by Bruckard May 4, 2017
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Nice thinking on a way to re use PLA scrap, was wondering if you tought of a thinner diameter solution? I might buy the gun and see how this works for glueing back pieces of prints that broke instead of using glue or the drill method

Thanks. I tried a thinner nozzle, but pushing the melted PLA out the smaller hole increased the pressure, which made the recycled stick bend and buckle. It also made the gun leak out the back, cause it was easier to break the rear seal than push out through the tiny hole. You can use it to gluing broken pieces together, but it tends to be quite a brittle bond. It is better if you heat the join first to get better bonding between the part and the "glue". I have also used it to stick prints back onto the plate mid print fairly successfully (when a brim starts to lift).

It seems that I'm getting something that looks more like a work of modern art, rather than a PLA stick that looks like that. Have you had issues?

I have had some very weird ones. Often it is because it has come a bit loose at the bottom and started to wobble. Once the top starts wobbling, it goes very odd. This is one example.

Why not make a reusable mold out of hot drywall mud?

You could melt down the scraps and pour it in. Then once its cooled it should slide right out.

I tried, but I found PLA doesn't actually flow well enough. Even when melted, it is just too thick and viscous. So to mould it properly you need an injector to push the plastic into the die under a bit of pressure.

This Recycler is simple. It doesn't need any tools, just your 3D printer (and maybe scissors to cut up the scraps).

And I like the irony of using a 3D printer to print something to recycle waste from a 3D printer, into something you can use to do 3D printing.