PokeSpinner - The Pokeball Fidget Spinner

by DanielJosvai Apr 27, 2017
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Works great! Just had to sand it a tiny bit. The bearings I used fit perfectly but I had to glue a little something (I used an eraser from a pencil) in between the caps to give it some extra space.

Takes a bit of sanding and filing to make it all fit but works well in the end. Tolerances much too tight for the bearing and nuts. Hemispheres don't need supports if your cooling is good. They're impossible to remove if you do use supports anyway.

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Wow, this is a really nice model. Everything printed and snapped-together perfectly for me. That is not easy to do on this type of project, well done TheDesignerd.

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Gave up trying to get the hemispheres to fit in the slots. Probably need some looser tolerances, considering it will be glued anyway.

pokeball fidget spinner hell ya

I'm currently printing one. Had to modify center to fit my ball bearing (smaller than yours). Will add my "make" when finished ;)

I did 100% and couldnt get the M8 in there. They were way to big. I may try 5/16 next. Love the design its genius. Any recommendations on that? I really dont want to print everything over again.

You can heat the M8 nuts and then try to push them (with a hammer or other thing, not with your hand) in the spinner so the heat can melt the plastic and it can fit.
I printed the spinner at 101.5% and also couldn't fit the M8 so i did what i mentioned before and the spinner works perfectly.

pretty good looking i will print this out hope it works

So i printed up both sizes and have the same issue on both, the bottom bearing cap touches the body and stops the spin. It looks like it should have a slightly modified cap to fit the extra lip on the bottom holding the bearing in.

This looks awesome!

This is awesome! Is there a way you could make a base that fits standard bearings?

608 bearings as weight in the pokeballs? Unfortunately no. They wouldn't fit it. And if I made them bigger, it would just make the spinner more uncomfortable to hold.

If I'm going to make a spinner, this seems like the one to start with. I choose you!

my son has small hands, and the ones that are on sale at stores are a little big for his hands.
I'd like to print this at a scale of around 70 - 75%.

what recommendations do you have for the weight / nut and middle bearing ?

I made this for my 3 year old (Thank you, btw, to the designer!). He loves it, but it's too big for his hands, so I designed/remixed a handle for it. I'll upload it tomorrow, if I can remember. It actually works really well.

interesting, but not quite what I was looking for,

I'm looking to reduce the size of the overall print, and need to find a smaller bearing (and nut) that would fit the now reduced hole.
maybe I should just test and print instead of relying of everyone haha.

Bearing caps 75%, evening else 77,3%, 606 bearings, M6 nuts. ;)

OMG. you are a god.

Haha! Thanks! :) It was just a quick calculation. I didn't test it. How did it go?

So I printed this as you suggested. Everything but the caps are a tight snug fit. No glue required!

606 bearing
M6 Nut

Im going to re slice the caps incase I didn't do the size as you suggested. At least my son can use it as a pokeball "coin"

I got it working! my kid loves it and all the other kids are jealous LOL
the size is perfect as well!

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What should the dimension on the button piece be? When I load it in to my printer software it's making in obscenely big for some reason (over 50mm)

Thank you, always appreciate the inclusion of STEP files.

FYI M8 nut is the same size as 5/16.

could you upload the cap .STEP file? or upload a cap compatible with a 606 bearing?

Just print everything except the caps at 77,3%, and the caps at 75%. I think they will fit in a 606 then. But then you'll need smaller nuts.

what size nutz would that mean I would need to use?

I would say M6. It will be a little loose. You might have to glue it in.

Alright i'll give it a try and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

how'd it go? I'd like to print the spinner smaller so this might be my best option.

Thanks for noticing, but don't worry, I have an agreement with this guy. Though he was selling it for 20$ first. Okay, these are actually bad news, you've told me but a different kind of bad news. :/

No problam, man. :)

What makes me mad about that is he's claiming its his design on his page. Why are people so dishonest?!

You mean the "Phoenix" Poke Spinner. Well... I think you're right.

Well... At least they are not claiming it's their design. :/ What can I do with these guys?

it seems etsy took care of these guys, to who over reported them well done!

Awesome design! Just got done printing it and putting it together. Everything seemed to go together really nicely. If you end up going back to the design and messing around with it, maybe you could make a slightly modified version that uses 3/8" nuts. I was thinking about that today when I was getting supplies at the hardware store. I can buy a pound of 3/8 nuts for about the same price as a 7 count of 8mm nuts. Regardless, thanks for posting this. it's so much fun.

Looks like 5/16 nuts will work decent. A little loose, but should stay in place just fine with a touch of epoxy or hot glue.

Use 5/16" they are approximately same size as M8 give or take 0.010", thats what I did fits perfect. snaps in.

Yeah, they're a great alternative. Hardware stores aren't always great at keeping their metric stuff in stock, and bulk standard is so much cheaper if you're in the US.

Comments deleted.

I do not understand why metric costs so much more then standard. A Standard nut at that size is around 8 cents while a metric nut is 50 cents!!!

Comments deleted.

STEP files added. Now you can adjust the hex holes. :)

Thank you very much!

Love the design.

Trying to fit the nuts into the hex holes, but finding 0.4mm interference. Can you supply the STEP files or make a version where the nuts have at least 0.4mm more room than current design. The nuts I'm using measure 12.80mm The hex width of the spinner measures ~12.40mm. My outside dimensions fit well with the hemispheres and the bearing fits tight, but is manageable.

If you have the STP file, I could make my own fits

I've just checked the model and the width of the hex holes are 12,85. They are fine for me, but since you (and others) had problems to fit the nuts, I've added the STEP files. :)

finger tabs on one side touches and should be redesigned to be not as wide but other than that, this is awesome and had to tip. :)

Awesome! This is my first tip on thingiverse. Thank you! :D Yes, I know it's a bit uncomfortable to hold since it's much thicker than usual fidget spinners, but when I tried to model it with smaller pokeballs it just looked silly. Maybe I should add a thicker bearing cap...

Printing red hemispheres now!

I've just checked your designs. That Charizard is amazing!

Charizard ? I haven't tackled anything like that in design yet. Only have my feet wet

Damn it! I commented under the wrong comment! Sorry! :/

So cool, great design

What do you mean by...A precise printer (preferably 3D)"?

A printer that prints in 3 dimensions

Printing now on UM3 and its awesome so far!

That was just a lame joke.