Barricade V2 - Light Quadcopter for 56mm Props - Prop Guards.

by CesiumSalami Apr 26, 2017
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Thank you for sharing.
Please I need some precisions for the 2mm carbon build :

  • are the guard and arms included in the 6.21g ?
  • in the Armattan product are guard and arms included ?

hi there - sorry no - the 6.21 is just the base 2mm frame. only the base is included in the Armattan product - the rest you have to 3d print :/

if you're looking for a similar product that you can just buy outright (without 3d printing) there's always the hoverbot: hoverbot.io

Many thanks for your so quick answer and your hint as I can't do 3d printing.

Just wanted to comment here as well: Great frame design!

This thing just prints well--and rather quickly. I broke one protector ring, but then upscaled Z by 1.4 to get a solid ring for my 1104s. (PLA+)

Nice work CesiumSalami!

Also the Gemfan 2035BNs are fantabulous.

HOLY COW!!! AMAZING!! I bet it's a ROCKET SHIP on that build :)

I'm not too surprised that you needed some Z-scaling (great idea) for this heavier build. This is part of the reason that the tolerance on the guard links is so tight and requires a little filing or just wiggling - there's a bit of a snap for the default thickness, but if you decide to go thicker it should wedge in just fine.

Thanks for much for posting the build!! Glad the VTX mount worked for you, too. Hope it turns out to be a tank and you get some great flying out of it!

Your build came out really light too! PLA+ FTW!

I hope those DYS2030's turn out OK for you. I know some of the first batches (which I bought) had some really bad balance issues - couldn't really use them for FPV :(

I cut down some DYS3045's, but the 1103's on my build really aren't powerful enough to use them - no problem for you though!

What about a 3inc version? ;) I have some Tiger F20 and a 20x20 12A 4in1 laying around that need a frame :-P

LOL. That's not off the table. I was thinking about that. Mostly likely, though, that'll end up being attached to this frame: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2100233

As just a separate guard that gets screwed in below the motors. It's going to need a lot of reinforcement compared to this paperweight :)


Haha thanks ;) I like that Frame + Propguard desgin way more though :)