AM8 - Metal Frame for Anet A8

by pheneeny, published

AM8 - Metal Frame for Anet A8 by pheneeny Apr 21, 2017
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AM8 - A Metal Frame for the Anet A8

This project aims to build a sturdy aluminum frame for your Anet A8, while re-using as many components as possible to keep costs low. This frame can be built for roughly $55, plus the costs of plastic.

The BOM.pdf file contains all of the parts you need to buy and where to get them.
The Build_Guide.pdf has the build instructions.

This frame uses Misumi 2040 aluminum extrusions and aluminum corner brackets for primary frame connections, and printed plastic parts for alignment.

This project only aims to replace the acrylic frame of the Anet A8. The project was designed and built with a stock Anet A8 in mind, in an attempt to reach the widest audience. Many of the existing mods and upgrades should still be compatible with this new frame, although some upgrades may no longer be needed.

This project does not address any other issues with the Anet A8. Those issues should still be fixed on their own (Such as the mosfet mod).

Ideally, your Anet A8 is not your only printer, so that rebuilding it does not leave you without a working printer if something should go wrong with your build.

Build this at your own risk.

Optional Parts

The Anet Board Mount can be printed with or without an 80mm fan mount attached. I recommend mounting a fan to help keep the board cool. Any 80mm computer fan should work. If you are using a fan, please print or buy fan guards to prevent fingers or wires from going into the fan.

Additional Parts:

T-Slot Wire Cover
E3D V6 Mount

Update 5/13/17

Added E3D V6 Mount link

Update 5/6/17

Uploaded fixed STLs for the the following files:

All of the old files can be found in the old_stl.zip file

Update 4/28/17

Added Fusion 360 Design files

Update 4/22/17

Added missing link for M5 Square nut to BOM.

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Anyone have pics of Raspberry Pi attached to the 2040 frame and what print you used?

How many lead screw are needed?
And size of any lead screw?

Sorry bad English

3 days ago - Modified 3 days ago

Hi guys i'm from Germany and i'd need some help to source the needed parts for this awesome upgrade!
Could you just let me know which one of the two following aluminium extrusions would be more suitable?


would be really happy if you could help me out.

All parts are designed to use 5 mm nuts and bolts, including the printed parts for aasembly. so use type nut 5 https://www.dold-mechatronik.de/Aluminiumprofil-20x40-I-Typ-Nut-5-Standardlaengen-875-EUR-m
Lead screws to use are 400mm T8 Lead Screw 8mm Thread 2mm Pitch Lead Screw with Brass Nut, 2 needed.

how much filament does it take to print all of these parts ? Would 0.5kg PETG be sufficient ?

About 0.75KG is what I used. Printed with 3 outer shells and 75% infill.

I only have one problem with this frame: when I pause the printing to insert nuts to be embedded, the print bed collides with the front of the frame. After measurements, the space from back to front is about 24 mm shorter than the original. I will either change the side rails from 340mm to 364mm long, or if there is a way to tell the printer to stop at a certain point when pausing? If there is, I would do that, and if this is do-able, does anybody know how to?

If you are speaking about the stock A8 it's all about the screws that hold the smooth rods in place. On the front bracket you can find those two pieces that prevents the smooth rods from coming out. The screws that hold these pieces are screwed facing on the inside of the frinter, you just need to reverse them. If you're speaking of the AM8 instead... well, then I don't know :/

8 hours ago - Modified 8 hours ago
ranita - in reply to TheIgorMC

Thanks for your kind reply but I'm talking about the AM8 of which I'm building a third one with the longer side extrusions 2040 and have all rails for a fourth one to sale. Nobody gave me an answer on how to change the pause distance.


Jul 14, 2017 - Modified Jul 14, 2017

Use the one in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2283772 (am8 metal frame additions). You will also find covers for the end of the 2040.

AM8 Metal Frame Additions
by thaug29
Jul 14, 2017 - Modified Jul 14, 2017

Can anyone give me a link or specs for the proper t-slot cover? Looking on ebay everything says 80/20 so I'm afraid it's different.

Absolutly great job on this, I love it. Fully converted over. One thing i'd like to ask. could the y tensioner mount have the holes for the fork (the u shaped part that holds the pulley) be placed closer to the frame. 2.5 mm to 3 mm lower (closer to the frame). I run a toothed idler and at the very end of the Y axis stroke it causes a little bit of a bind.

Jul 12, 2017 - Modified Jul 12, 2017


I would like know if this new build is more stable than the original adjustment at level to bed.

You are great to have make that.

Thank you so much


This eliminates the issue of the acrylic frame shifting and flexing, causing the bed to go out of alignment.

are the X Y or Z sizes changed with this design at all? also is there room in this design to make them a little larger/longer? and possibly a little bigger bed?

its just i built an enclosure for my anet a8 i made it spacious so its easier to work with but i can go a lottle bigger if needed

any plans for a filament spool mount ?

this is a great design from what i can see better than the anet a8 acrylic frame thats for sure and i prefer the lcd not on the top of the printer too :)

Print volume is the same in the X and Y dimensions, Z is reduced by about 5mm. The distance the head can actually move in the X direction is a little smaller too. Increasing the print area would require longer rods than what the Anet comes with.

I have an enclosure for mine as well. I'm still using the stock Anet spool holder with a printed roll holder on the threaded rod, just sitting on the top of the enclosure. The enclosure is also why I put the LCD on the front.

thanks for the response much asppreciated. im going to go e3d v6 at some point so going to need to decide routing for that andwhere to put the motor but im sure it wont be too hard to make a bracket to fit :)

Jul 14, 2017 - Modified Jul 14, 2017
ranita - in reply to totalguy

check https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2283772, there you will find what you need.
The z run is actually reduced by 24mm and if you ever pause your machine during printing, the printing bed will collide with the front of the frame. If you measure the Rod clearance between the two original acrylic plates, it will be aprox. 365mm. With this frame, the clearance is 341mm. I will replace the two 340mm side rails with 364mm to avoid collision. I'm always making prototypes that require embedded nuts and I have to pause the printing process very often. If you are not planning to never pause printing, then use the 340mm rails.
Is a beautiful machine, all my problems went away and I've been printing at 80mm/s instead of a max of 50 in the past.
Check my carriage level indicator (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2409837), it will save you a lot of time to bring the carriage to proper heights.

AM8 Metal Frame Additions
by thaug29
carriage Height Indicator for Anet A8 and AM8
by ranita

Thanks for the advice, i guess this can be done without altering the metal frame sizes ?

Instead of the 340mm extrusions, use 364mm

I put a V6 on and kept it as a direct drive. A link to the mount I made is in the overview

Is there a way to fine adjust / tune the Z endstop? This solution looks as bad as the original Z endstop mount from Anet

No, it's the same as the original. It's something that you should only have to do once, the pain of it didn't bother me much.

I did one for the Y axis. For the X axis I remote mounted the endstop switch and connected to the ones you mentioned by three wires. I can provide photos later this evening. Z is not a problem for me because I am using a bed leveling sensor so the Z endstop is not needed.

I already have yours for the Y endstop in my collection ;)
Im not planning to use a Sensor, I prefer manual leveling :)

I like it. But while you are at it, have you considered how to make the printer say 300x300x340 or so? What would that entail in the way of software changes, different settings, etc? You have done an amazing job here.. just trying to tap into your knowledge and see what is possible. When I take this project on, I want to use larger diameter ACME screws, larger rods, etc so why not make it larger. What do you think?

I would be hesitant to create an i3 style printer that big. The problem with the i3 is the moving bed gets exponentially heavier as the size increases. A bed that big will need to be thicker to maintain flatness and be very heavy, making it difficult to print with any decent speed without artifacts. If you want to build a printer that large, you should go with a CoreXY design that only moves the bed in the Z direction. I have a D-Bot that is 300x300, and it works very well.

Could I use M5X12 Button Head Socket Cap Screw Steel? The M5X10 are sold out and a little pricey off Amazon.


I think you may have issues with the screws bottoming out on the profile before applying enough pressure on the parts.

Jul 8, 2017 - Modified Jul 8, 2017

Will Openbuilds V-Slot Linear Rail 2040mm from ooznest.co.uk will fit ?
Here are the dimensions: http://ooznest.co.uk/image/data/vslot/designs/DESIGN-V-SLOT-2040.jpg
Link: http://ooznest.co.uk/V-Slot-Linear-Rail-2040mm

Thank you

V-Slot will work OK, there are a couple of printed parts that have t-slot ridges on them to help align them, and those won't be effective in a V-Slot.

It would be so nice, if the smooth rods could be upgraded to 12mm together with this upgrade - in order to avoid bent rods (it requires more force to bend a 12mm rod than an 8mm :-)). Unfortunately there are no X-idlers that supports 12mm rods - maybe that could be a subjet for a remix (as this requires some other elements of the design to be changed as well).

Jul 7, 2017 - Modified Jul 7, 2017

This sounds like a stupid question, but how can i buy from misumi? It seems they sell to companies only

Jul 14, 2017 - Modified Jul 14, 2017
swdave - in reply to leo_gas96

Misumi USA allows personal account, no shipping to Europe. Misumi Europe requires registered business and/or proof.

If you do not apply for "terms" (another word for credit line) you can supply whatever DBA name you choose, like "LEO Gas and Oil".

