Micro sd card container (10 micro ds + 1 sd or adapter)

by Andicot May 1, 2017
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I made several of these and they worked
BUT the Top screws down TO FAR and will Break memory cards - I Snapped 2 memory cards $40 worth-
to fix I wrapped a rubber band around base so top wont screw down completely -
So Be Careful

Good model and it eventually printed well for me.

Before the final good results, the filament really wanted to pull away from the thread while printing the cap's inside thread. You can see this on Andicot's photo's as well, though I had an order of magnitude more. Slowing down print speed didn't help. Neither did the model's steep thread angle that had the first innermost filament thread printing almost in air.

What finally gave very good results was turning off Slic3r's "use bridging parameters" for overhangs - which, with my settings, turned the flow rate down and sped up the printing speed in order to stretch the filament across the bridge. This works well for bridges, but not the outer strands of inside perimeters which really don't want to be pulled too much while extruding. After unchecking that box in Slic3r, the inner threads printed well.


Great thing, working well. However I advise, to add more chamfer or fillet to the thread. It's just too sharp, and became jerky when printed. (I used transparent PLA - it's a bit harder material and more liable to become crispy than standard PLA ) So a fillet on the threads would make it smoother, and easier to put on - like Edison thread on lamps.

I rotated the top part 180 ° and fits well. But I also noticed that all of the slots are too tight (first, the slots were parallel with the X axis) - then I rotated it 90° (the slots now parallel with the Y axis), and printed again. Now the cards fit well - so, the model is perfect, but my printer has a calibration problem with the X axis.

Just made one but they will not screw together. Anyone else have better luck?

You can try to scale the cover or reduce the flow of the material and print again. Your printer is well calibrated for flow and size?

I finally figured it out! In Slic3r, I flipped the lid on the Z axis and it turned the threads backwards. All i wanted was to print with the flat surface with top on the print bed. Too funny.