Filament Spool Benchy Stand

by videohead118 Apr 20, 2017
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but. how do you put it in?

Cut it between any two stands. PLA is flexible enough that you can get it onto a spool. Glue it back together and glue it down if you want, though that's not really necessary.

is the size of the benchy the original size or 80%?

What's the diameter?

What is the inner diameter of the hole in the middle of this stl file?

How big is the ID of the stand?

This is a cool idea and I love the re-use of filament spools. I wonder what other things can be done with them. Thingiverse should seriously hold a spool holder re-use contest.

OK... I am sure I am missing something here - I usually am - but how does this go down on the spool?

I think you might also be able to cut it between two stands; it should flex enough to go onto a spool. I'll have to try it.

Cool. If it works, let me know.

Works fine. I'll post a make.

Haha, I probably should have mentioned that. The top of the spool can be removed since it's held on by 4 screws.

Ahhhh! So not just any spool will work. Gotcha. Thanks :)