Jul 7, 2017 - Modified Jul 7, 2017
leo_gas96 - in reply to namedpipes

So which account type should i choose?

EDIT: i'm from europe.

Ah, I chose individual.

Jul 6, 2017 - Modified Jul 6, 2017
pheneeny - in reply to Yellowelise

That's not necessarily a problem. The important thing is the smooth rods are parralel with each other. With the lead screws on flex coupler and unconstrained on the top, they are allowed to wobble, with the nut being the pivot point. This should prevent any bends in the lead screw from affecting the print, although severe bends will still cause problems.

It's a problem because Z axis don't works :(

Can you be more specific on what problem you are having?

I make this to try to resolve the problems but I don't have a printer :')

Can you manually turn the lead screws, and if so, do they both turn with roughly equal force? If that is the case, the issue is likely with your controller board, wiring, or motor. If the right lead screw is a lot harder to turn, the problem is something mechanical.

if I manual turn the rod and go to the top, all motors works fine, but at the bottom the unparallel rod create many issues

Is this design better than a stainless steel prusa-like frame? I don't know what kind of frame to choose.

If you build this frame well and square, the biggest weakness of your new printer will be the old components from the A8. Really any metal frame will be much better than the acrylic. I'd go with whatever you can source for cheaper.

this is way cheaper than the stainless steel version, € 50 against € 150

I'm getting ready to buy an Anet A8. I have a friend who can print these parts for me. Would you recommend me building this frame before even assembling the Anet when I get it in the mail? Or should I build it the way it comes and take it apart to get familiar with the parts?

If you already plan to make this mod before you buy the printer then I would recommend you to have a look on other steel frame based printers at this price range like Tevo Tarantula for example. The difference between the price of an A8 and a Tarantula is ~50$ which is wery colse to the estimated price of this (btw awesome) mod. Just to make things clear I'm a proud and happy owner of an Anet A8 and I recommend this printer for starting with 3d printing but just as many other users here finally I realized that I need a stonger frame and I don't want to print braces so I'll make an upgrade similar to this one.

if you are able to get the materials ready, I would say go ahead with a direct swap to AM8. The AM8 is much more sturdier and improved my print speeds and quality a lot.

how do i center my noozle in hotbed????? also change the parking position.............is there a video ,link ??

I have used reptier-host to adjust, program flash-rom for new centre point.

ok but the option configure eepromm is not highlighted.....seems not active

Pheneeny quick question, did you modify the square nuts? I ordered all parts from the BOM and the square nuts dont fit in the channels of the aluminum. Any thoughts?

Jun 28, 2017 - Modified Jun 28, 2017
pheneeny - in reply to lucky84joe

The square nuts will only fit if they are slid in from the cut end of the extrusion, you cannot fit them in through the top of the slot. It's annoying, but they are cheaper than the drop in hammer nuts. It is useful to have some drop in nuts on hand, just in case you forget to add a square nut before assembly makes the end of the extrusion inaccessible. I bought these and they work well: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019ZXUSY0/

I am an idjit my friend. Just went over my purchases and noticed that i ordered nuts from a different site. Just placed the order for the ones on the list tonight. I did order the t slot nuts as i figured these would work after some alteration to the pieces i printed but hoping the nuts i just ordered (the right ones) will be the solution. My fault. Really excited to build this as i ordered 2 frames (all black frame and a silver frame). Been at a standstill for a week now cause of my mishap.

The T-Slot nuts should work everywhere the square nuts are used. They are a better choice, the square nuts are only used because they are cheaper. Good luck on your builds!

you're the legend, i've been looking to ditch my anet a8 acrylic frame as quickly as possible, i'm thinking of starting a 3d hubs account and a sturdier frame will help with better prints alot

one more thing, looking at the models, i suppose these would work with other types of extrusions such as v-slot or some other that i can get hold of here in britain as long as they are 20*40, could you confirm this ?

A few of the printed parts have slots on them that are supposed to hold the part in the T-Slot. These may not fit correctly on other T-Slot profiles, and probably won't fit correctly on the V-Slot either.

I have an Anet A8 that is working pretty good at the moment after upgrades and I need a second printer.
I will probably order an A8 new kit and use it for the metal frame.

Moving the display to the front appears that the ribbon cable is too short to route it into the electronics box properly. Has anyone found a longer cable or an extension?

If you are using the standard AM8 controller mount, it's a tight fit but will work if you lower the board mount as low as possible on the extension.

It will reach but I have this great electronics box that you guys designed and I'd like to be able to put the lid on it lol

The original flat cable (or cables with the a6 screen) is indeed much to short when using my electronics box. What i did in my own build was buy 10 strand flex cable (1meter) and 2 connectors. Pressed the connectors on the cable in the same position as the original cable. And that was it. longer cable to connect the screen and route the cable nicely next to the aluminum frame.

As for where i got the cable and connectors, i got them from a local webshop in my country. But i would suggest a local electronics hobby shop or search online for a webshop that has 10 strand flat cable and 10 pin connectors. That way you can make the cable as long as you want.

Looks like someone has remixed he rear right Y clip to accommodate thumbscrew leveling. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2374305

AM8 Y-Rod Endstop
by cmccr88
Jun 22, 2017 - Modified Jun 22, 2017

The new MK42 heatbed is available in Orballo Printing store


can someone help me find where to get the parts in canada?

I got mine from mitusmi. it was 40$ for shipping and $40 for the parts, give or take. Ended up being a little over 100$CN and I didnt have to pay duty as Mitsumi pays that if you follow their instructions on their website for us northerners. I got the screws from chine via eBay

is there anything for the threaded z axis screw for the wwoble thing

The design should be able to tolerate a little lead screw wobble. The flex coupler on the bottom and the un-constrained top of the lead screw means it should move with the nut as the pivot point, allowing the rails to hold the axis steady. If you constrain the ends of the lead screw, any bends in it will be forces onto what it's carrying.

i m waiting for the ABS parts the chassis is almost ready

Just wanted to say thanks to the creator Pheneeny. He's put a lot of time and effort into the entire project and given all A8 owners a huge head start for upgrading or remixing. I've never given monetary tips up to now, but for this one, with all it's detail, etc. a tip was warranted no matter how big/small. Wish I could give more, but wanted you to know I appreciate the work you did for us all.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy this helped you out!

Can anyone please share the cable chains they are using with this frame? I like the ones I have on my stock frame but obviously the end that connects to the old frame will not attach to the AM8.

I'll upload the STL for my Y chain attachment bracket this evening.

I've got a HFS5-2020-271 bar going across the bottom of the printer frame, connecting the base of the two Z "towers" together for a little bit of extra rigidity. My bracket attaches to that piece.

For the rest of the chain and the H plate attachment, I'm using this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2054214

Anet A8 Y-Cable Chain underbed extended
Jun 21, 2017 - Modified Jun 21, 2017
PapaJohn88 - in reply to Magikmerlin

I am using this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2054214 under the bed for the Y axis. I had to drill two new holes in it to mount it to a 2020 gross piece I installed in line with the Z axis uprights. You could just extend it to go all the way to the back cross piece. I am using this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1905344 for my X axis I plan on drawing up a new Y axis end piece for the cable chain under the bed to attach to the 2020 or 2040 extrusions. The new end piece is not really necessary you just need to drill two holes to allow m5x10mm screws to be used to attache it to the frame.

Anet A8 Y-Cable Chain underbed extended
improved linear chain to Extruder on Anet A8

I use that same improved linear chain. I printed it out of pla but after extended use it seems like the material wears in the links and they start popping apart. What's your experience been?

No problems so far, I have been using it since February. It was one of the first things I printed on my A8.

Was it done in pla or something more durable like abs or petg?

It was printed in PLA, it is holding up just fine so far. If I ever need to replace it, it will most likely be printed again in PLA,

Comments deleted.
Jun 19, 2017 - Modified Jun 19, 2017

Remember to check play in your old bearings before moving them over to the new AM8 frame. I checked mine now when converting to a new hotend. (E3D V6 original). All the old and original bearings on the X-Carriage was in a awful state.

Did you go with Igus bearings or did you buy replacement ones?
I have had nothing but hell with the Igus, and I am not sure if it is the frame or the bars, I'm guessing the frame as the bars look straight.
I was thinking about going for the $10 Misumi bearings, but that's just so expensive and I already bought Igus. I'm hoping they just magically work as the AM8 will be far straighter.

Jun 21, 2017 - Modified Jun 21, 2017
itesdahl - in reply to Saxi

I did have both Igus and standard (but decent) LM8UUs available, but just used the LM8UUs. In theory Igus should work and definitively reduce the noise level. Seem to be slightly more play in the Igus bearings that I have compared to my new LM8UUs. I have also had some issues with the Igus bearings binding to the straight rods. So the Igus bearings I have are still not in use.

I just finished buttoning up my wiring on this upgrade and i'm about an hour into my first test print and I can already tell that it's made a world of difference in my print quality. With the acrylic frame my anet was so loud it could wake the dead but in the new frame she's super quiet. Whoever designed this is a genius!

my y axis seems to not be correct... it does not seem to extent the full 220 for the bed...

If your bed screws are tightened all the way down, they may interfere with the button head screw that holds down the y axis rods. You can avoid this by leveling the bed a little higher on the screws, or by swapping to slightly shorter screws.

the problem is that when the Y end stop is triggered the system things that the bed is at -10. when it should be at zero.

This needs to be adjusted in firmware. If you haven't yet, I recommend installing Skynet firmware. You can adjust the home position in the configuration.h file.

i already figured it out. i kept over looking the set home in the system.

There is a set home in the stock firmware? What is that under? I did see a set origin...is that it? How did you go about setting it?

Im skynet3d

its when it goes to the front. ill have to look at it more to see the dimensions it moves free when the print i have going finishes.
apart from this issue.. i love the design!. thank you!

What appears to be stopping it? Are you talking about movement to the front or back?

Hello to you today I see this design is very beautiful but you can give yourself all the .stl file to design this beetle is not so?

I'm not quite sure I understand what you are asking. All of the STL files, as well as the design files, are available to download.

i like the frame but is there someone in Europe to print the 3d pieces for me???

You could try to order the parts to be printed, by using the apps included in this site.

I am in the process of creating an AM8 build as well. My alu frame will build using 40x20x3mm rectangular extrusions, because the 2040 extrusions are way to expensive in my country. I have already modified the parts that were designed to fit into the original designs 2040 recess. Will post a remix of the build when done.

Jun 15, 2017 - Modified Jun 15, 2017

For German users only:
Hab noch um genau zu sein mehr als 400 Flachrundkopfschrauben M5x10 Innensechskant A2 Edelstahl ISO 7380-1 in meinem Besitz. Da ich nur 500er Packungen kaufen konnte. Passen alle perfekt außer das man für die beiden Z-Motoren den Remix drucken muss oder mit dem Lötkolben reinpressen. Zu finden sind sie auf Ebay-Kleinanzeigen, "Flachrundkopfschrauben M5x10".

Hast du die Teile eigentlich bei Misumi bestellt? Laut deren Seite beliefern sie ja nur gewerbliche Kunden

bei MD Dold die alumiumteile und bei theo schrauben, die Schrauben. Da man jedoch überall nur in 500er Mengen kaufen kann, will ich den Rest nun loswerden

Jun 15, 2017 - Modified Jun 15, 2017

I would like to use 350mm lead screws due to availability... Can i just lengthen the extrusions and smooth rods by 5mm?

I increased the extrusions on my z and my y axis so that I would be able to accommodate a 220x300x300 build volume, I bought the longer y smooth rods, and only needed to use some spare belting I had around, and I will eventually order the longer smooth rods and rod for the z axis, but was able to use them with the current brackets. I just placed them lower on the pillars. I haven't needed to print anything that tall or long yet, but though since I was redoing the frame anyway might as well make it up-gradable.

Jun 16, 2017 - Modified Jun 16, 2017
pheneeny - in reply to Camielvh

I believe the Z Axis is extendable as long as you scale the smooth rods, lead screws, and extrusions all by the same length.

How deep do the 440mm extrusions need to be tapped for a m5 screw?

At least 15mm should be enough. I tapped it as far as I could.

Ok I had tapped mine to 10 mm... what size screws are going there? 15 sounds pretty deep considering the longest screws are 16 mm so you could practically drive theose all the way in lol

Yes, you use 16mm screws for that hole. The bracket is 5mm thick, so roughly 10mm of the screw will go in. But you want to tap past where the end of the screw will be so you are sure you have clean, fully formed threads where needed.

nice build.. nice instructions... but.. what are the measurements for where things need to be? eyeballing is ok for some t hings but knowing exactly where to bolt things down would be kind of nice

Here is an easy way to make sure the uprights are in the correct location https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2325317, it includes the .scad file so if you need to change the length it is quite easy. Just print it and then use it to align the Z Axis uprights to the proper position for your build. The default length is for a 220 x 220 print bed.

Z-frame alignment jig for AM8 printer assembly
Jun 13, 2017 - Modified Jun 13, 2017
pheneeny - in reply to marchande

The instructions include direct measurements where needed, or what things should be aligned with others as you assemble. For a lot of the parts, it's more important that they are aligned with another component rather than an exact measurement.

outstanding!!! thanks for the reply.. my aluminum just came in today.. still waiting on screws and printed parts... must have missed the measurements when I scanned through the instructions

Hi there! I too started the journey.... Ordered all the parts and started printing!!!

what are the lengths for the aluminum pieces we need and how many pieces??

read the BOM included with the files download, all of the materials including aluminum pieces, corner braces and fasteners are listed along with a source for ordering them. Also read the assembly manual to see how to put it together.

Jun 10, 2017 - Modified Jun 10, 2017
kostasbmw - in reply to PapaJohn88

i did nt read the whole thing thanks

any specific suggestion for the 3d parts???layer ,pla or abs...density ??

I printed it all in PLA, I used .12 layer, 40% infill, 210c extruder, 60c bed, 40mm/s print speed. I printed most of the parts including the Electronics Case by CPT_Spekkie. I did not print the LCD mount and case parts. I used a different extruder mount with my Bowden setup.

thanks for your reply...you ve done an amazing job....i guess when i receive mine on Monday i have to put it to gether to print the 3d parts or i try to get a friend to print them...thanks again

Jun 9, 2017 - Modified Jun 9, 2017

Welp. I just ordered all the parts, just wish I had found this before going through a kilo of filament printing frame braces that never seem to work all that well ;) Thanks for the design Pheneeny,

This upgrade can be done with 2020 aluminum extrusions?

In my country i cannot find the 2040 :c

I used 2040 extrusions from http://www.ratrig.com/ Could that be a possibility for you?

I would guess if you used 2 2020 peaces for every one 2040 peace, so doubling up on the rails to form 2040 peaces yourself, and then instead of using the single small corner peaces, used the big ones just as PapaJohn88 in his build, then it could work. Because those corner peaces would effectively couple the 2020 extrusions in the bottom square frame. And then for the top 2 corner peaces just use the standard corners ( the printed back plate will there effectively couple the 2 extrusions)

So yes, i would think it is possible.

Curious, could the y axis be converted to a rail and wheels like the Tevo Tarantula?

Jun 6, 2017 - Modified Jun 6, 2017

Completed my AM8 Conversion and is very happy with the result. Better Precision prints and much lower noise/vibration. Thank you for the design! I decided to use ATX PSU (safer) and mount Mosfet Board Close to the PSU. In case someone is interested you can find detalis here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2369496
Please note that my frame does have some extra alu profiles. I also designed a new Z-endstop to be able to adjust it from the left side. (I removed my y-endstop published earlier and used the one designed by thaug). Some cable management remains, but I have done the importent stuff like fixing all cables from the hot end to the extruder Carriage. Please remember that parts of this thing is hot, it vibrates and components may fall off...

ATX PSU holder for 2020/2040 alu extrusion

Love this build, but wanted to flag one issue that has cropped up for me. I printed a set of bed-leveling wheels to use M3 nuts instead of the wingnuts under the Y-carriage, and noticed that they won't work because the wheels (even small ones) clip the Y-axis rod holders. The front right clamp could feasibly be flipped around, but the rear clamp that also holds the Y-axis endstop can't be reversed.

There is a solution to this problem, flip the rod holders around so the screw is on the inside giving more room for the bed-leveling wheels, print a fourth one for the right rear and use this www.thingiverse.com/thing:2357071 to mount the endstop. I did the same thing to mine and all is well. I also just published a remix of the Y axis endstop holder for a RAMPS endstop if you are using them. With this frame this thing prints as well as many expensive commercial 3D printers.

Checked and there is nothing on Thingiverse under 2357071 Do you have the correct number plz?

Or did you already include it?

Perfect - thanks! I think the correct link is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2367336

I'll give this a shot in the next week or so. Much appreciated!

AM8 RAMPS Y axis endtop mount and target
Jun 6, 2017 - Modified Jun 6, 2017
PapaJohn88 - in reply to mjvaders

mjvaders, you are correct the link to the thing I mentioned in my original post is no longer available on thingiverse. It is just a simple bracket to mount the Anet endstop switch with one of the 3_Y_Rod_Holder parts. I will draw up an endstop mount for the standard Anet switch and add it to my AM8 RAMPS Y axis endstop mount so everyone can have a working solution to the problem

same problem as a few others as to what HBLFSNF5 corner brackets are needed

Upper right, click "View Part Numbers" and HBLFSNF5 is shown in the middle of the 2nd page.

Um looks great and very stable. How about some specs on the extruded aluminum please so it matches the printed parts you have designed so well.

Lengths and website to order is in the BOM.pdf

Great upgrade, check out my remix if you need a spool holder that fits the frame: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2361574

2040 Aluminum Extrusion Spool Holder Quick Change and Filament Guide (single piece)

For the 12 HBLFSNF5 corner brackets what width and other details needed selected on those before adding to the cart?

unclear on the corner brackets to order. I figured the site out and how to get the parts but the corner brackets there are a few more questions about specs.

I just got all the parts in. I have not assembled my A8 yet as the more I looked into things after ordering it I knew that I would not be satisfied with it in its stock form. I also have all the parts for the 2020 v-rail style x-axis and I am hoping there isn't any fitment issues with that upgrade in tandem with the metal frame upgrade. Guess I'll see in the coming weeks when I get time to build it.

