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geared extruder nema 17

by Hatsyflatsy Apr 19, 2017
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Hello, will be possible to modify this extruder for 608RS bearings? I am not asking for modifications, but if it's possible to make this mod

I don't know if this fits.
But wil check the drawing, using the specs of the 608rs bearing.

608RS bearing have 8mm hole, some spacer with 5mm inside and 8mm outside will be enough. And it have 22mm outer diameter and 7mm thickness.

I can draw a spacer for you if you want.

It's not necessary, but thank you! I just wanted to know, if 608 will fit inside and not compromise structural integrity, after making holes for bearing bigger. I will do it by myself. I will try it, and keep you informed! But it will be about 3 or 4 weeks until bearing arive.

Sorry i was misinformed by the specs of the 625RS bearing. I used the bearings of a belt pulley spanner. The website gave me measerments of the spanner and not of the bearing.
So I measured the 625rs Bearing. This one has an 16 mm outer diameter and 5 mm thickness ( vs 22m outer & 7mm thick).
Comparing the bearing with the drawing and a printed extruder. I Think its possible to make this work for the 608RS Bearing. But you need to make some adjustments to the extruder base. The hole needs to be 2 mm deeper (no problem). The bearing hole needs to be enlaged, and will have a litlle gap at the side of the drivegear. I don't think this will give large structural issues. If you fear this, you can make the hole where the little gear (Nema) runs through, a little thighter. Make it a 16 mm diameter instead of the 22mm its now. This will have enough space to let gear spin freely.
The top needs to be adjusted to fit the 608RS Bearing as well. Don't think this gives structural problems.

Thanks mate, will try this out this w-e :)