

Sad sad sad

Comments deleted.

This guy is 100% mental...funny how his comments keep randomly deleting where he was proven wrong and made himself look like a complete fool.

Either way just take a look at his designs and the print quality of his thing previews. He has no idea wtf he is doing.

Full blown rage quit. Yep he is deleting his own comments.

Comments deleted.

Another stolen design....

Funny how your most downloaded design is almost exactly the same as something you liked just a week before you published this. At least I give you credit for your designs when I remix them. I do not try to pass them off as my own ideas. Shame on you! This was the only thing you ever made that I liked. I have lost so much respect for you.

Is yours a remix of this April 9th design or just stolen?


Dremel flexible shaft dust cover

Ho HO! I examined the two meshes in Fusion and found... Yep, they're the same on the guard. Has anyone tried contacting the original designer so he can report this?

Interesting. I'll post some pics tomorrow of my findings.

Comments deleted.

Stolen. Got it.

You should see his new description of the design he stole.

I like to check in on MiStAKe every once in a while. Read his comments out loud like The Count from Sesame Street. They make more sense.

It does appear either he has rage-quit or the mods have finally caught up with him

I think he is still on here but is just keeping quiet.

Yeah, he's still here. Check out my Strongarm 9-dart cylinder's comments page.

Sit tight - mr SKAM will be back with more entertainment!

Hey moron, just noticed you tried to COPY my designs ? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2831048/comments
Imitation is a form of flattery :)

Geeetech single Z motor upgrade
by RRacer

I told you he'd be back!

About the copying thing... do you really think that you invented single motor Z-drive?
Anyhow, my design works, is configurable and evidently makes good prints.
I'd like to see you make any of those claims :)
Please don't give up, SKAM, you're too entertaining :)

PS. Did you notice that I didn't call you a retard, moron, idiot or any other derogative? That's how grownups talk.