Anet A8 LED Illumination MOD

by papinist Apr 30, 2017
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A wiring diagram would be most helpful.

Hey brother what I want to do is basically just control a couple of led strips via Octoprint. I have a 4 channel relay which looks like yours except it as IN1 - IN4. I know how to wire led strips but I don't understand the rest of the wiring. Each of the relays as 3 connections and then there are the pin outs on the board as well. Could you do me a great favor and explain the wiring? Never worked with relays before.


Ok I did figure that the pi connects to the header pins on the relay so now I just need to figure out how to wire the led strip to the relay. Each relay has 3 connectors and a line that points to 2 of the connectors the a line that is marked K1, K2, etc pointing to the 3rd connector on each relay. No plus or minus symbol.

ATM I don't remember the exact wiring, however you can find some info on this relay board here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1428478

Relay Control OctoPrint Wanhao i3
by Jeffeb3

Yes I sent him a question but he never replied. His posting is a bit confusing because he is doing so much besides the leds and even that is a led lamp not a 5volt strip. You did make a comment to another person that you wired your power supply to the relay? I guess I assumed that the 5volt line from the pi was what powered the led strip but in any case I'm basically T a standstill on this project. When you have time if you could take a look I'd really appreciate it.

Are you powering your LED's off of the stock power supply? Are you having any issues with them dimming as the heating elements come on? Mine is so extreme that they almost look like they're flashing and I've been trying to figure out how to fix them.

The stock power supply s only 20 amps and is barely enough to meet the power requirements of the printer. You need to upgrade to a 30 amp 360 watt power supply.

Yes power is going from the power supply to the led strip through the octoprint-controlled relay. No dimming problems so far!

Do you know where I could learn more about the octoprint pi3 setup you have there? Just set up an Anet A2 and I'm looking into what options I have for future upgrades. Does that setup replace the mainboard that comes with the printer or does it work alongside it?

It's an add-on to the printer's electronics. You can watch this video from Thomas Sanladerer to learn how to setup a raspberry pi 3:

and here there are infos on how to use a relay board with octoprint:

Relay Control OctoPrint Wanhao i3
by Jeffeb3

Thanks for the help! It looks really interesting and I definitely think I'll be giving it ago with the Pi 3 I never got around to using. I really like the idea of being able to add a camera for monitoring and adding lighting like you have.

Can the GPIO of the pi be controlled with Gcode? I'm thinking it could be interesting perhaps playing around with adding a laser diode for laser engraving but the printers mainboard obviously doesn't have any way to turn one on and off.

There are some laser engraving mod out there, I believe they are using the layer fan output to control the laser. Google it for more info!

If you don't mind, could you share where you got that case for the electronics. Im looking to make one but cant find any that go all the way up the side like yours does. Thanks :D

Sure, you can check the things I've made and you'll find the original thing:

electronics case:

Mosfet case:

Anet A8 Electronics Case (Octopi, Relay + Mainboard)
Anet A8 Mosfet Case

Nice detailed explanations. I'm sure most can figure it out, but you explained everything very clearly and made this pretty much dummy proof. Thanks for taking the time to show. Planning on doing this as I hate holding a small light to see how the print is coming along.

Thanks for your comment!
Same for me, primarly I hate to have a long print ending when I'm not at home and, even if I can power off the printer, I had to send a message to my parents to shut off the light manually (needed for pictures sent through telegram plugin from octoprint and for timelapse).
Now when I receive the message "Finished printing" I can remotely power off the printer AND the illumination :)

Actually I think there should be a way to let Octoprint shut off the lights automatically when print is done... mmm... I should check it out!

Nice Tuturial,
If you want to switch the Lights of automaticly you could use this Plugin:
you can add the lights off G-Code Command to the slicer settings as End code, and thats it.

Thanks for the tip! I will sure give a look at it.

Great job, all nice and tidy arranged. One thing I cannot see in the pics is where did you install the Pi?

It's in the electronics case: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:264771

Anet A8 Electronics Case (Octopi, Relay + Mainboard)