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by Eight_Props, published

Glock_17_Replica_All_Parts by Eight_Props May 1, 2017

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Many parts are to small for 3d printing ,
please take other materials for these parts ,
and remake these parts.
please take Nails for splint pin and metal springs for this gun


Optimized for 20x20x20 printer

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NSFW? A pistol is NSFW? Don't wanna "trigger" any snowflakes I guess LOL

Yes it is. You think only porns are NSFW?

Well I guess NSFW covers anything non-work related then...

Ridiculous isnt it?! It asks you not to upload weapons "because the world has enough weapons" BARFFFFFF.

Think it’s hillarious that a plastic replica of a pistol is trigger point for someone to have a breakdown lol

For anyone that wants to know why the picture is gray with an exclamation point in the background, you have to click the "yes" on the thing that says "This may contain Nsfw content. Are you sure you want to view?"

Extremely impressive level of detail! Bravo!!!! I like that you did not just copy a Glock directly, but put your own spin on the styling in a realistic manner. Really digging the grip texture, the weight reduction/styling on the slide is cool too though!

I can't figure out how I'm supposed to install the slide lock and how it will operate. The holes for it just end in a channel, while in the real glock the part can slide up and down. Also, the holes are too small. Pliz help

Hi, does anyone know if there is a case to carry the gun in a belt?

i cant open the handle, does someone know now to??

Can you fit dummy carts int the mag?
Is it able to shell eject?

Incase you have a perverse curiosity or twisted sense of humor like me, I printed the mag and it does NOT fit into a real gun. ;)

this print has great detail

I would build this, but I really don't want to be on an FBI watchlist.

There's a backdoor on your 3d printer's firmware bruh, you gotta put on your tinfoil hat first, then print it!

Could you make an stl of the entire gun in one part. I would rather print it in one go to save time

First off, thanks to the original creator and uploader. However, anyone that could figure how to print it out successfully could please put together all the files and upload again in a comprehensive way to print easily? I'm trying to slice it using Cura and got a few errors as described by others here..

Great file, fist time i try with a complicate print like this. It's very interesting for your design and little bit creep me out when i see the print in real life.
Those size and dimension, it's fit with the real gun.
And by the way, i use it for a film set, my cowork, buddy even police officer... They got amazed how realistic it can be.
Greating from vietnam.

Seems like the object 10.stl can't fit in the 23_Griffstück.stl. Its impossible.

No files available for download.... Does anyone know how I could get the files? Don't need all the internal parts but rather looking for a high detailed model. would be cool to have moving parts but not necessary. Thanks

It's marked NSFW for some reason, so you have to sign in (and have an 18+ account) before you can view/download it.

Most of web services are anti-gun now. Thats why.

So I had some issues with this print. When I tried to load part 19 into my Cura software, it comes it with an error. When I load it in netfab, it seems to be the entire assembly. I noticed that there were .45 rounds in the files but some of them seem broken.
When I was printing the lower receiver/grip I had some print issues where the trigger guard had a layer missed. I am going to reprint and see if it was my printer had an issue, but so far everything is printing well.

Please could you email this to me

Very smart of the DEV to remove parts from this to keep it from being fireable, would not want this getting in the wrong hands.

Well, it's a replica. I checked it, the firing pin it's a dummy.
And by the way, it's got about 80-90% accuracy but i'm pretty sure it's not work like the real gun.

even if it was fireable, the monkey who tried would earn the darwin award pretty quick...

Can I use this in a cleaning demonstration. And is it functional about like a real pistol

I made just the trigger, hoping I could have a custom trigger color for a "real" Glock build but it came out to small, What would you recommend up-scaling it to for a precise fit?

I don't see the trigger pin, the one with the slots. And I can't figure out what parts 3 and 16 are. If you know please respond! Also, I recommend using 97% size on all the inside pieces, the tolerances are just terrible!

Would the "inside pieces" basically include everything except the "Griffstuck" (grip/lower receiver?) and the "Schlitten" (upper receiver/slide?)

I am very impressed, I know this mechanics of a glock and I can say that I bet that will function if it wasent plastic and had a few more parts but I understand why. Very professionaly done!

it would be awesome if you made a 3D printable 1911!!

parts inside dont fit

I got the same issue

uhhhhhh....... is this frame a legit glock 17 frame? not reporting it because i trust people can be responsible enough with the file, but i took a closer look at the frame and it closely fits the glock 17's insides. so just in case some nice police officers come over with a search warrant i patched over a few holes in the frames mesh so if they ask, i can say its an 80% frame. better safe than sorry.

but seriously, is lower frame an actual glock?

Even if it is its legal to make your guns if you don't sell them, well in michigan that is

Legal in canada too but you need a restricted class firearms license to possess handguns and ARs.

Unfortunately there are no loopholes in Canada for possession without a license.

I checked this file and the slide lock slot is fked. It would take some editing.

If you watch inside the the receiver you will se that the magazine catch hole is missing. I took a closer look today and found out that many little details are missing.

It is intentionally so because it will not be a real weapon replica, it lacks many details because of security

Yeah i guess so, just answered to the user.

did someone tried to bring it to the airport and pass the security check. lol
(please don't do that I'm just kidding)

why cant i open the 23_Griffst in Slic3r Prusa Eddition? I just get error when trying to open that one.

What happen with this one? It says "NO DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE" and the picture is a dark gray background with a exclamation mark.

