Festool to Kreg Dust Shroud

by Tooltutor May 11, 2012
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This thread seems pretty stale. I've not downloaded this yet but has this been fixed? Or someone figure out the scale? It appears 2540 scale size will fix it?

Has anyone found a fix for Cura tiny size issue. I'm about to go through a lot of trial and error to try to fix this and create my first remix....I'm still learning all of this 3d printing world so let me know please. I will probably try to import to tinker cad and change the dimensions, print and test fit until I get it right.

In Slic3r, I imported it and then scaled to 2540 (1" = 25.4mm) to get it to the correct size. I run into this if I draw something in Fusion 360 using inches instead of mm. I'm printing it out now, hopefully this will end up the right size.

One of my colleagues figured out the fix for the sizing issue:

If using makerbot print, click file, system preferences, unit controls, change import unitless files to inches.

It was quicker to design ad adaptor for the existing dust-collector of the Kreg K5 to fit the 36mm version of the Festool vacuum cleaner hoses then to wait for an answer.
Here it is:
Be careful as Festool also has 27 and 50mm hoses.

Is this for the Kreg K3, K4 or K5 ?

what are the overall external dimensions for us to resize the stl in cura (for example) ?

I also am having it appear in Slic3r extremely small, anyone know what it should be scaled to?

OK. So the 27MM version does not actually fit the 27mm hose. I am not sure where the dimensions came form but it will not fit the ID or OD of the hose end. Any chance of modifying this or uploading source CAD so we can modify?

Sorry about that. Looks like I may have mixed up my files. The original files should fit a 27 mm hose. I've deleted the wrong files. I had original thought I had the bigger hose on my dust extractor.

I am just wondering if you are planning on re uploading them? I think this looks like a great design and I am looking forward to printing it.


Ive downloaded the files but when I import it comes in really small. not got a problem resizing if I can be given the dimensions in mm. thanks

I think I have the same issue, I am new to 3D Printing. 3D Printer that I have requires me to use gcode files. When I put the STL into Cura and transform it to gcode it defaults to tiny. I sized it once and was a bit small. Now I am trying 89mm x 67.166mm x 42.43mm. I will let you know after this gets done printing if it is the right size for a gcode file.

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i just tried to order this through thingiverse's printer and was just refunded my order. the reason was that it was not a 3d printable object? are the files ready to print by thingiverse?

Strange, first I'm hearing of this. Yes, the part is a standard STL format. I've used the same file to print dozens of these things over the years. See if you can get more information on the issue. If the file is corrupted, I can re-upload it.

I dunno what's the deal. I can view all 4 just fine in STL Viewer. When you click on the print button on the page it directs to a thingiverse cart and you can pay for the print. Once i got the order confirmed, about 15 mins later, I got a refund notice and a message here saying the design is not 3D printable. I haven't gotten any further responses on what was wrong with it.

Do you have a suggestion of where to get this printed?

Shapeways is the OG of online 3D print to order.

Thank you. Shapeways was able to accept the model. However, they want about $36-40 USD to print it. I'll look for a local 3d printer. Thank you again.

The hose fitting for Festool_Kreg_DC_Shroud_Right_27.STL will not fit a 27 mm I.D. Festool hose; it's about the same size as a Festool hose. The shroud hose fitting outer diameter is 32 mm and the inner diameter is 26.5 mm.

Tooltutor, could you upload the source file for people to remix? Thanks.

When I download this, it comes up as a total height of .278" What am I doing wrong? I have downloaded and printed other items from Thingiverse with no issues.


Sounds like a unit issue. STL's are unit-less. This part was exported in inches. Double check. Others haven't had issues with this file so it should be ok.

This is still an issue, Tinker CAD makes you upload it at 142% size to even get it to open. after that it shows up as just a couple mm tall.

This is atleast for the 27mm versons

I'm having the same issue. I thought it might be a mm to inches issue, so I imported into tinkercad at 2540% (1 inch = 25.4mm).

At first glance, it looks about the right size, but I drew a 27 mm cylinder to compare to the opening and it turns out the model is now several millimeters too big.

OK, 2000% gets it pretty close, at least the 27mm ID for the hose fitting.

More experimenting tomorrow.

I am still having issues trying to print this. I open it in Cura, all the different model choices, and they still come up way under sized? is this really just me?

Sorry you're having so much trouble. Sometimes there's a unit issue. Make sure you've chosen inches and not mm. I don't know how else to help.

I printed this with Octave blue ABS and the color is just about a dead match for Kreg blue. It snaps into my pocket hole jig perfectly. The hose side is a less perfect fit, I printed the larger size and the Festool 27mm hose is too big to fit nicely inside and the 35mm hose needs too much convincing to fit over the outside. I printed this twice, the first time with the hose to the bed as recommended and it came out fine, but the finish left after removing the support wasn't attractive. So I printed it again with the hose side up and it looks great, but took much longer to print. The hose fit issue happened with both.

Tooltutor, greeeat idea! Fantastic work! Would it be possible to upload a STEP (or ipt) version? I use Autodesk Inventor and importing STL files is useless. Would like to make add embossed text on the front, like 27mm / 36mm.
Take care

Fantastic idea. Any advice for sending to Shapeways? I'm assuming it's in mm, what material did you use?

Sorry, I've never used Shapeways.
STL's were exported in inches.
Mine were made with polycarbonate which offers the same snap feel as the original part.

Gotcha, Shapeways wants too much to print it. I'm going to dig around and see what I can find locally. Again, excellent idea and job.

Genius. I wouldn't have thought of doing that! Thanks!