Docky - Pocket Sized Nintendo Switch Dock V2

by benmarte Apr 20, 2017
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The LED space is too tight for how far my black cable solder came out of the other side and while snapping it in my black cable ripped off... Maybe make some space for the black cable on the led slot

I finally replaced my original dock who was a pain in the ass with this one, my life changed, it's really really good even without cover. So I would like to thank you a lot man.

Awesome, glad you like it. Enjoy it and have fun :)

Hi, this seems to be the best sock replacement I found. Great design.
Is it possible to update the design to use the knobs from the original dock? I mean the little things that support the console and help to avoid wear and tear of the USB c port. Regards.

If I do that it will increase the size dramatically and I really want it to have the smallest footprint as possible.

One of these might be a better option for you:

Thanks for the feedback.

Switch Dock - Makes use of spring system
by azza900
Spring loaded Nintendo Switch Dock case

Hi, this seems to be the best sock replacement I found. Great design.
Is it possible to update the design to use the knobs from the original dock? I mean the little things that support the console and help to avoid wear and tear of the USB c port. Regards.

Not sure if Dock revisions changed, but I had to carve a ton of material out of the bottom of the USB hole between the type-c port and the HDMI port on the side. It would not fit otherwise. I printed the one without a hinge, and it has literally no support for the console at all. I added some 3m foam tape to give a tiny bit of extra support and it kinda works. Either way this dock is way less obnoxious than the one Nintendo provides. Thanks for the hard work on the design.

How are people successfully printing this? I either get a mid print fail OR the screw holes are garbage. What orientation are you folks printing in?

You need a lot of supports. I use cura and the accordion supports it does are fantastic. Just print in the default orientation (as if you were going to assemble it) and it should print fine.

No chance to have it fit in there at all, the ones who did this must be some sort of magician

Unless the docks pcb has changed it should fit, check the pictures on how to install it, it is a very tight fit.

Post a pic of your pcb so we can compare and see if it changed.


Yes, it is very tight, that way the walls broke and i ended up throwing it out.
I am now using a different design that also uses the spring mechanism, which obviously work better than the printed knobs - they didn't print that clean for me, so the fit wasn't that great neither.

Can you share that design?

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2719896 that's the one i am using now, works perfectly

Switch Dock - Makes use of spring system
by azza900

Did you print this and try it recently? Just bought a switch and am wondering if this design still works.

Yes, the design has not changed since I made it so unless Nintendo changed the pcb of the dock it should work.

Make sure you print at 100% infill so it is solidand yes it needs a ton of supports so try printing it like Sekwell suggests in the post below.

PCB is the same. It's a tight fit, but still fits. The USB 3.0 port (blue) cutout is a little small since the metal on the top and bottom curves. I had to bend the metal lip to make it fit, but works fine for me

Yes, I printed it just like half an hour before my comment


I wonder if I might could make a request? I LOVE the look of this dock and have tried to print it several times with no luck. It seems my printer cannot print the side walls on this particular model. They come out hollow and just crumple in on themselves. Would there be any way I could get a version with thicker walls? Or the files to try and edit it myself? Not quite sure how to do that just yet, but I can tinker with it till I get it right!

Thanks so much!

How in the world do I print this? There doesn't seem to be any good way to print it that doesn't require a ton of support

I'm positioning it like this. The surface area that support material is attached to is minimized and this way you don't have gravity working against you quite as much when it comes to the print adhering to the support material.

Will post back in a bit with results.


It worked! The only issue is the ribbon cable folding has little room and I think I pressed too hard once and I thought I broke it but it is working now.

Do you mind to share the link for the joycon extensions adapter you show in one the photos? The white ones Thanks

Also, I've just printed a Docky... but I don't have the screwdriver, so I'll do the surgery this weekend once the screwdriver arrives :D

Thanks again!

Awesome, I'd love to see it when you're done. I hope you enjoy it.


add another slot in front of the dock (same as this one- in extension to the existing body), with usb-c extension 90-degree adapter (integrated in the added docking slot, serving as a charging stand) as in the picture:


so the dock will have the function of a charging stand. thank you.

The dock already works as a charging stand just plug your usb-c cable to the power port on the side and dock the switch you can charge and play.

where would the video output to than?

