Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Switching nozzle mount for Bowden extruders

by fixoid Apr 20, 2017
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your design is good !! congratulations!!
is it possible to have the CAD file in order to try to fit it to my printer?

thank you so much!

sent to your PM

Can you send me your CAD files to adapt it to my printer?

check your PM

Can you tell me how did you manage Z offset? Marlin seems not working. I am trying M218 for Z but does not work. My second nozzle is 0.5mm shorter than the first one.

what version of Marlin do you have?
i thought , in last version z-offset should work correctly

i am using marlin 1.1.8. For some reason the HOTEND_OFFSET_Z in configuration.h does not work. I managed to do it with M218 in Slic3R!

This is what i have been looking for a long time. I am going to make it this weekend. This will address two of my problem

  1. unused nozzle scraping the good print surface
  2. oozing.

Will you be able to send the CAD file if i need any further change to do it will be helpful as you have stopped working on this.

Sure, PM me with your mail, if u need

PM'ed you the mail ID.

I did make it today. Have some challenges in seating the small gear to SG90 need to make some edits. Tried dummy print with no filament the extruder movements happen properly. Thanks for this design!

I love this design. I was wondering if you could PM me the source files. I would like to modify this for the CR-10 but dont want to use hacky tools to butcher the models. If you could share the fusion 360 files that would be awesome.

I tried using this to implement onto a Prusa style printer, but the gears are not precisely printable with the extruder setup I currently have.

Would you be open to sending the pitch diameter of the gear and "Hotend_Mount_pub" and the angle? Think it's approx. ~ 22 deg with about 30mm and 4.75mm.

what noozle do you have? I'd printed mine with 0,4mm noozle.

D=60mm and 60 teeth
Angle is 20 deg, k = 1/6, servo movement angle is 120 deg
Smal gear have 10 teeth, d = 10 mm.

Thanks for that.

I did actually end up remaking something with this idea in mind. Think there are a few versions by now.

I was curious if you played with the idea of using either a pin-and-slot or having the servo lever fastened to the bracket that holds to the two hotends?

A couple of months ago I disassembled my Prusa and made a clone of an ultimaker.
Of course, this design is not suitable for him. When I will do something like this for a new printer, I'll do with the lever, not with the gears


How much print area are you getting in the y axis?
Is it possible to get the cad files?

The distance between the nozzles is about 30mm, When printing with two filaments, the print area on the x-axis decreases by this amount.

i lost Source files, buti can try to recover cad files, if you need. its in FUSION 360.

If you can find them, please do that.

sent to your PM

Really liked
Can i get cad files too?