Ultimate Fan Duct Anet A8

by iziMakers May 5, 2017
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Nice design, but can't fit my Anet A6!
I'll use your design, combined with https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2414307 and will post the result, quoting my sources of course.
Best from France

K2 360 deg Cooling Nozzle for Anet A6

So, I tested this thing out, and it is awesome. It is extremely energy efficient. But the problem is, that it cools the hot end down too much, and I have to print with it at 5% fan. If you have any ideas why this is happening, please tell me.

How did you measure that it cools down the nozzle too much ? Can you move the hot end a bit more upward ?

Yes I tried that, then I realized that I didn't rotate the hotend enough, so it ran into the fan duct. Now it works a whole lot better.

So, I am getting ready to print a spyra, a semicircular and a circular fan duct. I hope that this one comes at top!

I'm sure it will, but I'm waiting for your tests.

I saw this one early on and passed it up. Just spent half an hour looking for it again because the normal circular one was falling off..

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Anyone know how well cools? I think its an awesome design

out of 8 i tried, this one reigned surpreme. the resistance is very low, and the flow is so focussed, that smoke comes out in a straight vortex, and usually ~50% fan speed are enough, making things quieter.

I tried few, and for me it's the best.

Phew! Glad to hear that! I've been looking around alot for the best one to remix into an all-in-one enclosure, and I've chosen on this one since it's got almost a Kodama Obsidian-like thing going on with the nozzle; Good to know its functional as well!

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Good job!
It's not very smooth, but it definitely does it's job, the fan duct will never fall out.
(Just a tiny bit of warning; i'm wary of thin vertical parts, layer lamination is not so good when area is small so the parts come out fragile. the same part is much stronger when printed horizontally. But since mechanical stresses are very small in this application it's probably fine)

Sorry i didn't manage to provide a workable file format, did you put it together in meshmixer?
I'll try to export to step and add it to the original thing.

Actually, I don't use it anymore. It's too low.

[EDIT] If it's too low, just lower the hot end a little ;)

Thank you for the design.
Unfortunaltely, I couldn't keep your smooth design.

I reduced your file with meshmixer (too many polygons) and edited it with tinkercad (thus the need for less polygons).
I'd be glad if you would integrate this little addon to a smoother design, but in the meantime, this one fits my needs.