If you don't have an HDMI cable connected the video will display on the switch itself.

this is no longer accurate, or was never accurate. The switch will turn off display when in the dock.

How do you install this and relieve the stress on the cable that goes from the USB connection to the actual PCB board? I keep getting a flashing green light and I don't get it when I take the case apart and take the stress off the cable.

If you are getting a flashing light the usb connection is not correct.

Make sure the usb-c port is properly set and the screws are not loose.

Try different ribbon positions and test it with the dock before closing it.

Yep, I found that you had to fold it into 45 degree angles and lay it flat in the front. This keeps pressure off the connections which ultimately caused the flashing green light.

Could you possibly post a picture of this? I get the same error and don't really understand how you folded the ribbon cable.

Theres pictures on the thing details section on how to install it I think pictures from step 2 show it.

Glad you got it sorted out, have fun.

Hi benmarte,
really like the dock.
only complaint I have is the right side of the bottom plate: the screw holes are a tiny bit too wide, making the outer wall end up at 0.38mm which will end up giving users issues with certain slicers.
I made a remix of the bottom plate with a little more width to it (added 0.2mm to be on the safe side).
See the picture in the remix, it will show the issue I was running into.

Kind regards,

Cool, thanks.

I'll take a look some time this weekend and check it with cura I didn't run into this with S3D or I didn't notice.

Again I'll check and update both the bottom and top if necessary.

Thanks for pointing this out.

To ease stress on PCB, should attach to lower plate and have the upper portion act as a cover.

Now I remember why I didn't do this, it's a PITA to get rid of the supports without breaking the sides and they tend to warp a bit outwards.

I wasn't planning on making any more changes to this but I will take this into consideration, it would make the installation much simpler.

Thanks for the feedback.

Someone is selling this dock over Amazon and eBay.
Amazon link:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072BHGTST

Is that you?
You might want to talk to that seller or something if not so.

Thanks for the heads up but that is not Docky.

i also think the vent are pointless and were in the original design due to the switch sitting in the dock and needing frest air which drew in from the back of the dock. and that's not the case with this dock.

will the switch sit in the dock without the lid on it? id like to see a remix of this with out that hinge on the top cover so i can print the top facing down on glass the get the best finish.

Added 3 new versions with no cover in the stl name with your requested changes, the vents are for the motherboard not the switch itself so I left those as a precaution just to be safe.

I'm not sure how much strain this will put on the USB-C port so please print it out and report back if you have any feedback, thanks.

Also post pics if you can :)

Hey thanks I'll print it tonight and let you know. Also i'd like to feature this mod in a YouTube video?

Awesome, I have no problem with you showing it in the video all I ask is that your video have a link to this page. I can't wait to see it, thanks.

I designed my own dock, but this one looks like the best on Thingiverse by far.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it :)

Any chance that you could post a picture of it from the rear? How do the vent slots look? Nice and open?

Added a photo of the rear view :)

Docky Rear View

Thanks! I wasn't clear though. Meant the rear vents on the Switch itself. Are they fairly open? Mostly I'm interested in this for better airflow around the Switch so that it doesn't get as warm being totally encased. Was going to work on making my own until I saw yours and love the compactness of it as well as the openness. If only I could find a way to get an extra fan built into something this compact just to help that much more.... I think that's probably asking way too much though lol.

Oh gotcha yeah it's pretty hard to take a picture of the dock and the switch to see what you want, theres probably a 1-2mm gap between the dock and the back of the switch at the base so it can breathe a bit thats why I made the cover so it acts as a support for the switch and doesn't leave all the weight on the dock and usb-c.

Hopefully that clears up your question, thanks for the feedback.

You can see a bit of the space in the side view with the switch.

Docky SIde View

for some reason, when i import the files into a slicer, they are either really small or really big.

Set your scale to 1000, I will update the notes. If you want to save filament hold off a day or two you can download an updated model I'm working on with better dimensions since I built it from scratch.

Hey Ben,

You should link a different tear down video of the dock. The video you linked does not show the proper way to remove the ribbon cable. There is a door that opens above the connector. It may have a lot of views, but that dude probably damaged his. I'd hate to see your design be shunned because you linked an improper disassembly.

It's as simple as this video.
@ 2:23

You don't need a fancy tool either. But that latch is important.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the feedback, I will update the link with that video.