AURA Robotic Arm

by AIVrobotics Jan 13, 2014
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Hi, as long as the Servo VS-11 Vigor Extra Large is discontinued, could someone recommend a similar one to substitute?


Hello, I'm having trouble finding Servo VS-11 Vigor Extra Large (Servo alpha). The link on your blog for the servo isn't working

when i bring them in to Simplify 3d they are huge
what have i done?

hi, am i right in thinking that this could potentially fold away inside itself?

It is not the original purpose but I imagine that with some minor changes you could accomplish it.

Before I get started printing it out and working out what I need to change and printing it twice, could you suggest what would need changing please?

how to print the base?

The base should not be a problem, you can just print it as is given, facing up. If you have a more specific problem with the printing of this part I will be glad to help.

Hi, My son has been working on printing this arm and we now have the electronic components also. Do you have any more specifics on the wiring with the Arduino side of things? Do you have any schematics for the motor connections/ transformer etc.

I have just uploaded a new photo with a schematic view of the wiring for the servos. This is based on the configuration from the controlling program on the blog (aivrobotics.blogspot.com), but it is just orientative doesn't need to be followed by heart. I hope this is useful enought otherwise contact me by another comment or by email ([email protected])

Thank you for the quick response.

Love the idea and what's the biggest size can this be made

The size is thought for these servos (size and strength), with another servos you could resize as big as you want.

Hello, I'm a french student and we do a project with my team for a examen about robotics. So, we like that you robots, it's a good subject. And we want to know if you can give some informations about your robotic arm. Thanks for your answer !

Of course, If you haven't checked the blog is on aivrobotics.blogspot.com. There you will find some information and some links to download differents files that you might find interesting. Among those links there is https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6-RrComnZ0bdVYtbXV1Zm5ldWM&usp=sharing that are the original project papers, where is explained all the process and everything around this project. The only thing is that is in spanish and you may need a translation. There are also images and graphs that I wouldn't mind to share if you are interested.
If you have specific questions or specific things you want to know, just ask them to me and I will answer tham as soon as posible.

Hola Adrian, primero que todo muchas gracias por este proyecto tan intersante y por suministrar documentacion en espanol e ingles, me gusta mucho tu enfoque y el brazo AURA parece ser una exelente forma de introducirse al mundo de la robotica.
Ahora bien despues de leer la documentacion, me quedo con una duda, se habla mucho sobre la reduccion de costos y el presupuesto en los componentes, pero al parecer se favorece mucho el uso de ABS como material de impresion debido a sus propiedades fisicas.pero yo estoy trabajnando con PLA y mi impresora no imprime en ABS sin hacerle un hack que no he echo. Queria saber si este brazo podria imprimirse en PLA talvez cambiando las propiedades de infill? o si este material no es recomendable para este proyecto?
Segundo queria pedir permiso para utilizar este brazo en una presentacion, claro atribuyendo todo el credito necesario a su creador original.
En fin, saludos y muchas gracias

Gracias por vuestro interés en mi proyecto.
El brazo es perfectamente imprimible en PLA, simplemente yo no contaba con ese material en ese momento. Posiblemente tendrás que adaptar algunas propiedades de la impresión pero no hay ningún problema.
Este proyecto en su totalidad fue creado para inducir a la gente a la robótica, y no tiene ninguna legalidad de protección de datos, así que en cierto modo, ayudas a su objetivo usándolo en una presentación. Puedes utilizar toda la información que necesites.

A doubt. In your paper "Diseño, desarrollo y construcción del brazo robótico" you tell that you used a 3D printer with a single extruder. Some parts have suspended elements that cannot be achieved with this type of printer. Other parts haven't reference planes. Did you cut some parts before printing?

As you said, I have used a single extruder printer and I have divided few parts in different pieces, but most of them have been done at once using support material created by the slicer program (I normally use Skeinforge or Slic3r).
The pieces called Arm A, Arm B and Arm C are uploaded as a whole and in the sections I used for printing (Arm A1, Arm A2, etc), the rest of the pieces I have used support material from the same plastic and removed it after the impresion. Every piece is described on "AURA Drafts"
If for any reason you cannot use support material you can make your own division for printing or design some "columns" for the suspended elements.

If you have any other doubt or I didn't solve this one you can ask again as many times you need, in here or at [email protected]

Thanks for the quick response. I solved a lot of doubts. There are two pieces on which I have some concerns.
COVER: I can cut it, but how? It is a very important part that supports the whole arm, so it is very stressed.
At the bottom there is the plug for the cross of the servo. I have to print it separately and then add it.
ARM A1: where do I cut?
PHALANGE PROXIMAL: it has a double fork at the ends, it is asymmetric. To make it, I have to cut it to length, but I weaken it or I then use a screw to join the two pieces
Is my reasoning correct?

The phalange can be cut to length, there no that much forces on that one, for the others is different they both hold servos. You can build some columns and then remove them. For the design of the columns you can use simple internet cad like tinkercad (https://tinkercad.com/) or download the original files and modify them in solid edge (In my blog: aivrobotics.blogspot.com).
It is just to introduce a couple of thin cylinders in the middle so it can print, afterwards you remove them with the scissors or something like that.
But I still insist that most slicer programs are able of creating support material themselves so you just have to print i, Strongly suggest you to explore that possibility.

Thanks for the reply. I teach in a high school and we have mechanical and electronics courses. Students use AutoCAD and CATIA. My colleagues and I want to change some parts to minimize additional processing (cutting, milling, etc).
When we have tested all the parts, I will send you all the documentation in the spirit of sharing the project.

I'm looking forward too see all that documentation, I hope that the students like this project, as a additional motivation for them you can tell them that this was my last-year-of-high-school project. I started it when I was 17.

Hi, I'm interested in building your robotic arm but can't seem to find the motors based on the omega, alpha, beta and gamma descriptions. I was wondering if you could refer me to a website in which I could buy all the motors.

I like the wrist/gripper combination...cool