Stop Printing crap

by davehakkens Apr 25, 2017
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those who think this is crap then you are wrong! it's a reminder so it's useful! if you print it and make it sit in your shelf everytime you look at it you will be reminded that you better not print some other useless stuff to put on that shelf later!

I would consider this a piece of crap......

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Agreed. Enough with the spinners and vases.

Sorry bit the spinners let me buy a secod and soon to be 3rd printer.

Yeah, I want Thingiverse to add this option to the new thing browser: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tex8htpv3ptqx5/TI-nospinners.jpg?dl=0

True. Plus anyone prints what they want!

Seconded. Printing pointless crap to protest people printing pointless crap is like harpooning whales to raise awareness of their plight.

i'm going to print this to hang up at my makerspace/3dhubs printing place and if customers come to pick somethink up they see it would like to see there reactions

Dave go on with this campain i would like to make a shredder and filament maker that you have made still thinking on it!

Anyone prints what they want! so stfu!!

This is like the poster on a wall that says not to put posters on the wall.

Instead of not printing crap, how about 'Stop Posting Crap'? There are some nice things on here but they can be hard to find among all the spinners, honor door stops, cubes being advertised for "calibration".

But then again, one person's trash is some else's treasure.

Amen that...

Like the GD Friggin spinners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm about to flag everyone I see from now on as offensive.

what shall we do with our free and holiday time instead?
Driving big and powerful cars? (-1)
Watching TV or Computer games? (-1)
doing our suicide? (+1) because this will be most environment and nature save. No food, no car, no filament, no waste.

If you design crap, they will print it. :)

This is so ironic, I just might print it! I love It!

Could you make one that's says "stop uploading spinners"

I'll second that.

Thingiverse needs a "thumbs down" button.