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FT5 aero setup for Volcano with partcooler

by WalterSKW Apr 23, 2017
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Hello, this setup is working for k8200?

I have no idea. As long as the carriage is constructed using a 2020 profile and a mgn12 linear rail on top this should work. See pictures.

Is this using the extruder stepper motor that came with the FT5, or a shorter profile stepper?

It's the same size but a 0.9° stepper.

Hello Walter, great design... I'd like to know how it was you experience with volcano adaption in the FT05. Did you manage to use big nozzles like 0.8mm or bigger?

Most of the time (~85%) I use a 0,6mm nozzle, very seldom a 0,4mm one (~5%) and a bit more I use 0,8 (10%) to 1,2 mm nozzles.
The larger ones I use in vase mode to insure watertightness.
I don't print a lot in PLA. PETG and ABS are my favorites. If I want stronger or more heatresistant prints, I use PC or the mix ABS/PC

hello, by any chance do you have a profile for cura to print with the 0.8 or 1.2mm nozzle to share. thank you for the design.

I use Simplify3d as slicer and have very limited experience with other slicers. So short : I do not have a profile for Cura.

Hi, first I want to say that it seems like a great design, which i really like. But I'm wondering how to mount it so the belt doesn't rub on the back of the carriage?

My belt isn't straight, and it rubs against the carriage. Any suggestions? :)

I would suggest using my X-idler and X-stepper mount. I didn't think about that, since I almost immediately replaced the original (scrap) idlers with larger ones.Sorry about that.
I added some extra pictures on my actual setup. See the ones with the black backpart (3dktop) and PC top connector at the end of the series.
I also added a new part with the links in the main description.

Do you have the original 3d files for this project? I am trying to double up your great design to create a dual extruder carriage. Unfortunately the stl files arent solid, and i cant budget hours/days of work fixing all the holes.

Thank you for a great design. However, my experience is that the cooling fan is not effective enough. I don't know if simply redesigning the shroud would be improving it enough, or better/larger/more fans would be needed.

I have a question regarding the bltouch mount. You have it listed as 8.3mm . Is this for the aero or the v6? Thanks for making a awesome mount!

The BLTouch here is meant for the AERO (obviously).
The mount is adjustable in height so it can be used for as well for the V6 as for the Volcano. I use the Volcano.
Specified height above the bed should be adjusted to 8.3mm according to the BLTouch specs.
I published a kind of calibration tool for that too in one of my things.

Check actual version. Finalized the partcooler with a new designed shroud.
Thanks for pushing me a bit. Was a good idea!

Hi it locks nice to give a tray but i think the top block holder is missing isn't it .

Thank you for the remark.
I added it. You could find it in the previous version
This shows also the mounting of the partcooler with the 40mm radial fan.

FT5 E3D-Titan Aero Volcano combination