Hey, just wondering did you manage to do this, this frame with the 2020 v-rail X axis mod? I'm also considering the same thing and it would be great to know if someone else has done it to know if it'll work.

The BOM shows M5x10 Button Head Socket Cap Screw 100 $0.60 $6.00 It should be $60.00 updating the total cost of materials from $53.20 to $107.20.

I suggest you go check the supplier at http://www.mrmetric.com/M11410, they are .10 each. I bought 100 from the listed supplier and another 100 from McMaster Carr for $7.93.

I checked the website they are $0.06. The issue was in the BOM inside the zip file it shows them at 100 for $0.60 for $6.00 not $0.06. No big deal a typo.

Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the typo in the BOM.

Nice thanks. Last time I checked there were out of stock on those.

I ended up just getting the same size with chrome plating. Cost was the same and they look just fine on the frame. Didn't really want to wait for them to go back in stock with mrmetric

I wish the X axis conversion remix was as clear and concise as the AM8 upgrade...

What X axis conversion remix?

In the remix section. It consists of changing the existing carriage and 8mm rods to that of a 2020 extrusion.

okay, thanks. I found it, looks interesting for a future project. I need to finish a couple of things on my AM8 build and then I will start thinking about a 2040 X axis conversion.

No worries. I finished my AM8 awhile back and it is awesome. Wish the x axis conversion was as well documented as the AM8 was.

Great design! I am using profiles from RatRig (produced in Portugal). Easy to get hold of them in the Nordics.

I wonder how you all got to even order these profiles... This crap store only sells to companies. i am really pissed right now since i can't find any store that sells to normal people.

Not sure what you're talking about. Just put your name in the "Company" spot of the registration form and whatever you want in the other "company position" fields and you're fine. They sell to individuals but their system is set up specifically for companies.

You can order from Misumi as an individual. Just put your name as the company name and they will sell to you and ship to residential addresses. I've ordered from them multiple times already.

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konio2222 - in reply to TheXXL

i found one online store week ago that is selling those parts to everybody (not just for companies)
hope that will help

Thanks man, I'm getting really frustrated by now, thank you for helping!

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konio2222 - in reply to TheXXL

no problem mate! i`m living in Ireland and i was looking for those profiles for few weeks and i couldnt find any place that will ship them to me without paying insane amount of money for delivery or when i found one that was willing to deliver them to me they refused to ship without providing company registration number...

In germany that shop also wants a vat registration number and says it's for companies only :(

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TheXXL - in reply to Bobylein

I bought the extrusions from motedis.com now, they have it there and it´s not that expensive. Hard to find in their shop, but i am right now in the process of assembling the frame .

Yea did the same, waiting for some other parts but mostly finished too :)

anyone know if it is possible to fix the xy home position with the stock firmware. prints are not centered anymore

I don't think you can with the stock firmware since Anet never releases the source. It's easy to change if you load Skynet on there.

Just a heads up to those of you who are using a different y carriage plate, this upgrade is not compatible with the reprapchampion variant. The y motor is raised here and the plate will collide with motor and prevent it from hitting the endstop. If perfoming this upgrade, be prepared to switch back to the original y carriage.

Once up and running I'll see if I can re-mix the motor mount to lower it.

thats the worst news ever!!! I'm about to start this build and I of course have that plate... Totally my luck lol

I worked with them to get the original plate made, so I've reached out to them to let them know of the issue. It sounds like they will re-design to make it compatible. I'll keep you posted.

Hi there,
I'm planning on doing this upgrade to my Anet over the next couple of weeks and was wondering if I could get away with using M5x12mm button head screws and a washer instead of the M5x10mm as these are difficult to source locally.

I just did this upgrade, you may need two washers, check the thickness of your washers. There is not much additional clearance in the V-slots for longer screws. If you are in the United States you can order them from Mcmaster Carr in packages of 100 at a reasonable price. I am not affiliated with them but I have been a customer for many years.

Thanks for the updated files and the whole design. My Anet A6 frame just started cracking and breaking apart left and right as I move it around.

Any plans to design and add parts for A6 X carriage design? Thank you.

Hi there!
How much plastic did you use for all the pieces?
Is PLA rigid enough?

I used about a half a kg for the actual final prints. PLA is definitely rigid enough, the biggest concern with PLA is parts close to the bed or hotend deforming due to the heat. I did all of my original parts in PLA because I have much better success rate with it and I was doing a lot of iterations. I've since replaced parts near heat with PETG.

I used about half a kilogram for the parts I printed, I did not print the display case because I am using RAMPS v1.4 with the lcd 12864 smart controller. I used PLA and it seems to be rigid enough since the majority of the frame strength comes from the 2040 extrusions and the corner brackets which are cast aluminum.

I will be posting a spread sheet I did on my build for print times and how much material each part used tomorrow I think. The spread sheet included the electronics box from CPS_Spekkie, the extruder mount from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2279743 , the PSU mount from the AM8 addins and the alignment jig total material was 611.22 g. total print time was over 91 hours.

2020 Extruder Motor Mount (for E3D Titan)
by thnikk

I've heard this mod allows you to print significant faster with similar quality of the standard 40-50mm/s speeds. Is that the case? Can you print 80-100mm/s with similar performance?

Anyone notice a significant difference in print quality after doing this? Any before/after prints?

I don't think you can print that fast with good quality. I've been comfortable printing at 60mm/s with the new frame, but I haven't tried to print much faster than that.

Is now someone able to say anything about improvents or has before/after pictures of prints? I mean it really looks great... but is it worth the effort?

Yea would be nice

For anyone who is wanting to buy the extrusion from Misumi I created a cart and I can share that list so you don't have to go about adding the components. Please confirm the extrusion parts numbers with the BOM prior to ordering as I am not liable for any cart errors that may occur. https://us.misumi-ec.com/mypage/add_share_cart.html?mid=mid_RFW_EC&shareCd=a82b41d9-6cd4-430b-883a-39db7963e758

It appears that this cart is no longer working :(

Well shoot. That's annoying I wonder if you can only use it once per share. If you want to send me a message with your email I'll share the cart directly.

Can you send a copy of your cart to [email protected]

Absolutely. I just sent it.

can you try sending it to [email protected]

Absolutely. I just sent it.

Thanks Royce! Just send ti [email protected] I've ordered the parts but this will help me confirm my order

I just sent it.

Scratch that I got it but went into junk mail for some reason. Thanks very much!!

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Magikmerlin - in reply to roycemeredith


Thanks for the cart. Just ordered. All the pieces seems to be correct.

Ahh, first issue just came up. Im having trouble with the bottom of my leveling screws hitting the rod holder. I turned the front right side around to face the opposite direction and it helped a bit, but the rear right holder (one with the stop) is hitting bad enough that it wont even pass over it. I use thumbscrews as well and those are a def no go with this setup. Any ideas?

I ran into the same issue as well. I ditched the the thumbscrews a while ago since the threading on the carriage makes them kind of pointless. To get around that you can loosen the bed screw enough so that it passes over the mount screw, and use that as the base height for leveling, or you can swap the screw with a shorter 20mm one. I should update the BOM with the screws to replace it with.

May 25, 2017 - Modified May 25, 2017
Nerdvous - in reply to pheneeny

I got a couple of ideas Im gonna try out today. I drilled my carrige threads out a while ago and the thumb screws helped a bunch with ease of leveling. Im gonna order these ( https://www.mcmaster.com/#thumb-screw-nuts/=17rvqzk ) or something similar and try them out with a 5-10mm shorter screw and see how it works. Ill update ya with anything I come up with.

May 24, 2017 - Modified May 24, 2017

First off, amazing design. If you stray way from the BOM file of parts/suppliers be aware that 2040 profiles differ slightly from company to company, as well hardware can differ also. I state this only because I got all my parts in, only to find out that my drop in nuts do not "drop" into the channel nor do they slide in from the side. I like the idea behind the drop in option because you don't have to disassemble the printer to make changes.
Once again not criticism of the great frame. Just a note to builder.

The drop in nuts are nice, but the square nuts are a bit cheaper. It's nice to have both on hand, and use the square nuts for initial assembly, and the drop ins for any post assembly changes that you can't slide square nuts in for.

Comments deleted.

making this in EU. pricing seems to be similar, but i got royally screwed with shipping, i paid almost 120€ for everything. anyway, looks amazing and i cant wait for all parts to arrive.

I am in the middle of doing this exact project, however I'm going to be using this as a base to build a new printer. I was wondering if you have any recommendations as to what stepper motors I should use in this build? I will be using a MKS Base V1.5 ramps 1.4 board with DRV8825 drivers. I also plan on starting with a 30 am power supply and then maybe replacing it with an ATX power supply later.

hi is possibile to integrate the metal frame with this mod :
i think that with these addons the AM8 metal rise the top level for this type of 3d printer

Anet A8 2020 x axis conversion
Scalar - Upgrade Z Axis SFU1204 Ball screw

Those mods should work with the AM8 fine. I tried to make the AM8 frame with a completely stock Anet A8 in mind because I knew there was such a large number of mods available for the A8, and I wanted to try to keep those mods compatible with the new frame.

You might be able too but I don't think either one would be necessary with the AM8 frame. I have my frame almost completely assembled and I am very impressed with how solid it is compared to the original frame.

