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Ergonomic Grip For The 3DS (original 3ds)

by Suou Apr 30, 2017
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do you have any plans to make the 3DS XL version available on thingiverse? (do you normally wait to reach a certain amount of sales before releasing on thingiverse?)

Sorry but no, or at least not within the foreseeable future. Previously I've had the thought that I'll upload payed stuff on thingiverse once/if I make a significantly better version, but now I mainly don't want to do that because it makes it too easy for people to sell my work as their own. I'll probably keep lowering the price over time though and I am considering finding some alternative to cults3D - if the platform itself is the problem.

can you upload the 3ds xl grip on cults3d to thingiverse, please? i cant seem to connect to the website on a school computer.

Advise to others: Print the Cults3D-version, not this one.

I've now uploaded the newer version Thingiverse as well :)

Ergonomic Grip For The Original 3DS v2
by Suou

Thanks! I wish this had been available here, before I printed and wasted a ton of filament on the parts that didn't align properly. Or maybe I will find a way to work around the issue.

If I may ask, in what way doesn't parts align?

I'd love a grip like this for my N3DS XL. Got any plans to make something like that?

No plans for that, sorry. If I owned one then maybe but as is I already own an original XL so I'm quite content on the 3DS-front.


Great design! I printed one for my Nintendo DS Lite and did a youtube of it.

Thanks for the spotlight :)
I actually own the speaker grip that you mention, and it's kinda ironic how the gimmick product built by the lowest bidder manages to be better than most everything else. The speakers suck, the way it snaps onto the console is unnecessarily complicated, and the glossy plastic makes it disgusting to hold. I guess it just isn't that hard to stand out when the competition is hellbent on specifically not mimicking the general shape of a semi-modern gamepad.

Yeah, that speaker grip seems to be the best commercially available. I've also printed your design to fit a Gameboy Advance. Just stretched the X axis by 112% and the Z axis by 185% on the top piece and it fits fine. Have you thought about making a grip for the Nintendo Switch? I think your design that separately attaches to each individual joy-con would be a hit.

Sure, I've thought about making a grip for the Switch, but that won't happen until I've gotten around to buying one. The best I can give you is that I almost certainly will make a grip for it... at some point.
At the risk of setting you up for disappointment, what I would actually like to do is gut a pair of joycons and make a complete redesign, but that's only a thought until I get some hands-on time.

Thanks for saving my hands! I put down my OG3DS years ago, because of the amount of hand cramps I got from OoT3D. With this, I'm only limited by the ephemeral battery life of the console. This grip is just plain comfy.

If you ever make one for the N3DS XL, I'll be all over that too. For now though, I'm happy to knock the dust off this console for the first time in forever.

It's great to hear from people printing my grips! It's kinda funny actually, when I made this I'd already long since moved on to the original XL, and I mostly just made it because it seemed so straight forward compared to my Vita grip. At this point though, whenever I play something on the 3DS, it's the XL that's left dusty and forgotten, even though I've since made a grip for the XL as well.

As for the new XL, it's unlikely that I'll ever make a grip for it. If I owned one and if I didn't have a bunch of other projects in mind, sure, but alas, it would appear that it is not to be.
Don't write off doing something like this on your own though. Fusion 360 is perfect for this sort of stuff, and looking back at the time I spent modelling this and my original vita grip in Maya, makes me cringe.

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Can u pls make one for 2ds xl?

Comments deleted.

Would this fit a DS lite?

I modified the payed version linked in the description to fit the DS Lite, but the Lite should fit in this one as well if you scale it to be ever to slightly wider and thicker (the X and Z axis).

Question: why did you switch to Cults? Was it just the monetary aspect?

The money isn't irrelevant but it's more that I want to see what I can make of it. A lot of time and effort has gone into my grips and on some level I feel that I owe it to myself to gauge what people think, and by extension, whether my designs are as noteworthy as I personally think they are. To that end; a dozen people willing to pay for my designs on Cults tell me more than ten times as many downloading my free designs on Thingiverse. If there were more people who shared their 'makes' on Thingiverse then I may feel differently about that but since there aren't, I don't necessarily get a huge amount out of Thingiverse.

That being said, it's not like I won't upload things to Thingiverse just because I'm on Cults. My current project in the making is an Arduino based bluetooth gamepad, designed completely from scratch. I fully intend to make everything about it available online if only because it frustrates me how lacklustre most other gamepad projects are, especially considering that it's those kinds of resources that empower people and foster maker communities where giving and taking goes hand in hand.
I guess you could say that I'd rather teach someone to cook than simply hand them a free meal, and if I do hand someone a meal then I'd like to know what they thought of it.
As for the designs I sell on Cults, my general line of thought is that if I ever redesign or significantly improve on something, then I'll make the previous one available for free on Thingiverse.

Hopefully there was an answer somewhere in all that :)

EDIT: And thank you for the contribution on Cults :)

I bought and printed it only now to realize that this is for original 3ds and not the new 3ds......

I'm very sorry to hear that, although all may not yet be lost. If you're up for printing another one then what you can try is to scale it by a factor of 1.09 on the Y axis and 1.06 on the X axis That way the new 3DS should technically fit, although since I don't own one, I base that entirely on the official measurements and pictures found online.

EDIT: You to be extra clear; that's multiplied by 1.06 on the width.

The bottom half took 10 hours to print at 0.1mm so im gonna try to just import the top into fusion and widen it to make the new one fit. Any tips on stuff I should watch out for?

Maybe this is exactly what you had in mind, but what I'd suggest is that you split the top half on the X axis, separate the resulting right and left parts so that you get an 8mm gap in between them, then simply loft the two parts together (i.e. stretch it by the middle). Having done that you can split the actual physical bottom piece that you've already printed, in the same way, using a saw or whatever you have available. Once all put together; you can fill the 8mm gap where you split the lower half with some filler.

The alternative would be to widen the 'cradle', keeping the same width of the final grip, but I do not recommend this as I don't think the result would be particularly comfortable. Also, if you're using fusion then this would be easier said than done considering the less than optimal topology of the model.

Something to look out for is the height/thickness of the console (the Z axis). I've intentionally left quite a bit of margin, reasoning that one can simply sand the flat bits down where the two retention pieces are supposed to be glued on, until the console fits as snugly as the individual user prefers it. I don't think it's going to be a problem but double check that the new 3DS isn't significantly thicker in which case you might want to extrude the flats bits somewhat.

Good luck!

Yea i ended up getting it because i wanted that stylus slot and the price was definitely reasonable enough than trying to do it myself. I minimum of instructions on Cults on how they should be printed/assembled would be nice though.

(Mine is printing rn)

Can this be resized for new 3ds XL? Thanks! Awesome design!!

Thanks. I have a version for the old XL that I'll upload to Cults3D once I've gotten around to printing it. I may modify that one to fit the New XL but no guarantees.

also would it be possible for you to post it regardless before you print it? That would be even better, we could be your beta testers :)

This would be great of you, i've been searching a lot for a 3DS XL grip because nobody seems to make those for the old XL

Glad to hear you say so :)

Question: what are the dimensions of this grip? Is it under 200mm?

The largest of the two is 173x101mm.