Kossel Pro Delta E3D V6 End Effector Version 8

by calviniba May 5, 2017
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Hey, can you add some cad files, I'm not sure if I want to wait for the inserts to be shipped. Maybe step or X_T files

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Where did you get the push rod ends?

hi you have a photo on the nut you use??

I added a photo of the embedded nuts.

Hello it will be possible? It seems to me a very good effector only that for my delta it has a variation between the rods since the kossel has 40mm between the rods and mine has 36mm could you help me with the adjustment in advance thanks very good contribution

Do you have any tricks for getting the brass knurled inserts into their final position?

I can put the brass insert into its slot okay, but I'm not sure how best to move it over into the cylinder next to the arm hole. It doesn't seem to easily fall in.

When I've seen these used before, people press them into place with a hot soldering iron, but that obviously won't work here.

Maybe drill out the axle hole to 3mm, then put a screw into the brass insert, and pull the screw back towards the outside? Or do that with a soldering iron on the screw to transfer heat into the brass insert?

Use a spare m3 screw to pull the insert into place. First slide the insert in the intitial opening, then thread in a long enough m3 screw that just reaches the insert. Finally tighten the m3 screw until the insert bottoms out.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I did consider doing that but I was a bit scared of forcing the screw thread against the end "wall" of the opening. I tried it and some of the brass inserts slid into the teardrop, but some got stuck halfway and I ended up mashing the screw through the wall at the end as I feared. It was also difficult to get the knurled insert straight so the axle to the arm is straight.

I've got a few ideas for remixes I would like to try. According to some CAD work, it should be possible to use M3 threaded rod instead of the brass inserts, this way the axle is always straight and there's no need to fit nuts or inserts into the effector body at all.

Could I trouble you for an STL file without either the teardrop for the brass insert or the opening to install the brass insert? So there is just the cylinder with the axle hole and the fan flow area?

I did try to remix the current STL in OpenSCAD, but could not make a manifold mesh which NetFabb would repair successfully.

Using threaded rod is a great idea. It will also allow me to move the fans further out, increasing the size of the duct and reducing the head loss. My arms roll on a 4mm smooth shaft, so i can make a version with that and a version for M3 threaded rod. im not getting paid for this, so don't expect a new version anytime soon.

Very nice work!!

Any chance you got time to create a version of this that uses 12mm magnet pucks for rods with metal balls? either 40 or 45mm apart.

It`s possible for 40mm fans?

no. this is designed for 30mm fans.

Nice effector, thank!
Two request:

1) could you reinforce a little all the walls of the fan duct? With just one perimeter I don't print it well this STL
2) I don't understand how to screw the screws of the rods to the effector, why not put a seat for small M3 nut inside?

  1. I recommend setting your extrusion width to .5mm, which makes printing the 1mm walls strong and quick.
  2. The arm screws require a 4x4mm m3 embedded nut. i got some off aliexpress. M3 nuts are too big. Making them fit would reduce the airflow in the fan duct. You can try using my version 5 end effector, which has more room for m3 nuts (although it was not designed specifically for it), but has less room in the ducts for airflow.

Very slick. I love the clean lines and angle change.
I am going to use this.

Is there any...or plans for any...provision for bed probing?
How are you leveling?


I manually level my bed so as of now, there are no mounts for bed leveling probes. I've used them before and they weren't consistent enough, especially on a delta.

Hello, nice work compliments, on the occasion I wanted to ask you how you did the cover of the delta printer, if I did not ask you too much you could share how you did it and if you got any improvements in the realization of the objects.

I used foam board to make my enclosure. It uses mortise and tenon joints everywhere, which was a pain to cut out. It also has an acrylic door.