OpenAPS Edison/Explorer Enclosure

by rsilvers May 2, 2017
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Hi Robert, do you print the parts at 100% ratio? I don't have a printer, so need to have them printed for me. The parts that I printed so far seem a bit smallish, maybe by 2 mm or so. The 2500mAh battery doesn't fit into the case, pushes the sides out almost to the point of breaking. Any advice on instructions I can give the printer if I try to have it re-printed?

I don't see how they can be 2mm too small. A printer that is not calibrated may be 0.2mm too small though.

My advice if you don't have your own printer is to print this one instead, as it is more tolerant of various printers. And I would not use the same print company that made the other one that much too small.


OpenAPS Edison/Explorer 2500 mAh

I printed this and indeed the 785060 doesn't fit the case. I checked the actual 3D model and the bottom part is 51mm wide overall with 1.5mm outer wall thickness, leaving 48mm for the battery, which 50mm wide. If your battery fit the case, the battery you used is narrower than the spec - mine is 50mm wide and despite having an Ultimaker print that exactly matches the dimensions of the file, the battery doesn't fit.

I first printed it as oriented on bottom edge in the default orientation. Lots of support to clean out. Did not work out as the case did not close correctly. Second print was in in the cup orientation. This worked out much better and closes nicely. Thanks for the upload. My friend appreciates it.

hi Robert, do you suggest printing this one oriented cup-wise also? They default to on their side so that might be why some "Order this printed" don't come out great.

Some modeling program have the bottom plane different than what some printing programs use.I don't think printing people print things how they land on the tray. Part of printing parts is doing a layout that makes sense for your printer.

Printing each half as a cup is best for two reasons. One is that very little support materials is used. Also the parts that snap together will be printed with less chance of warp.

The one reason to print like a hat though is if you want a top and bottom surfaces to have the look of not having been in contact with the build platform, but when I do that, the perimeter often warps since there is not much in contact with the platform..

ah, thanks - i have yet to try a 'hat' type print - it seems like a bad idea ;).