Mustache and Monocle on a thin Stick

by chefmaki May 12, 2012
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Couldnt get the tabs to connect together. I just cut them off with an exacto, hammered the thing together and took a hot knife and melted them together. Quick and easy fix.

Is there a smaller mustache? My printrbot play is only 100mm by100mm

The collapsible version is near impossible to assemble. My printer isn't big enough to print the assembled version, so I tried the collapsible version. It printed fine, but when I attempted to assemble it, nothing would fit properly. Great design, but I wish assembly was better.

What did you print this on? For some reason, this is giving my Replicator fits! At full size, it started trying to print off of the platform. When I reduced it, it started complaining about dangling edges and would send the platform diving to the bottom around the outer moustache curl. When I fixed it in NetFabb and then printed it, the Replicator would just stop printing around the moustache curl.

I'm going to update RepG + firmware as these sound more like Replicator bugs than model bugs, but it's curious!

I printed mine on a makerbot replicator.. With no rafting and a Hbp temp of 110, I had to level the build platform to pretty much touching and wipe a good amount of acetone on it first to get it to print cleanly.. But I have not experianced the problems you mentioned

Something else I tried to print stopped at a weird point once , but a rebuild of the gcode seem to fix the issue...

I'm working on a beak apart version for portability and so it will print on smaller platformed machines maybe that one will work better for you.. I'll upload It in the next couple
of days