Paracord Vase Spool

by walter Apr 27, 2017
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Can anybody tell me roughly how many feet of your normal 550 paracord this will hold?

Either way I'm going to make it because I absolutely love it

Brilliant thing. Especially in translucent green PLA :) ~1hr 0.2mm / 80mm/s with S3D and Prusa i3 Mk3

Cura seems to be struggling with this file. Tried printing on a creality CR-10 S4 and the inner ribs are not connecting to the inside surface. Any ideas?

Incredible design, great use of vase printing. I was amazed that a part this large could be printed in just over four hours. I sliced this using Simplify3D and printed it on my Monoprice Select Mini V2 using PLA filament. My hot end was at 205C and my heated bed was at 60C. It came out pretty nice-the only issue was that the top solid layers did fell in a little due to the 0% infill that comes with vase mode. So the top layer doesn't look great, but the rest is pretty much perfect.

As far as practicality goes, this spool is not the best. I can tell it is not all that durable due to the single outer perimeter that is used in vase mode. I would imagine it would be significantly stronger if it were printed using normal settings, but it would likely take several more hours to print. Also, it doesn't hold very much paracord.

I was fully aware of the potential issues going into this print. I saw this as a good opportunity to try out printing with vase mode and I was very impressed in that regard.

What slicer did you use to slice it? slic3r just gives me the interior and exterior walls in vase mode with none of the ribs holding them together.

@KriLL3 Cura gives the desired result.
@Walter very nice use of cuttings in vase mode.

In non-vase mode btw it just fills it all in as if it's a solid volume, I guess the very thin slits into the model are being ignored somehow.

Actually works pretty well in slic3r to print this model with no top or bottom infill and a low % honeycomb infill, the result looks pretty close to the pictures above http://i.imgur.com/enICJlr.png

Interesting, I didn't realize slic3r would ignore the thin cuts. That's good to know. I use SImplify3D but I often use similar cuts to add internal reinforcing ribs and have seen it work with other slicers. The onshape file is at https://cad.onshape.com/documents/f5133b98c49bc91620e0b861/w/366778afffb1f88401fbab77/e/645378ce0082745dd686c6c5 if you want to experiment.

I personally have no use for this... but it's a very beautiful design.. I like it.. :)

What layer height and speeds did you use for this?
Really Nice work.

Thanks, I usually run prints I'm going to photograph at 1/8mm layer height and 50-60mm/sec max speed. Outside perimeters are usually at half speed and this was all outside perimeter. I think I ran these slower though, since it was left on overnight, I'd guess it ended up at 20mm/sec.