Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus Template for Simplify3D

by fortwienix May 5, 2017
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Nice models!

Please, add simple way template Installation to discription for Simplify3D 4.0.0

Tools -> Options -> Machine -> in Printer Models - Add "TEMPLATE NAME.STL"


I cant get this to stay current, it keeps going to default plate every time I open s3d!

can you make one for the Wanhao Duplicator i3, V2 / 2.1 etc?

Very cool and thanks for making it!

What exactly is the point of a template if the measurements aren't correct ? This is nice to look at but otherwise useless.

You are right, it's only to look at if you want. Primary i have designed it to use as Printer template for Simplify3D. This template is not for re-build a DI3+ Printer or parts of it. So If you want a 100% correct measurement sit down and create your own. It's easier as you think :-)

So, it's just for fun!

I do not think you understand what a "template" is lol.

I know what a "template" is, but i think you don't know anything about Simplify 3D. They call it template...sorry, and shame on me...machine template ;-)

oh ok, so it's like a word game ? you call it one thing but you mean something different ? super fun !

Simplify3D template Installation for macOS:

Copy the stl file (Wanhao_Duplicator_i3_Plus_template_full.stl) to the following folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Simplify3D/S3D-Software/

Note: To open the Library folder in the Finder, select the Go menu and press the ALT key.

Start Simplify3D and export your FFF profile to the desktop (File-> Export FFF profile).
Open the profile with an editor and search for the following entries:


If the first value is 0 and not 1, change it. In the second line enter the name of the template:


Save the FFF profile and import it back to Simpify3D. Select the new imported profile in your process.

Very cool. I wood cut some length of the steel rails, are too long.
Otherwise it is very cool to have.

Thanks! I know about that everything is a little bit to long. I am working on another version where the measuring is correct. Also my next release includes USB Port,SD Card slot,reset button, the complete frame and some other details. But i needs some more time to finish because i have to to many other things to do.