We Love Mom !

by ckchavez May 10, 2012
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Thank You for Designing this i Made one for my Mom!

hi..is it supposed to print standing up or laying down? i started print standing object up and during print it looked like some spaghetti like stuff was there and it did not look stable. i am new to the 3d world of printing. help thanks

You should print it laying down. I included both files (flat and standing up). Think of it this way...if you are printing the standing version, you wold need the printed material to 'stick' to something (the build plate). In the standing design, the only surface touching the build plate is the very point of the heart, so you would need support setting enabled when sliced. If you just print the laying down version, no support is needed and you can just print. There is enough surface area on the laying down version for the material to 'stick' to the build plate. The surface area is the 'back' of the heart and back of the letters, if the item was facing you.

I hope you don't mind, I created and posted my own I love mom creation, its of my own design. I simply used this particular design as a reference for the heart. everything else is my own design. also I gave a reference for this design as the basis of mine. I also said that the design its based off of is yours... is that ok?

I don't mind at all. Thanks for the attribution and link in your thing. Yours looks pretty good!
I'll print one of yours in the next couple days to check it out...Nice job!

Thanks! Let me know how it comes out.

@MakerBot I nominate this for being featured!

Made one... Came out GREAT!!! Thumbs up!

skooler1 - glad you liked it! I'm also glad it printed well for you! I've found that it's one of those simple designs that always catches a lot of eyes whenever someone sees it in person. Thanks for the positive comments.

first day with my new 3d printer! Gave it to my wife and she loved it. thank you!

So glad she liked it! I've gotten so many positive comments on this. Really glad it printed well and brought a smile to someone else. This is still one of my wife's favorites.

This is awesome! Any chance you could post a "I love Mom version"? Thanks in advance!

No problem, as requested - An "I Love Mom" and also an "I Love Mum" is published! Hope you enjoy it!

The kids are giving this to Mom in the morning. It printed great on my Replicator. Thanks! ;)

So glad you like it. Great print and picture too!

It was a fun print. I am very new to 3D printing, and I learned a number of things while making this print. If I made one now it would look much better :)

I made a video of the experience: