Princess Leia Defender Sporting Blaster

by AprilStorm Jan 14, 2014
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What’s the biggest building volume needed?

Hey there, I apologise if my question is stupid but, how do you join the pieces together? Do the fit on each other, or is there some glue I can use for ABS?

Great job with this, Almost finished printing all pieces and only had one minor issue (I found joining the nozzle spiral parts together and print vertical in one go better) Not really an issue though, just more for visual effect, as produces less seems.

Thanks again and will share photo once complete!
Great work!

Do you have the stl of the nozzle spiral parts together?

Comments deleted.

Going to try this now with the remixed barrel pieces. I noticed you didn't print the little screw thing in the unpainted version. That took me a minute to see where it belongs. Thanks for making this. My daughter will love it for her Leia cosplay.

Hello i have been tiring to print the barrel and is there a certain way to print that because my prints keep failing

I'm having the same issue with the body-A piece. I've tried using raft and brim for better adhesion (and without) but the print never wants to stick at the origin of the print. Any suggestions?

Is your filament going everywhere and not sticking to the bed when you try and print the barrel? That keeps happening to me too!

Similar thing happened to me. I don't know how since I was away form the printer and I was printing multiple pieces at once, but I came back to a giant tangle of spaghetti filament everywhere and my barrel knocked over. All my pieces printed ok except the two long barrel pieces. Trying again one at a time. I'm assuming one failed and he second piece failed when the head got stuck trying to print through the tangle.

what steps did you take to get a finish like that in the first photo?

Just sanding the ABS, a little acetone in places with a brush and spray filler to hide print lines. Sand again, paint again in black, then use rub'n'buff to add in silver scuff marks. Not really complex.