WakeBoarder_PR I think you have to sing in to download the files :)

I am signed in as WakeBoarder_PR, that's how I was able to post that comment.

Is there a NSFW box which you have to accept? You have to click 'Yes' to see the content because it is "Not suitable/safe for work". Once you click this, it will allow you to see the images and the downloads will be unlocked.

Shame on me. How did I miss that? Thank you very much!!!!

It's a grabCAD file thats just been converted to STL. It's made for machining tolerances not 3D printing .

wheres the download guys

i see. turn on NFSW

... realy ? the big blue button left side ?????

File 19 is corrupted or something. What is it and do I need it?

It is a burst view of all the parts.

how did you get the file dude as on here its been telling me theres no files for download ?

This thing is marked NSFW. on top there's a banner. Click yes. Yeah, it confused me at first as well.

Comments deleted.

can anyone pls tell me how to assemble?

Search up on youtube for the vid on the actual glock 17. its the exact same replica

can you please make one without all the parts. like 2 halves. i dont know much about guns but want to print one with a removable mag and not need to have all of these parts.

Could this be fitted as a airsoft glock

Is it an airsoft gun?

No, it appears to be a non-firing scale model of a regular 9mm handgun. You'd see the usual pistons and valves on the interior parts/images if it was an airgun.

Dose it have a sliding back mech?

Comments deleted.

Can you design a Walther PPQ

3D_Dynamics, this is really cool! I printed it over the last couple of days and got it mostly assembled externally. It looks great. I've had some fitment issues, but I think it's because I didn't do high quality. Keep up the great work!

Creality CR10, 245 nozzle, 90 bed, 120mm/s, 105% flow, black Hatchbox ABS.

I'm using the Creatlity Cr-10 as well, My print settings are:

190 Nozzle, 70 bed, 60mm/s 98% flow. Black Amz3d and red no-name.

Looking amazing, I am wanting a lockable mag, so I'll try to machine that out...

Hi, das Model sieht echt gut aus, aber: brauche ich das 19. Teil? Es wird weder von meinem Slicer noch von Blender geladen.

I don't speak German, but I know what you're saying.

Object 19 failed to load in Cura, also.

The files have german names, so I decided to write in this language :) file 19 is just corrupt, but I won't need it anyway now, because I'm now printing only the visible parts. Printing the firing pin without the spring would make the slide unmovable :|

Could you theoretically put some springs in this?

If you theoretically do to much with this gun you will blow your fingers off hahaha

I have...

No, they don't work very well at all. I recommend using some pen springs cut to the length and other longer wire for the bigger springs.

The 17 is the exact same they modified in for Dredd wasn't it?

Just Finished printing and tried to assemble this thing, but tolerances are way off, if you are thinking about this you are going to loose a lot of plastic and then it will not assemble together.

I should have read the comments before printing. Waste of time and plastic. :(

how did you print it ? 0.2 or more?

how bad are the tolerances, will a bit of sanding help?

you'll need a lot more than a bit of sanding

same problem , i lose lot of plastic

Is there a manual or something like that for assembly?

Is it possible to make the slide without the ventilation holes? So that it looks like a genuine Glock?

Nice model :)


Will it function like a real glock? except actually shooting of course..
Like slide, slidelock, magrelease, trigger etc?

Looks awesome :)

Nice model I made it with my Davinci Jr. 1.0 Pro.
Only had to puzzle where everything goes ...but it's fun to build.
Thanks for the model well done.
Oh btw because some part are too big for my 15x15x15 printer I scaled all the parts down to 90%.

Does it a shooting gun?))
All detailes are correct?

how many pieces are missing for assembly?

This is my mistake, it was late: D

Has removed the duplicate component, now all parts are present

I plan on attempting to assemble in the next two days... objects 19 and 20 are the same and look like the trigger safety, was something forgotten on the upload?

This is my mistake, it was late: D

Has removed the duplicate component, now all parts are present

please explain parts # 3 and # 16 ? I cannot figure out location for them :S danke!
edit: typo

Comments deleted.

All these likes and not a single make Zzz

Very good design.
You could desirme how to assemble all the pieces

XD youtube "how to assemble a Glock 17" ... should not be so hard right ?

This is my mistake, it was late: D

Has removed the duplicate component, now all parts are present

Comments deleted.

does this thing actually function?

this weapon have all parts inside
but it is a not functionally weapon , it's a jigsaw kit :)

Do you have a solid model version? I am just looking for it to look like it's supposed to but not function in anyway. It's for training

the solid model from glock it's now available.


Comments deleted.

amazing timing!,......ive been lookin for a quality glock 17 for a couple weeks now,.....need 1 for a base for my 2012 dredd lawgiver build,.....thank you , thank you , thank you!

Thanks a million (also for the "bond" pistol),better get printing : )

If anybody prints it, please share results with us, I want to build it too as soon as other print is complete

nice man love it but how do i put it together ?

FINALLY! Been waiting on someone to do a full Glock build! Have you made it yet?

this is my next build project.

greets from germany :)

I may be building it today so will post the outcome! Greeting from Texas!

Great job !
Is there ,b any chance,a chance you will make a Walter PPK (007 pistol),its got all these wonderful small heels and levers and things inside.
Could make a great puzzle !
Kind regards from Orla

Yes, i try my Best :)
Best regards

Comments deleted.