Dude, thanks you for the design! Im building mine and uploaded a pic of the bare frame and printed pieces (no electronics) to FB yesterday and it got more likes than anything Ive ever posted on FB. And thank you again for going above and beyond with the BOM and the build manual. 110% A++ for you sir!

I haven't received my anet yet but I'm already combing for upgrades and things. This will be done later on for sure!

Good Job, this design looks great!

Where are you getting the metal rails from?

Aluminum extrusions are from Misumi. 8mm rods are from the original Anet A8

Anyone designed a Y axis cable chain for this mod???

May 20, 2017 - Modified May 20, 2017
PapaJohn88 - in reply to chevypower582

I have one on my A8 under the heat bed, I plan on trying to use it on the AM8. I will let you know how it works out and what needs to be done to use it. You can check out the progress on my make in the Made tab.

thanks for this amazing design i´m looking for an case for my lcd 2004 from sainsmart can you help me ?

May 16, 2017 - Modified May 16, 2017

Does anyone use this with AM8 frame? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1919544
How long should the x-rods be there, 436 mm? Since the idlers are closed, there is no space for adjustment if the rods are to long.

Or can someone recoment other printable idlers? I have seen in some youtube videos that the new injection molted ones for the A8 are to narrow (the rods must be inserted with a hammer).

Anet A8 X-Idler Mounts
by Leo_N

I have those on my A8 and will be using them on my AM8 as soon as all the parts get here. Use the rods that came with your A8 and all should be good. Leo_N did a great job if designing those Anet A8 X-Idler Mounts. They made my A8 much better than the crappy white one that came with it. I had no problems putting mine together with those mounts. I just used a 24 inch ratcheting bar clamp to take the take it apart and install the new ones. Yes the originals require a hammer or you could use a 24 inch ratcheting bar clamp instead of the hammer. I assembled the entire Z carriage using theses and then installed it on my A8.

I am about half way through printing the parts for this, they are coming out nice. My question is for those who have built this frame for the A8. Does this make the printer quieter than the plastic frame?

The biggest noise reduction for me was cleaning and lubricating the lead screws with sewing machine oil. They were really noise before cleaning, but after they are really quiet.

Other than that, I think it may be a little quieter during normal operation, but nothing significant.

Thanks, I plan on cleaning the lead screws when I move everything over to the AM8 frame. I hope this frame does not amplify the noise as much as the acrylic frame does. I am about 1/2 done printing.

May 15, 2017 - Modified May 15, 2017

Is it usefull to fix the leadscrew at the top? See here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1140733

Prusa i3 lead screw upgrade
by harari

I agree with gmarsh, if you over constrain the lead screws, you will get issues if your lead screws aren't perfectly straight.

May 18, 2017 - Modified May 18, 2017
3DSTB - in reply to pheneeny

What do you think about this?
In case you decouple the lead screw like here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2067676
it should be possible to fix the lead screw at the top like here:
But i would prefer to mount it not to the rod like there. Maybe direct to to the extrusions behind the lead screw. Unfortunitely i have no CAD skills to redesign this to mount it to the extrusions.

Anet A8 - Anti Z Wobbel TNG (Set)
by OderWat
anti wobble v3
May 19, 2017 - Modified May 22, 2017
trotski94 - in reply to 3DSTB

No. You should not be contstraining the lead screws at the top, its a bad idea.

The lead screws are left free by design, it is the straight rods directly next to them's job to keep the Z axis straight. Lead screws usually have lower tolerances than the straight rods, so constraining them at both the top and bottom can introduce issues because the two wont be perfectly parallel.

The biggest problem with the Anet is that the frame is very loose and "sloppy" allowing it to bend and flex, and the X belt tension can actually bend the straight rods inwards slightly. This frame should resolve that because it is much sturdier, and you shouldn't need any of these silly design that constrain the Z screw.

No, leave the lead screws loose at the top. If the Z lead screws are warped and they're fixed in place at the top and bottom, it will cause the X carriage to push/pull against the smooth rods.

Has anyone remixed the LCD case to us the LCD from the A6? I am looking for a remix of the LCD case that will accept the Anet A6 with the encoder instead of the five push buttons. My Anet A8 came with that display and the 220 x 270 build platform from the A2.

May 13, 2017 - Modified May 13, 2017

Thank you for this great design! Right in the middle of getting all the parts for me to build this design. All parts that are compatible with my A8 have been printed in a nice blue PLA. Now only need to design a screenholder for the A6 screen (have the A6 screen on my A8 printer) and modify the bracket for the power supply (have a 360 watt supply) and want a nice cover to install a EIC power socket and power switch.

Lastly modify the motherboard plate to include a nice box in which a mosfet (small) fits and has some holes for cable management.
So a few modifications to the design for my specific setup. But have to say i love the design Pheneeny has made for us!

Very nice! A power socket and switch are in my future as well. I did not make one for this design because after I published I swapped out the stock power supply for a 350 watt Mean Well, so my power socket design will be for that.

I created an accessory mount for a mosfet board for Anet board mount I created, but I haven't published it yet. To be honest, I'm not totally happy with it, but I'm not sure how to improve it. A complete box would definitely be a better setup.

May 17, 2017 - Modified May 17, 2017
CPT_Spekkie - in reply to pheneeny

I'm almost done with designing the electronics box. All i need to do is the lid and means of attaching it. Want it to be almost screwless if possible. Maybe only 1 or 2 locking screws instead of the 6 standard all cases are using.
IT has space for the board and 2 of the much used mosfet boards. And the idea is that you place a M3 bolt through the case and place the nut on the inside of the case against your component. The benefit from this is, that the head of the bolt will sit flush with the back of the case and does not stick out of the box.
Here is a screenshot of the box so far, and one complete will upload it as a remix of course.


Did you finish this piece?

Hi, yes i did some time ago. Its shared in the remix section of this AM8 page.
Here is a direct link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2330654

AM8 Electronics Case with Dual mosfet

CPT_Spekkie: I like it, I am just about done printing the parts for my AM8. I hope to assemble it by this weekend, still waiting for some brackets from Misumi. I will be using a mount I already to mount a RAMPS board set in your case. What are you designing it with? Will you make the source files available or just the .stl files?

Thank you PapaJohn88. I'm designing it in Fusion 360 within the original file that Pheneeny created and included in the set of files.
I just started designing the lid of the box, so it should be almost done.

Am i correct in understanding that u are going to use a sort of adapter to mound your Ramps board to the existing Anet screw holes in the case? IF so, thats an easy solution. Although if you can give dimensions for the screw positions i could make a second version where the screw holes match a Ramps / Arduino setup directly. Should not be that hard to change the positions.

Also i read that you are also using the screen of the A6. I do to, and want to redesign the screen mount after i complete the box. The version an other user pointed you to is not compatible with the screen frame mounts Pheneeny designed as far as i could see. So want to make a new face plate that solves this.

Lastly i have build the basis of my frame today, and its now up to me completing my design modifications and print them so i can continue to rebuild my A8 into this frame.

I should be able to complete the box design by later this night (its 02:28 here at the moment) and hope to print my case this Friday. Tomorrow (Thursday) already have a print that i need to complete that takes to long for both that and the box to be printed. And as i estimate now the box is going to take between 17 and 20 hours of printing at 0.2mm layer height with 20% infill and 0.8mm walls (4 top and bottom layers)

Oh and yes, i will upload all files including the Fusion design as a remix when the box is complete.

I will send you dimensions for mounting the RAMPS boards, it is the same mounting dimension used by the Arduino Mega 2560. I will measure one and send the dimensions or I can send you the .stl for the one I have been using. I found it on thingiverse. I understand the time it takes to print parts, I have 39 hours 46 minutes into printing the AM8 parts, .12 layer height, 40% infill at 40mm/s speed. They all look real nice, I will be doing and I Made It when the parts are done including photos.

I can work of both so whatever is simplest for you.

The design so far:

What i did here was make two taps on the right side where you slide the cover between and then secure it with one M3 bolt and nut on the left side. The nut goes in the slot and should self align (hex cutout on the inside of the slot) and also should stay in place when the cover is not attached and you are working on the printer. (although not when upside down i guess, haha) Unfortunately needed to remove 2 of the cooling slots on the left to make room for a chamfer to allow for printing without supports.

Now to make the front cover and align that for a preview.

It looks great, I am sure it will look nice on the printer too. Here is the link to the RAMPS mount I am using, the main thing is the position of the 4 ramps mounting holes. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2186897

arduino ramps mount alunar m505
May 18, 2017 - Modified May 18, 2017
CPT_Spekkie - in reply to PapaJohn88

Thanks, downloaded the design and will use it to adapt it to ramps for you and others.

Needed to tweak my hinge design a tad, the version in the last screenshots where flawed. Luckily i caught it so i can correct that directly.
Always nice to find these errors in thought while designing instead of mid print.

Here we have the "final" design with which i'm happy.


Only thing to do now is incorporate the Ramps holes as a second version.

Looks great, thanks for all your work. I am just about ready to start assembling it. I am waiting for a few more pieces from Misumi, I received all of the fasteners yesterday and got the extrusions along with 6 double brackets today. Tomorrow I will print the PSU mount and start assembling the frame.

