Cats - laser cut

by wolfpaw98 Apr 20, 2017
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Nice design! Tried to use 1/8" MDF and unfortunately the gaps aren't big enough. Measured the MDF and it was 3.2mm (should have measured before I cut). Will have to try again if I can find 3mm MDF.

Thanks for the compliment. Can you use a file to open the gaps? If not, I created the posted vector files in Inkscape. You could open the SVG and tweak the file accordingly. Please post a photo of your finished litter!

This is a great looking design. I see you made this out of 3mm MDF. What size sheet should be used? I'm trying to get a feel for size of your cat. Thank you.

Thanks for your comment. The sheet size is about 6-5/8" x 7-1/2" (170 mm x 190 mm). The cats are about 3" tall (to top of head, not tail) and about 5" long. Please post photos of your litter when you make them :)

Really like your design. It looks like my cat Boo. Someone dropped him off and he was injured. Guess when he was thrown from the moving vehicle. We took him to the vet and they fixed him right up. Before we did that we gave him some leftovers of Potatoes and some fruit. He must have been starving, he at it all. He is only a house cat and me and my wife have fell in love with him. Now he rules us. thanks for the laser cut. Mighty fine job and they look so real.

Thanks for story and the kind comment, seqmicheal. Hope he rules the roost for a long time. My laser-cut cats were created for a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. He got a black cat he named Panther as a cancer recovery buddy. Unfortunately, Panther was hit by a car and killed. I made the cats for him to honour Panther.

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