by dutchmogul Jan 14, 2014
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Thanks for making this amazingly simple to print game and releasing it for everyone!

I'm just in the process of finishing up printing the last quarter board (my printer is not big enough to print out the whole board in 1 go, sadly) before I can finally play the game, and while going over the rules a few thing struck out to me that I'd like some clarifications on:

  1. The movement range was not explicitly spelled out, but by reading other rules, I assume all units can move unlimited units in their movement direction of choice, is this correct?

  2. Does the word "Adjacent" mean the 4 cardinal directions or all 8 tiles surrounding the unit (e.g. for units like Aegis Transport and Interceptor Drone's ability)?

  3. Can you place an HQ along the edge/corner of the board? If someone places it in the corner, it will only have 3 available home tiles to capture from, significantly reducing its threat vector--if the rules don't actively forbid it, I don't know why anyone would not want to put it in the corner, or have you noticed this to not be the case in play tests?

  4. A follow up to #3: IF it's not forbidden to place the HQ along the corner/edge, can the Damocles Striker be considered to be on the "Home Tile" (since it has a "wrapping" around the board edge ability) if it's on the opposite of the board, next to the edge that the enemy HQ is occupying?

Oh, and I noticed a minor typo on the Aegis Transport :P. It's missing the word "Be" in between "May Summoned" in the Special ability section.

By the way how did you create the models? Was it in a CAD-like program or a 3D modeling software like Sculptris, Blender, etc? They look rather nice for their size :)!

EDIT: Shoot, almost forgot to mention this, but the tile models themselves seem to be too close together that when my 3D printer attempts to print them (I have a M3D Micro), they get stuck together. Perhaps increase the distance between them to 2-3mm? Right now it looks like it's 0.5mm, which is rather narrow! I'd be happy to modify them and upload the increased spacing versions as remixes.

I love it! You always manage to amaze me dutchmogul! You should start selling your designs at the makerbot digital store so they can spread their awesomeness into new fields!

Do you know if the digital store will include designs by outsiders or just those from Makerbot?

Hey, many thanks! Haha, well I would certainly be open to that. I love MakerBot, and I'll do just about anything to support them. I hope my designs are quality consistent enough for that. To be fair, I am designing a lot of stuff toward print-ease, so I've eased away from anything requiring superglue or support material (at least for games like this).

I like the models.

They printed nicely.
Plus I have a soft spot for dome headed sci-fi figures!

Haha, as do I. Thanks, Perry! I've been focusing on easy-print games of late, and while I love developing detailed, constructable models, its kind of cathartic to engineer something for simplicity.