Hey PapaJohn88, I have uploaded the STL's for the case into a new remix (my first woohoo). Have made the 2 versions, one for Anet board and one for the RAMPS. I'm currently printing the case for myself. but the printing time is about 24 hours. (23 to go as i'm typing this) So hopefully tomorrow night i can take pictures and fit it on the frame.


AM8 Electronics Case with Dual mosfet

Hey CPT_Spekkie, I just downloaded it, very nice work. I will be printing it after I get the new frame together. That is just exactly what I have been looking for. I sliced it, if I print it at 40mm/s it will take 29+ hours, at 50mm/s Simplify 3D says almost 24 hours. Thank you so very much for the RAMPS modification.

It is going to be my longest print I've done. So hopefully it goes well. I didn't know if you used your USB port of the ramps so I placed it in the down position. There you should have the most space to attach a cable to the port. Tomorrow I will update the remix page with the fusion files, in case you want to tinker with the design of the ramps position.

My print is running at 60mm/s with outer walls printing at 30mm/s. a little fast for most, but I get good quality at that speed with almost no artifacting so I'm happy with that. And on the new frame that is only going to improve.

And happy to be of service!

WOW Nice piece of work & thanks for sharing it !!! I just ordered the hardware & have most of the printed parts done in ABS. would u recomend acetone bath / vapor smoothing to further strengthen them or just leave them as they are !!! Thanks Again

Thanks! I would guess that you don't need to treat the ABS, I'm would think it's strong enough on it's own. The only part that is under any stress is the Y motor mount and Y belt tensioner. I don't really have any experience with printing ABS yet, so far I've stuck to printing PLA and PETG.

Hi guys! In order to proceed with this upgrade, I need to print ABS parts. To print ABS parts, I need to build an enclosure for my current not-upgraded-yet Anet A8.

Can somebody suggest a project on Thingiverse that will be suitable for the AM8-upgraded version on it's built? Which on did you chose? THANKS!

print petg...

I'm in the process of building an enclosure right now using two LACK tables from IKEA. The top LACK table is about 10cm too short, so I extended the legs by 10cm using some wood trim. I used some 1/4 inch laminated particle board for the sides. The door is the particle board with a polycarbonate window. I sealed the sides with white caulk. I have a fan powered vent coming out of the back that vents outside. I mounted my electronics on the outside of the enclosure.

Very good upgrade for A8.
I have a ANET A6 and I'd like to adapt your metal frame for A6. The main changes between A6 and A8 are the motor mount.
I don't have a license for Fusion 360, please can you convert f3d file in other 3d format ?

Thanks in advance.

Fusion 360 is free for hobbyist and businesses making less than $100k. It's a little confusing how to activate it for free, but you can.

That being said, I'm planning to export to STEP and IGES when I get a chance.

Pheneeny: How much material will I need to print all of the printed parts? I want to make sure I have enough of my chosen color to print all of the parts. Thanks, for all of your hard work developing this wonderful Anet A8 metal frame.

less than a one kg roll including the bits my dog chewed and I had to reprint.

It's hard for me to know for sure. I went through an entire 1kg roll, but I printed a lot of prototype parts that were not used in the final build. My best estimate would be roughly 1/2kg was used on parts that actually ended up in the final build. But again, that's just a rough estimate.

Thanks, that is what I need, I just want to make sure I have enough of the color I want to use for the parts to print them all from the same spool of filament.

What's the difference in the fixed files?

May 11, 2017 - Modified May 11, 2017
pheneeny - in reply to bexwhitt

I just combined the bodies in Fusion 360 and re-exported the STLs. The designs did not change, just fixed some of the STLs that some slicers were struggling with.

May 10, 2017 - Modified May 11, 2017

My black extrusions came in three days ago and I haven't unwrapped them yet, but I have been busy, printing the base parts since then. I haven't downloaded any of the part files, only the AM8.f3d file, and sending parts to be printed from Fusion 360 directly to Simplify3D. So far so good. I decided to just go ahead and build a whole new printer and keep the Anet. Everything will be brand new with extra parts from my Hypercube build. I have a Geeetech GT2560 that will be controlling all operations. Saving the DuetWifi for the Hyercube build.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this design. I'm excited to get this printer built. It will be printing my Hypercube.

Machines making machines. ;-)

Anyone made or have files for mounts for the smaller mosfets??

May 8, 2017 - Modified May 8, 2017

I went to start ordering parts today and there is 1 option I wasn't sure on...CAD there is an option for 2D and 3D? Which do I select?

Ouch...my shipping cost is almost as much as the parts themselves from Misumi.

i cant even purchase the parts from misumi!! i seriously don't understand why Canada/Usa doesn't ship to one another?? why does it cost so much to ship across a boarder?? were on the same dam continent for god sakes!!

The CAD options are only if you need to download CAD files for modeling the part in your preferred CAD tool. You don't need either if you are just buying parts.

I'm looking at doing before I get too deep into modding my stock A8...

I was curious, what are the benefits of this update? What improvements should someone see if they do it?

The biggest benefit is being able to print faster without the flexiblity of the acrylic frame affecting print quality. You can also increase acceleration and jerk, increasing quality.

In addition, the printer should stay level and calibrated for longer periods of time than the stock printer.

May I ask what acceleration and jerk settings you were able to reliably use?

I tested 2000 acceleration and 20 jerk, but I didn't fine tune it yet. My corners come out crisp, but I had a little ghosting on my calibration cubes at 60mm/s. I'm in the process of doing some additional upgrades (V6 hotend, enclosure with the electronics mounted outside), so I plan to fine tune when those upgrades are complete.

Probably the biggest advantage is your setup won't get misaligned every time you breathe on it..

Can anyone provide measurements for the location of the uprights, where they mount to the left and right sides of the base?

The build guide has all of the measurements. The back of the
uprights should be 127mm from the back of the rear base extrusion

I am about to order my extrusions, my Anet A8 has a 220mm x 270mm x 230mm build volume. I will be order 395mm extrusions for the side extrusions. I will start printing the parts today so I will be ready by the time my frame materials arrive. I am actually thinking about using longer side extrusions so I can replace my hot bed with a 200mm x 300mm heated bed. I like this design a lot.

Looks great, do you have any plans to make a video?
It would be great to see how sturdy it is, and how it sounds.

If I picked hexagonal M5x.8 nuts (8mm width) instead of the m5x.8 square nuts, do you think I will encounter any problems? Thanks!

Get some M5 washers (12mm max diameter) and print off something like this to keep the nut from rotating. I've done this in the past.


M5 T slot nut for misumi and mcmaster 20mm extrusion
by oryhara
May 4, 2017 - Modified May 4, 2017
pheneeny - in reply to JivRey

I'm not sure if hex nuts will have enough surface area to grip the extrusion. I have some M5 hex nuts being delivered today, I'll test and see how well they grip. Thank you for the tip!

Thanks for your reply. The supplier in the BOM document does not ship to Canada, that's the reason why I'm asking. The extrusions are on the way and I have all the remaining hardware except this problem with the nuts. Can you tell me what is the nuts height? This way, I can search for the exact same nuts available here in Canada. Thanks a lot for the great job you did, very excited to do this major upgrade :)

where did you get your extrusions? asking as a canadian :p

I got my extrusions from Misumi USA as mentioned in the BOM.pdf document. I didn't want to mess and order the wrong parts elsewhere and end up with a bunch of parts that don't fit together. So yeah I got screwed by the exchange rate, shipping and all that stuff, but I know it'll work right away.

I paid in US dollars $34.54 (Extrusions + Brackets) + $28.48 (Shipping) + $9.43 (Tax), which equals to approx $95 CAD.

Note that I had to call them because the website wasn't letting me to add backordered parts (Brackets) to the cart without charging me two times the shipping fees. Plus that add-to-cart -> quote -> order thing is pretty confusing. Good luck!

thanks, I found a few canadian supplies for the v-slot extrusion but can't find the corner brackets anywhere :S. did you get hit by customs or anything? also; how long did it take to get to you?

May 24, 2017 - Modified May 24, 2017
GingerBrandon - in reply to jonbayer

Can you share the Canadian link?
China has them real cheap, but it would be nice to get some quality assurance.
plus the US $ is killing me.

Thanks guys, I'll definitely purchase M5 T nuts!

what site did you order the hardware from??? (nuts,bolts,rubberfeet) usa has some kind of stank on shipping to canada lol

awesome thanks! did you get the rest of the fasteners local? i cant seem to find anyone that carries th m5's i'v only found m3's

After trying to contact a few "bolt" places in Canada and the USA, to realize that the stores don't have what I needed in stock and that US hardware stores don't ship to Canada, I decided to go to my hardware store (RONA, Montreal) and they had everything (Expect the T-Nuts) in stock. I know the RONA nearby my place is reputed to have a lot of stuff.. But I also know you guys have RONA's in Edmonton so give them a call! Good luck!

Thinking about it more, there are two issues. The
nuts need to be narrow enough so that they can slip into the t-slot channel, but also wide enough so that they can't spin feeling in the slot. The square nuts will slide into the slot, but when you tighten the screws, the corners of the nuts will push against the sides of the t-slot, stopping them from spinning. That allows you to tighten it down.

