Partcooler for FT5 Aero setup with E3D V6

by WalterSKW May 5, 2017
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I love this setup. I have it installed right now using grey PETG.

However, I would like to make the V2 nozzle point more towards the print. Right now a lot of the air is being lost through the very tip as there is nothing to redirect the air towards the print. So it all blows towards the front of the bed. Additionally, it points in the general direction of the print, but not exactly where the filament is being laid.

Would you be able to provide the source files for only the nozzle?

I am using a different extruder motor that is roughly 6mm shorter than the motor this is made around, resulting in the back part of my hotend not getting cooling. Can you either release the file or shorten the shroud maybe 8-10mm?


This would do the job, I suppose. It's 8mm shorter.
Forget the wait as the second option : was a bit challenged to get this done with that loft, but with some tricks ... ;)
Just give it a try.

Hi, sorry the link goes to a 404 not found :( Thank you so much for the fast response! Seriously I love this setup and why I am so eager to get the duct corrected :)


I added a new shroud. Shouldn't be too difficult to find out which one to use ;) have look in the files...


Sorry I thought the link you posted was for an external download. Just found it. Will give this a whirl when I get back from work.


Hi Dustin,
There are 2 options :
1 - (the simplest, works immediately AND has a better cooling for the backpart of the stepper) Print a 6mm spacer to insert at the back. If it is a sort of cross spacer, it will allow some air to pass through at the back)
2 - wait for a redesigned version. I will certainly have a look at it, but I remember that I had some difficulties with the loft and wall thickness. Reducing length will not make it easier.

Spacers for NEMA17 steppers (back)

I really like this design. Unfortunately I have a Titan and V6. I just need to lower the blower parts a bit to make this happen I think. Any chance to get a mix of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2268567/#files and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2157734 ?

Actually I didn't realize I could upgrade to Aero for $50. Is this what you did and I assume you think it is worth it?

Really nice work. What software do you use for your designs?


FT5 aero setup for Volcano with partcooler
FT5 New back with integrated belt locks

Redesigning the blower part for use on the older design is a lot of effort and I can't check if this will be ok.
I migrated to the Aero mostly because of the compactness of it and the increased rigidity. And yes I'm happy with it and think it is worth the investment.
I use a number of packages like FreeCAD, Openscad, Designspark or Fusion depending on what I want to make...

I am having issues slicing in S3D, the bottom flange part does not show up at all, shows error for "non-manifold surfaces"on entire flange

Don't know where this came from. I didn't check it with S3D nor did I print it. Since other people printed it, I assumed everything was ok...
Made a thicker version which has NO mesh issues at all in S3D. It's as manifold as you could wish. Look for V2 in the name.
Sorry it took a while.

The latest version fits perfectly!

Thanks for testing. I removed the other files and switched off the 'not tested' flag.
BTW : Are you using the real thing V6 or is it a clone?
Just to know as I used the dimensions from the E3D website for the model.

I have the 'real thing'. E3d latest. Bought it about a month ago.

Your image has the hotend oriented the same as mine, and I have the shroud touching the hotend. Yours does not.

Maybe it's just perspective, but the hotend in your image seems a bit 'shorter' than the hotend that I have. (I bought my Aero about a month ago). Maybe the extra length, if so, is the reason for the interference ?

When I use the hotend orientation that is shown at the E3d site, (90 degree rotation) there then is about 2 mm clearance all around.

I do want to orient the hotend the same as your drawing.....

Thanks for your help and your patience....understand the limitations while being on travel. Been there & have done that.

Tested the redisigned shroud, which I had printed with ABS. I applied 12v to the hotend cartridge, taking the hotend temperature up to 250.
After a short while (couple of minutes) unfortunately, the shroud started to soften and melt at the spot where the back corner of the hotend was close to the shroud. Please see image on 'I built one' of the setup (before power was applied).
Space of redesigned shroud is still too tight. I could not install the silicone boot that came with the Aero. I would guess that the space between the back corner of the hotend and the shroud should be at least 5mm...which is the space that exists on the left side (looking head-on).

If you could adjust the design accordingly, that would be great! ...and...sincerely appreciated.

Could you post a picture? I used a modelled V6 exactly like I used a modelled Volcano (and the Volcano worked out fine). This is defined by exact dimensions like they are specified on the E3D website. I'd like to understand where it doesn't fit.
See the picture I added in the list (from underneath)
ps : travelling, so difficult to do something this week...


If you can access the 'I made one' on the Thingiverse page, I posted a picture there.


Hope this works....

Partcooler for FT5 Aero setup with E3D V6
by Bohn1

Added a symmetrical version with even more space to the right

I think that should do it!
Makes a lot of sense.
I am printing at this moment and will confirm.
Thanks again.

Thanks again, Walter SKW
I just finished printing the revised shroud, and now I can slide a piece of paper between the back corner of the hotend and the shroud. I will post on the 'I made One' .
A last improvement would be to adjust the shroud so that the clearance is a bot more... about 3 mm (back corner of hotend to shroud)
However...Thanks again...I love this design and the sleek look. Great job!!

Thank You.
I will print it tonight and let you know, but I suspect it will be perfect!

That would be great!
I actually looked into filing a wedge into the base, but decided against that because it would weaken the mount and this thing just looks so sleek and modernistic.
As I said, 3 mm 'move' is all that is needed.
I wish there was a way of attaching an image, because it would give you a better idea of the tightness.
Thanks again!

Thanks again for this design.
One suggestion, the right side of the shroud (looking head on at the Aero) is very close to the hotend (mine touches the hotend) and may be affected by the heat. Routing about 3 mm to the right would provide adequate clearance.
Otherwise, this is a tremendous design and even looks great!
Thank You!

Thanks for the suggestion.
As mentioned I don't have a V6 anymore (yes I do, but it's somewhere laying between my ever-used-but-don't-know-if-I-ever-need-it-again stuff) and didn't test it.
Good to know it looks good when printed.
I will see what I can do about it. You will see an updated version in the near future.


Found it! Looks like a great design.


i am having a issue with most of the part not showing up when i put it into the slicing program

I just threw it in S3D and Cura2.5. Both high res and low res versions. They do load well.
What size of nozzle are you using? These ones print/slice well with 0,5mm line width. 0,7mm is too much.

ok im using a .6