Humanoid Robotic Hand

by grossrc Apr 24, 2017
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What micro servo should I use for the thumb of the left hand? I tried the MG90S, but it spins in the wrong direction for the left thumb, and I destroyed mine while attempting to modify it. Is there one that spins in the right direction that will fit?

Hi Ryan! I’m almost done printing out all the pieces to the arm. When will head and chest be available? Thanks

hola, esta muy bueno el diseño, quisiera saber cuando publicaras el resto del brazo, felicidades desde Perú

Excellent work on this model! I've got all the pieces printed, just awaiting the servos to begin putting it together. I appreciate you're work on this and making it available!

Hey man, great work! wondering if you have a link/information on the screws you used. Also do you have any plans to upload the file to the upper arm assembly? Thanks!

Good job !
I would like to know if it is possible to buy this hand, because i don't have 3D printer at home.
Just the 3d parts ?

Thank you, hugo

hello ryan,
I print you hand, that really a cool design, bravo!,
could you share your 3D model file (STEP, SLDPRT or other format) to allow improve or adapt the design

Becuase of the CAD program I'm using I am limited to what type of file I can export as. Would a .obj .skp .amf or .xaml work for what you are doing?

what's the CAD program you're using?

Designspark Mechanical

I've download the software, so it is possible to get the .rsdoc files? I'll try to convert it to .step or modify it in Designspark Mechanical... thanks

Hello Ryan;
What is the system of rotation of the wristband in the video?

There is a 180 degree servo in the lower forearm that turns the wrist

Thank you bro.

Thanks Ryan for youre reaction! Great that the assembly video is on its way. Yes i have found out how to assemble the arm, it took some extra effort because i started in the wrong order. I am looking foreward to the Ardiuno scheme, this will make the build a lot cheaper. At the moment we are using the Pololu servo controller whitch is very easy to program. i am looking foreward to build the rest of the arm aswell . At the moment 18 teams of 2 students are building youre arm, i hope that enthousiasm will spread and it will stimulate them to learn more about mechanical engineering. Thanks again for sharing !!!

Hello Ryan, thanks for sharing youre design! It is a nice project for me and also for my students. I have a few questions about this project. What kind of servo horn are you using for the rotation of the arm ( in the 9-1 part )? Did you develop one yourself , or is it some kind of standard part ? Do you have a image of how to connect the servo's to the Arduino or a scheme . Are you planning to upload the rest of the arm as well ? You promised an instruction video , will it be published in the near future?
Hope to hear from you soon, good luck with the project!
Greatings Ben

Hey Bennuk,
You may have figured it out by now, but the printed servo piece connects to the circle servo horn which usually comes with the servos, so it shouldn't be anything you'd have to buy extra. The assembly is pretty straightforward and it would be hard to majorly mess up, but I am in the middle of working on an assembly video at the moment and you can expect it up within the next week or so (I'll include schematics with the arduino). Once I get the videos up I will publish the entire arm which I am very much looking forward to! Hope this helps!

Hey, i just wanna know when would you post the rest of the arm. The hand is pretty cool

I like your robot hand, well done

Hey. You have done a really great job. Thanks for sharing your work. I'm trying modify little bit of this design to make a smaller arm. do you mind providing the CAD files for this? I'm unable to work wit the DXF files.

Hey, I'm sorry but because of the CAD program I used the only other editable file I can save the hand as is a DXF file.

Hey man this is pretty cool! Can you make a tutorial on how to build it all together cause I'm a little lost.

Hey, sorry for the late response I've been away from my computer for a few days- I will try to make a tutorial as soon as I can, in the meantime I can answer any specific questions you have regarding assembly.

Not at all, glad you responded! So I'm a complete beginner with all of this so bear with me. So I servo is for twisting the forearm, but the other four I'm not sure how to set up. Since the thumb and index come from the same hole, I'm assuming they go to one servo and the other 3 are for each finger, is that correct? Also I couldn't get the thumb to stay on the mini servo, is there a way to hold it in place?

The wire for the thumb and index come from the same opening but they are separate servos, the ring and pinky fingers are connected to one servo. And what is the trouble you're having with the micro servo? Most micro servos should come with a servo horn that fits into place in the opposable thumb piece, superglue the servo horn to the opposable thumb piece and slide the micro servo into the hand.

Sorry for the late reply. I'm using so left over servos so I need to find some servo horns, but it makes a lot more sense now, thank!

Hello. Great work this hand is awesome!

I have a stupid question. If I wanted to print a right hand instead of a left hand, how would I go about it? Could I just mirror the non symmetrical parts in cura? Would everything work the same?


Yes everything would work exactly the same, that's actually how I make a right arm using the same file as well.

Hey man, awesome work ! great plans as well, but I can't figure out the way you flex the thumb separately as there are only four servos for the fingers , I currently printed the hand and starting the forearm, thanks in advance, ps: already prepare the software to control it by leap motion, websocket powered

For the thumb, There is a micro servo which is in the hand to make the thumb opposable. In the hand, there is a single servo to control the thumb, pointer, and middle finger. But the ring and pinky finger are controlled by one servo in the forearm. Hope this helps!

Oh great that's is what I thought but was not sure, and so the fifth servo is to roll the arm then everything is perfect, thanks again for your work !

No problem, best of luck!

Hey man,
so I built it last summer and wanted to show you the result
and I also wanted to ask if you could share your elbow/bicep/shoulder files for everyone to enjoy having a fully functioning robotic arm (forearm for now) ? If you don't want to do it for free I would be happy to contribute, as I suck at designing and would love to check on your elbow/shoulder mechanism, let me know your position on this.
anyway thanks again for your models, I think it is the best robotic hand on thingiverse (and maybe internet) as it almost requires no non-printed parts and your design is also simple to make yet very effective !

Sorry for getting back to you late, but that looks amazing! You did a great job putting it together I see and although I have not yet published the designs on Thingiverse quite yet, you can get the full arm designs on my MyMiniFactory page here:
If you would like to contribute that would very much help with further designs, over email would be best. grossrc46468@gmail.com

Great work!

Can you share the coding pls..

hello ryan thank you so much for download your files
it is so cool
i can work with you files
have you forfet the cover arm?
because i don't see it
you can see my arm here