As VE2YTQ said, you can use drop in hammer nuts. These are useful because they can be dropped into the t-slot from the top, where as the square nuts can only be slid in from the end of the extrusion. They are a little more expensive, but you can get them on Amazon with prime shipping. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B019ZXUSY0

Washers would help increase the surface area. Not sure if there is enough depth in the t slot though to accommodate a nut and a washer though.

May 4, 2017 - Modified May 4, 2017

I just spent 2 months printing upgrades for my 2 A8s. I wish Id had done this instead.

Although Id be tempted to use a bigger hot plate and extend the Y axis and the height.

Great job!

Does anyone know if this is compatible with the Alunar Upgrade M505 diy 3d printer? I'm thinking about getting this kit and I want to replace the frame with all metal or wood first thing. If it's not compatible I will figure it out and upload a remix

I have an Alunar M505. Exact same printer as an A8.

The upgraded one appears to use the A6 acrylic frame but the rest of the printer is still A8 style. I'll see how it goes once it arrives

Well the things you would need to check are your rod and lead screw lengths and then the center to center spacing of the lead screw and rod for the z axis. If those match up to the A8, then you should be able to use this frame and z rod holders. Otherwise you would have to redesign the z rod holders, and adjust the extruded aluminum lengths. I think the other parts you can use them as is.

Just ordered the parts for this yesterday. Will post back with pictures when build is complete

Currently looking at reworking this to have mounts for RAMPS1.4 + full graphics LCD as that is what my printer uses whilst I wait for the parts to arrive. Will also be adding cable chains I think, I assume someone has already created cable chain ends for thsi type of extrusion and there's no point me re-inventing the wheel on that one though..

Hello, would you be so nice to upload the files as IGES or STEP? So I can check all the dimensions to center and calibrate the Z and Y planes. Thank you

What infill % did you print these at. when i print them in ABS at 33% infill they break apart trying to remove them from the glass bed.

I printed at 40%, but even at 33% they should be strong enough to remove from the bed. How many shells and top/bottom layers are you printing? I think you may be having other issues beyond infill percentage

are you using cura? if so can you post your settings

Anyone having issues with their Z binding up on this? I am going to try a fix but my z is binding up really bad.

No, I had no issues with mine. My Z was actually a lot quieter and smoother after the rebuild, but I'm guessing that was mostly from cleaning and lubricating the lead screw.

The only things I can think of that would cause Z binding would be if the spacing between the bearing and brass nut is different on your machine and mine, or if your vertical extrusions aren't aligned.

Keep me updated on how you fix the issue!

It was the rods not going into the idlers all the way. I think your spacing between the 2 idlers is a little less wide than stock or it was just the idlers i printed. I drilled them out 100% and pushed the rods in more. They are aligned properly now. Thanks for the AM8 design!

Hi there
What is the size of smooth rods and threaded rods you have used in this printer. and also please tell me the bearing and their size.

This is for reusing A8 parts. Which has 380mm rods for the Y and Z axis. 436mm for the X axis. Lead screws are 345mm.

and Sir what is the width or thickness of these rods?

They are spec'ed at 8mm nominal diameter. But with manufacturing tolerances, they measure slightly smaller.

hi..can you tell me if thi project can be done whit the tronxy p802m? i have this printer and not the anet a8 but look very very similar so...?

I don't have a tronxy, so I can't tell you for sure. If all of the smooth rod is the same length as the Anet A8, the only thing that will keep this upgrade from being compatible is the spacing between the Z smooth rod and the Z lead screw, if they are different. I would imagine everything else should work fine.

it's exactly my doubt...well..i think i have to try and maybe re-desing tha part...tank and congratulations for the good work

I'm thinking of adding some hooks to the back of the board mount to tidy up the cables.

Waiting for my 2040 ;)

Remixed an ATX PSU mount for this wondering thing. I am not a good designer so if anyone wants to improve upon it please do so!

Thanks for your hard work pheneeny.

AM8 ATX PSU remix

Can you reload the Z motor mounts and Board mount without fan they are not slicing correctly in S3D.

Reload Z motor mounts and Board mount without fan

Thanks for this. I think I've figured out the issue. Fusion 360 seems to be exporting broken STL files if the component has multiple bodies, but if you combine the bodies before exporting, it comes out fine. Cura 2.4 seems to handle the broken STLs ok, but other slicer seem to be struggling. I'm going to go through and combine and re-export all of the parts when I get a chance.

I imported the design into Fusion360 to have a browse, and noticed the motor mount didn't have all the edges lining up exactly, notably where the triangular sides meet up with the top plate that the motor attaches to. I'd take a screenshot except I'm on my work PC.

Fix that, and the STL issues might go away.

Can you please provide the Fusion 360 files? Im trying to redesign it, thank you.

Just uploaded them!

Thank you so much, will keep you updated with the remix :)

Very cool. I plan on converting over. Is it possible to use any other extrusions? I don't have a company to register with Misumi.

You can buy from Misumi as an individual, no problem.

Awesome, thanks.

This is a GREAT upgrade. Are you having any issues with wobble?

Will wait for updates

The Anet Board mount without fan doesn't slice properly in S3D.

S3D reports mesh errors (Non Manifold segments and Self-intersection surfaces.

On the other hand, Cura 2.4.0 doesn't seem to have issues slicing the file...

That's very odd. Everything was designed and exported with Fusion 360, and my prints were all done with Cura. In all of my test and final prints, I only had slicing issues with one model that I later fixed.

Nice work :-) But when i slice the file: 1_Z_Motor_Mount_Left and right, " the hole for the rod " is missing in Cura, Simplify3D and Craftware

any sulution ?

Only in the Slic3r slicer it works.

That is very odd, I used Cura for my prints and they came out fine. I just checked both STL files in Cura 2.4 and Cura 15.04.6, both running on Linux, and both Z motor mount STLs render properly and the layers look correct.

Ok, Maybe the Linux verion is bether. will try the new Cura 2.5 and see if that will do it ;-)

But Slic3r rescued me, so i got it printed :-)

Your build is awesome :-D
Thanks !!!!

Just wow! This looks amazing! I am definitely going to try this. I just wish I was better at designing as I am trying to figure out how to adapt an ATX power supply mount to this and also the Electronics cage with mosfet. I am most impressed!

I have a mosfet mount I'm working on that isn't quite finished yet. I will post it when it is done.

Nice Work. Do you have any before/after pictures of prints? I would like to know how much the quality improves. Thx

This is one area that I wish I would have been more patient with. I had planned to do that, and before I rebuilt I printed out some cubes and benchies at 30mm/s and 40mm/s, but to be honest my A8 was pretty well tuned and they both came out really well. I should have printed the same objects at 60mm/s but for some reason I didn't before I tore it apart.

When I printed my "after" objects, 30mm/s and 40mm/s looked pretty similar to the before. But, I was able to print at 60mm/s, and the only problem was the default firmware acceleration/jerk settings were way to low for how sturdy the frame was now, and left bulges around any sharp turn. Updating the firmware to Skynet and increasing the acceleration/jerk made it much better.

So I can't say for certain that print quality improved much at the lower speeds that I used my Anet at, but I can say that I can print much faster than I could with the original Anet, and the printer doesn't lose bed alignment if you bump it or look at it wrong.

Very nice. I didn't read thru all of build guide but what I saw is very well documented!

I'm considering ordering the parts to do this, but using 5 440mm and 2 313mm length of extrusion. This should allow me to use a 200x300 bed with 300mm on the Y axis. All I would need is longer smooth rods and belts.

One thing I would add is that you can order the extrusion from misumi with the holes on the ends already tapped. They do not charge too much for the service.

I've ordered all the bits, when they come in I will be on it.

I have had to change some of the parts, the corner pieces you used are not available in the UK at a reasonable price so I went for these instead http://www.banggood.com/10pcs-28x28mm-Aluminium-Alloy-Corner-Joint-Bracket-Furniture-Fittings-p-1107024.html

I have also changed the slot 5 to slot 6 so I can use these http://www.banggood.com/100pcs-M5-Hammer-Nut-Nickel-Plated-Carbon-Steel-Nut-Aluminum-Connector-T-Fastener-Sliding-Nut-p-1048442.html as they make putting the fasteners in a bit less frustrating as you pustthem in lenghtways then just twist them 90 degrees

That's a major mod. nice looking too!
Peronally I won't bother doing this major upgrade to my A6. I rather go for a larger CoreX-Y printer instead.
I do believe that having the Anet gave me a ton of knowledge about 3Dprinting, since I (and I believe any Anet printer owner) does need to do a lot of troubleshooting in order to get things going.
Gratz on your mod!

Thanks! The Hypercube is a nice CoreXY design that allows you to re-use a lot of the components from your existing printer. I originally thought of going CoreXY with this build, but decided that I wanted to stick with direct drive extruder, so I probably wouldn't be able to take advantage of the increased speed of a CoreXY, so I stuck with the standard Prusa style design.

This looks great! I've been looking for something more sturdy than the acrylic. I plan to do this in the near future!

