Space Shuttle Lift Off Lamp

by humorao Apr 28, 2017
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this is not a good print there were gaps between the shuttle and the wings. the shuttle just came apart while removing the supports and my supports practically fall off I just have to use my fingers and they come right off. It is a really nice design and I wish it printed well and it looks like a good display item but I wasted about a half pound of filament I use simplify3D as a slicer with custom supports

Sorry for your lost! A 0.2 or 0.3 mm nozzle must be used. I've sliced on S3D with manual support.

That is s a good thing to know I have some 0.2 and 0.3 mm nozzles somewhere but I never use them. I like to print large prints so I'll use 0.8 - 1.2 mm nozzles on larger prints. I'll have to try to print it again. If i can get it to look good with the normal size then I think I will scale it up. it would look good around 300 mm tall.

It is very amazing model but hard to print I am afraid :(

Anyone out there split the file into two parts (cloud and shuttle)? It's 'just' too big for my printer and for some reason, it fails when trying to import into tinkercad.

I'm a little late to the party but I just uploaded a remix that separates the cloud and shuttle. :-)

Humorao just posted my print

Thank you DammmDamian! It's nice! I've already liked it.
Go on. Grab some tinkercad, Win 3D tool etc... and give us some stuff! ;-)

Shuttle is way smaller and thinner than I had originally thought

I had to workaround Nasa's original file on Meshmixer. You may split it and scale the shuttle. Did you printed it? May you post? Brgds

I am finished the top half need to do base and sand then will post a pic looked great from what i could tell

Hi! On Simplify 3D you can do it.I've never tried on other slicers.

Anyone know how to swap infill in cura the only plug in i found doesnt work

Is it possible to swap infill with Slic3r?

Would it be possible if you could elaborate a little more on the G9 LED "flat" lamp? I've found some G9 bulbs, but unsure of what you mean. The model is great though, thanks for the remix.

Hi! It's a flat socket. I'll upload some picks later. Thank you! Brgds from Portugal

is it later yet?

Now, it is later! Even if you haven't liked it!...