Death Star Grinder

by 3Dash Apr 25, 2017
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What does it grind? I see a bunch of pegs that may snap right off in use (layer shear). Which kind of filament resists this more?

Since all the Pegs keeps snapping off, how about someone who has CAD skills goes in and adjusts/covers the pegs to make them the current size at their ends, but tapered wider towards their bases. Please, I want to make 3 of these, but the ones I've printed so far all have pegs that snap off. -space

I am working on a version, without any electronics, that is more friendly to print. Please sit tight.

EDIT: You can find the improved death star grinder here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3342152

Death Star Grinder V2
by 3Dash


Cool print! What material did you print this in? And did it last? I've got PLA and ABS, but do have some PETg on the way.

Cheers :)

PLA and PETg are your safest choice health-safety-wise. Say some micro particles end up in your joint then these materials are the least harmful. I would strongly advise against ABS since its fumes are highly toxic.

Also take in consideration your nozzle. If it is made out of brass it can contain lead which can be deposited in your print and, therefore, in whatever you are grinding.

I am by no means an expert on this subject and i would advise you to read up on it if you'd like to know more. I can however tell you that myself, personally, am fine with printing a PLA version and using it.

Printed the top in frosted Petg.. turned out beaut! but ALL the pegs snapped off with the support quite easily.. any advice please?
20% infill printed slow. Gutted, I have a non peg 3.5 hour top. :/ Tried super glue it's shit to line up with the breaks. the entire support pad pulled out with all the pegs... so even if it didn't they wouldn't have stood up to a grind.

Yes I agree, after a 12 hr print all my pegs snapped off removing the supports. Sadly I give up. It takes too long to do trial and error for me to reprint.

This may be a dumb question but what is this supposed to grind? It doesn't really say anywhere.

Lmao.... bud bro. Well that's what I'll be using it for in California since its legal.

so whats the picture supposed to be on the inside of the bottom? some kind of hot dog guy? :P

Mandatory dickbutt ofcourse :)

What's the best orientation to print these parts? I may missed something, thanks!

The parts are printed in the same orientation as the blue models shown in the pictures except for bottom grinder part and the little bracket which are flipped 180°

dude and the base ? I couldn't find it in the files
nice design!

Its in the description but i will post it here again.

The display stand is design by muckychris and can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:216689

Star Wars Display Stand

Can you post the cad files up as well? I would like to make a few modes to make it more FDM printer friendly, like remove the teethe centers and print the flat face seperatly and have them snap and glued in. Thanks. Less need for support. Great job.