Giant Lego Spiderman

by Tech77 May 4, 2017
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HI! Nice design.. IM printing one to my niece.. but Im having trouble with teh little spider... what slicing settings did you use to print it?

My printer would not do the fine details of the legs without changing the print nozzle out. So I printed the body and did paint for the legs.

How to you attach the boots to the legs, there's nothing in the file to connect them.

can you tell me how to print the Hips? its difficult.

Turn it 90 degrees (from the picture) to lay on it's back and print with supports

If you print it at 100% scale, the front chest layers (the ones wich support the 2 colors piece) doesn´t turn out well, because they are only two layers, it would be much easier to fix the model to give it 1 mm width at least or delete it. Maybe if it is printed with supports it turns out well, but it would be more time and plastic to waste. Anyway good job.
I have printed it with 0.1 mm nozzle height, if not you will need some sanding time to get a smooth movement

What do you use to connect the arms to the torso that will still allow them to be adjustable?

Looks like I didn't upload the pins. Whoops, I'll try to get those up tonight. You can also download one of my other Lego figures they all use the same pins.

Thank you! So much easier than the "macguyvering" I was going to attempt!

I always thought of making one myself but you beat me to it.

I usually handle the legs with just a filament swap though. I'm also not a fan of the in-set chest pieces like this one and some others though. I typically just glue any additional pieces on, usually with a very very minor depression built into the chest model as a spacing guide.

I agree filament swap is much cleaner but I hate babysitting it and like to setup a full bed and let it go. I don't like the chest piece either but this one had 75 small pieces and I didn't want to glue them all.:)