Pergo Bobbin Pair Case

by Pergo Apr 30, 2017
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Any chance to get the Quilting Version in a 5 bay?

Dear Pergo
may I ask for an other version? My Printer is to small . Could you do a box with 5 spaces, please? I love your designe :)

Sure, I can whip that up.. I will try to get it out for you maybe tonight. I'm in Central Time zone.

Thank you so much :D

As promised... the 5 Bay version is now posted. looks like it's 135 mm x 87 mm
Enjoy :)
I also posted the modified source in a .rar file

This is great! I will print it when I'm back home and make pictures :)

Is there a method of modifying the case to hold larger and longer threads without changing the size for the bobbins?


It's a static design, but talk to me... I what are your needs? Solid works is a wonderful tool. It only took me about 30 mins to make this case. I could resize another one to fit your needs. I just need max dimensions of what you want to change (diameter of items you want to hold) and the largest size you can print. :)

The thread spools I'm using are 72mm tall and have a diameter of 34mm. I love this design. It is just what my wife the quilter needs.


The Quilting versions are up!
Please give me a make photo so I can see how it turned out. :)

Will do. It looks like an 8 hour print for the bottom.

Remember to print 10% infill and 3 or 4 shells

I'm using 3DSimplfy. How do a set the number of shells?

I printed the bottom and my wife says it is perfect. I ran out of the filament color to match the bottom so now that I have resupplied I will begin printing the top. Once they are both done, I will post a picture.

Wow, I LOVE getting ego stroked!. :P Tell the wife thanks.

I'm using 3DSimplfy. How do a set the number of shells?

"Layer" Tab

look for
"Top Solid Layers"
"Bottom Solid Layers"
"Outer Perimeter Shells"

It's "generally" a good idea to set these to the same value. Unless you REALLY know what you are doing it's best to let 3 to be your lowest number for this if using a .4mm Nozzle (4-5 if using a smaller nozzle). Its how thick the outer portions of the print will be that is holding the in-fill in place.

Making it now...