Apr 22, 2017 - Modified Apr 22, 2017

This is great i purchased the rubbers from amazon and the crews from the links you posted but the misumi website is really confusing its giving me a ton of options besides the length is there anything else i need to modify? Example:

Wrench Hole Machining in Fixed Position
1 Row Vertically from Left End Face [LCV]
1 Row Vertically from Right End Face [RCV]
2 Rows Crisscross from Left End Face [LWP]
2 Rows Crisscross from Right End Face [RWP]
2 Rows Horizontally from Left End Face [LWH]
2 Rows Horizontally from Right End Face [RWH]
2 Rows Vertically from Left End Face [LWV]
2 Rows Vertically from Right End Face [RWV]
3 Rows Crisscross from Left End Face [LEP]
3 Rows Crisscross from Right End Face [REP]

Offset Fixed Hole Position for Thickness of Extrusion End Caps
Horizontal Wrench Hole Machining [AH](Distance from the Left End Plane)(mm)

[7-340/0.5mm increments]
Vertical Wrench Hole Machining [AV](Distance from the Left End Plane)(mm)

[7-340/0.5mm increments]
Horizontal + Vertical Wrench Hole Machining [AP](Distance from the Left End Plane)(mm)

[0-340/0.5mm increments]
Horizontal + Vertical Wrench Hole Machining [DP](Distance from the Left End Plane)(mm)

[7-339.5/0.5mm increments]
Add Counterbored Hole Horizontally [YA](Distance from the Left End Plane)(mm)

[7-339.5/0.5mm increments]

Apr 22, 2017 - Modified Apr 22, 2017
pheneeny - in reply to shaunalvarez

If you follow the links from the BOM for the Misumi extrusions, there are really only two fields you need to worry about. The Anodized option at the top will determine the color of the extrusions. The extrusions in the pictures are "Clear Anodized". You can choose "Black Anodized" if you want black extrusions, but they cost a little more.

After you select that, go to the "Overall Length" field and enter the length you need, such as 340. It should then give you a price and an option to add to cart on the right side of the screen. You don't need to worry about any of the other options, just leave them blank.

When checking out, compare the part number in your cart to the part number listed in the BOM. If you chose "Clear Anodized", they should be the same. If you chose black, they will be slightly different.

Thanks ill check that out later defenetlly and post back. What about a e3d volcano setup how would i mount my extruder motor since currently the mount is on the top right of the frame and i see you made no additional brackets for different setups any ideas?

Hmm, good question. I planned to stick with direct drive on mine, so I didn't put much thought into how a bowden setup might work. There are a number of extruders that are designed to connect to the 2020 and 2040 extrusions. You may be able to remove one of the rear plastic corner brackets at the top of the vertical extrusions and mount it there. I don't think you will lose much structural integrity without that bracket as long as you have the aluminum bracket there as well.

I am using this to mount the extruder on my Bowden setup. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2279743 2020 Extruder Motor Mount on the top right side. I tapped the outside hole on the right upright, mounted it with two m5 screws and 1 square nut in the slot on the top cross piece. I also put a washer under each bolt head to spread the load on the printed part. Nice solid simple mount.

2020 Extruder Motor Mount (for E3D Titan)
by thnikk

Im thinking the 1_Z_Rod_Holder Left/Right would need a bracket thats just some peace sticking up with 2 holes to measurement to hold the motor.

Apr 22, 2017 - Modified Apr 22, 2017

This is excellent! Thanks for the hard work and the excellent build guide you've put together. Set yourself up to accept tips and I'll fire one your way.

I'm making a couple of minor changes to reinforce the Z axis further:

  • Adding a 2020 x 273mm extrusion piece that connects the sides of the base together at the Z towers. It's $1.78 for the piece, and requires two more HBLFSNF5's, four screws and four nuts.
  • Changing out the two HBLFSNF5's on the back of each Z tower to a single HBLFSDW5. This should mount the Z towers a bit more rigidly. Requires 8 more screws/nuts total.

This may not be needed, and it does add several dollars to the cost of the build, but I can't help but tweak everything I get my hands on :)

Those are some good modifications. You could probably use the HBLFSDW5 on the four corners of the bottom frame as well, if you were aiming for maximum rigidity.

Tweaking is most of the fun, isn't it?

Apr 22, 2017 - Modified May 13, 2017
gmarsh23 - in reply to pheneeny

Here's my final set of tweaks, all intended to increase rigidity of the frame.

  • Added HFS5-2020-273 bar to bottom, anchored by two HBLFSNF5 on each side, to join the Y bars together opposite the Z bars.
  • Added HBLFSDW5's to join the Z towers to the Y bars, in place of the two HBLFSNF5's. This is intended to reduce the front-to-back motion of the Z frame.
  • Added three HPTSSL5's per side to join the Z towers to the top piece. Two on the back, one on the front below the Z rod holder.
  • Doubled up the HBLFSNF5s in the four corners of the base. Could have used DW5's but didn't see the need.

Final Misumi BOM:

  • 6 x HPTSSL5 (edit: was 4)
  • 2 x HBLFSDW5
  • 1 x HFS5-2020-273 (edit: suggest using -271 instead)
  • 16 x HBLFSNF5
  • 2 x HFS5-2040-440
  • 2 x HFS5-2040-340
  • 3 x HFS5-2040-313

Total cost = $52.91 (edit: was slightly more expensive due to above changes)

It's worth noting that you can get the end tapped on the HFS5-2040-440 piece by adding the LTP or RTP codes, for a few extra bucks a piece. That's not included in the price here, and not needed for the frame I'm making which won't have the plastic parts on the base.

gmarsh23: I guess I need to order some more parts, I like the tweaks you came up with. I will place a second order with Misumi for 1 x HFS5-2020-273, and 6 x HBLFSDW5 so I can do all four corners also. I am going to see if I can get the printed parts for joining the Z towers to the top piece made from aluminum. I know some people with CNC machines at home that might be able to make them for me.

I've got 6 x HTPSSL5 joining the Z bars to the top, in place of the plastic pieces, which would accomplish the same thing as using aluminum plates. I use 2 on the back, and 1 on the front below the Z rod holder. Another change I'd make is changing the -273 bar to -271 to make up for variation in the cut length, it doesn't have to butt against the Y bars since it's held against the Y bars by the NF5's.

I'm still in the process of building mine. I didn't order T-nuts, thinking I could just buy M5 nuts locally that would fit the frame and save a bunch of money, but finding local hardware that fits the T-slot has been difficult. Right now I'm using 8-32 hex nuts held in printed inserts... first bag of 100 fit perfectly fine, 2nd bag of 100 was too thick. sigh.

I purchased 6 x HBLFSDW5, used one on each corner in addition to the two you recommended. I also put in the 273mm cross piece at the bottom to have place to fasten the fixed end of my under bed cable chain. I will be posting photos of my make today after I finish the wiring.

I'm curious about this cable chain. I was thinking of doing something like this, attaching it to the bottom piece of 2020:


If you've got a part designed to attach the cable chain to the 2020 brace, then post it here, I'll gladly use it :)

Anet A8 Y Cable Chain under bed
by LexDK

I am actually using the remix, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2054214 on my AM8, just moved it over from my A8 yesterday when I moved everything to my new frame. It works really well, maybe even better on the AM8 frame since there is additional room under the bed. Check my make later today for photos of my completed AM8. There are some of the underside after I installed everything for the Y axis including the cable chain.

Anet A8 Y-Cable Chain underbed extended
May 26, 2017 - Modified May 26, 2017
jokeman3000 - in reply to gmarsh23

@gmarsh23, Did you have any problems with the HTPSSL5 not being thick enough and therefore not securing properly to the extrusion? I think you either need to purchase m5x8 screws or print a spacer to put between the screw and the SSL5. Thoughts?

I'd suggest using a metal washer, not a printed spacer, as you can put a lot more torque on it and get better clamping between the SSL5 and the frame. Or use M5 x 8mm screws as you're suggesting.

I've got my printer put together using #8-32 x 3/8" screws, which are a hair smaller than M5 x 10. I ended up using washers.

May 12, 2017 - Modified May 12, 2017
3DSTB - in reply to gmarsh23

gmarsh23, where do i have to put the HFS5-2020-273, at the bottom from left to the right?

Yes, across the bottom from left to right, joining the Y extrusions together opposite the Z extrusions. Two NF5s on each side, one front and one back, connect it to the Y bars.

Overkill? Probably. Better than underkill I guess.

do you have the part # with the tap already made?

Do you have any pictures of your build?

Waiting for parts to arrive, I'll post a "make" on here eventually.

Hey brother I would love to see some pics of your build and any thoughts you've had since completing it.

Soon. I'm waiting for new LM8UUs to arrive for the printer, as the stock ones lost balls when I pulled out the rods. The printer is together and working, and I'm using it for functional prints, but the X carriage is loose and print quality is definitely suffering.

I'm also going to disassemble the printer, reassemble it and shoot a proper build guide.

This is amazing!! I'm going to start sourcing the parts now! Thanks for putting this together!

Thank you very much! Great job, this will be my next upgrade to my Anet A8 :D

Apr 21, 2017 - Modified Apr 21, 2017

if i make it taller , the printer can print larger builds?

If you want a taller build volume, you would need to buy longer lead screws, longer Z Rods, and longer extrusions instead of the 440mm extrusions.

Comments deleted.

Everything you need is listed in the BOM.pdf file. You need 2x 313mm, 2x 340mm, and 2x 440mm extrusions for the frame. The frame also uses some metal corner brackets for rigidity.

Wow, looks like this will be my next major mod for the Anet.