Ass Saver - Bicycle Mudguard

by fgebhart Apr 23, 2017
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In Turkish "Zaman Kötü Kolla G.tü" :D

LOL! That is the smartest invention I've seen all day. Seriously! I love it!

That looks dangerous folks. It's not a low enough possibility that it won't end up IN the wrong place. You know sh*t happens. Try curving up/down that pointy edge to the point that it isn't even a hook. A heat gun or redesign that way, seriously.

We successfully printed this diagonally in an anet a8. Our problem was that when trying to install it into the saddle it broke. It needs to be bent for installation. That's when it broke. Maybe we were not installing it properly?

Sorry for that. This happend to me with the previous versions of the modell. I already worked on improving the overstressed parts. For sure it needs to be bent for installation, but you should be able to find a way to slide the model into the rack of your saddle without overstressing it too much! Check out my description of the file, maybe it helps

How effective is this at actually blocking mud? most mud flaps I see are closer to the tire and it makes sense that they would be better at blocking more mud. While I haven't used a mud flap of this design, it seems like it would do nothing for your legs and only protects a small portion of your butt/back.

Sure the traditional solution works bette in terms of blocking mud and water. This mud guard performs like a compromise between blocking mud and causing not too much air resistance + additional weight. They are already commonly used by many cyclists, check it out with a web search for "bike ass saver". You also might wanna check out the reddit discussion about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/67371x/hot_bike_ass_saver_mudguard/

Thanks for the reply. Good discussions in that reddit post. Sounds like others had concerns similar to mine.

It makes sense that this is a good solution for some people. Getting an 'optimal' product often depends on what you define as optimal. I am the most casual of bikers, so what I personally see as sub-optimal is clearly optimal to another subset of bikers. Your arguments in favor of this make sense to me.

Again, thanks for the info. Happy printing

it doesn't fit into my anet a8

hey, i checked the build plate size of the anet a8 which is 220 times 220mm, right? This leads to a diagonal of 311mm, which should be fine, since the length of the mudguard is just 279mm. But maybe the shape of the part will overlap of your anet a8 bed, since the prusa i3 mk2 bed is 250x210mm. Did you try to scale the length of the part down to maybe 98%?
If it does not help I could just also create a smaller mudguard.

Thank you for your answer.
I checked and it only fits diagonally when scaled down to 94% but I haven't printed it yet because it don't knows if fits my bike. Do you think the proportions will stay the same at that size?

I just designed the mudguard to be shorter. With a length of 250mm it should fit to your anet a8 printerbed. Let me know if it fits :)

No don't scale it that much. I will provide a smaller version soon.